5 Books That Will Change the Way You Play Guitar

Are you ready to reinvent your playing? This short list of books will help you.

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Are you ready to reinvent your playing? This short list of books will help you.

1. "The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music" by Victor Wooten

From Grammy-winning musical icon and legendary bassist Victor L. Wooten comes "The Music Lesson," the story of a struggling young musician who wanted music to be his life, and who wanted his life to be great. Then, from nowhere it seemed, a teacher arrived. Part musical genius, part philosopher, part eccentric wise man, the teacher would guide the young musician on a spiritual journey, and teach him that the gifts we get from music mirror those from life, and every movement, phrase, and chord has its own meaning… All you have to do is find the song inside.

2. "Zen Guitar" by Philip Toshio

Unleash the song of your soul with "Zen Guitar," a contemplative handbook that draws on ancient Eastern wisdom and applies it to music and performance.

3. "Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within" by Kenny Werner

"Liberating the Master Musician Within" is a book for any musician who finds themselves having reached a plateau in their development. Werner, a masterful jazz pianist in his own right, uses his own life story and experiences to explore the barriers to creativity and mastery of music, and in the process reveals that "Mastery is available to everyone," providing practical, detailed ways to move towards greater confidence and proficiency in any endeavor.

4. "Passionate Practice" by Margret Elson

"Relax your shoulders." "Let go of tension." "Look at the music." "Don't look at the music." "Look at the keyboard." "Don't look at the keyboard." "Listen to the music." "Don't think, just play." Every music student has heard such suggestions, and they all hold some truth. But the challenge is: how? This book is a gentle, progressive guide in exactly how to relax, focus, listen, and feel the music and how to harness them to work together, automatically and simultaneously.

5. "Steve Vai's Guitar Workout"

In this book, Steve Vai reveals his path to virtuoso enlightenment with two challenging guitar workouts one 10-hour and one 30-hour which include scale and chord exercises, ear training, sight-reading, music theory, and much more.

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