5 Most Anticipated Albums of July 2017

What are you gonna want to hear as the sun boils overhead?

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5 Most Anticipated Albums of July 2017

Welcome to UG's review of the most anticipated albums to be released in July. What are you gonna want to hear as the sun boils overhead? We'll tell you!

Honorable mentions:

In This Moment - "Ritual"

  • Release Date: July 21
  • Genre: metalcore

Wintersun - "The Forest Seasons"

  • Release Date: July 21
  • Genre: power metal

Decapitated - "Anticult"

  • Release Date: July 7
  • Genre: technical death metal

Mr. Big - "Defying Gravity"

  • Release Date: July 7
  • Genre: hard rock

Melvins - "A Walk With Love & Death"

  • Release Date: July 7
  • Genre: experimental rock, doom metal

Limbonic Art - "Spectre Abysm"

  • Release Date: July 7
  • Genre: symphonic black metal

Decrepit Birth - "Axis Mundi"

  • Release Date: July 21
  • Genre: technical death metal

Rings of Saturn - "Ultu Ulla"

  • Release Date: July 28
  • Genre: technical deathcore

Rage - "Seasons of the Black"

  • Release Date: July 28
  • Genre: power metal, heavy metal

Prong - "Zero Days"

  • Release Date: July 28
  • Genre: groove metal, thrash metal

And now, onto the Top 5! This month's most anticipated albums include something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue (well that last one is a bit of a stretch):

5. Alice Cooper - "Paranormal"

  • Release Date: July 28
  • Genre: hard rock

Something old: this ghoulish singer is most famous for 1972's "School's Out." After turning up to that iconic song, students can rush into summer looking forward to this new album, Cooper's first in six years. The first single from the album was released today and you can listen to it below. If we're lucky, we'll get to hear contributions on the album from Nita Strauss, who joined the band in 2014.

YouTube preview picture

4. HAIM - "Something to Tell You"

  • Release Date: July 7
  • Genre: pop rock

Something new: If it somehow seems like HAIM has been around for forever, it's because they became a hit four long years ago with rock-tinged pop songs like "The Wire." It's easy to forget that this upcoming album will only be the band's second. The first single, "Want You Back," has received significant radio support in the US and Europe. If "Want You Back" is any indication of the rest of what is in store, this album will see HAIM take a turn toward a more commercialized pop sound while still retaining some of the rock elements from the first album, most notably Este Haim's firm bass tone. Below is the second single from the album, "Right Now," which has a really cool drumming section at the end.

YouTube preview picture

3. Goldfinger - "The Knife"

  • Release Date: July 21
  • Genre: punk rock

Something borrowed: July will see the release of a new album from an American band with a name borrowed from the famous James Bond movie. Actually, a lot of Goldfinger's recent history deals with borrowing. Blink-182 borrowed frontman John Feldmann to help write and produce their 2016 album, which became the band's first Grammy nominated album. Meanwhile, Feldmann is borrowing Travis Barker from Blink-182 to serve as a touring drummer for Goldfinger. Come to think of it, Feldmann only recently rebooted Goldfinger as his solo project. Kelly LeMieux and Darrin Pfeiffer are gone and Feldmann has written the first Goldfinger album in nine years. Given the circumstances, this album should be one of the most intriguing of the summer.

YouTube preview picture

2. Arcade Fire - "Everything Now"

  • Release Date: July 28
  • Genre: indie rock

This rhyme scheme wasn't well thought out. So, for something blue, we bring you Arcade Fire because fire is blue...yep... In all seriousness this album should be something to look out for. Arcade Fire has a soft rock sound that is more polished than HAIM's. They also stay out of the electronic instrument realm for the most part, which gives their music a much more raw vibe than it would have otherwise. This upcoming album seems to be a continuation of what fans expect out of Arcade Fire. You can find the album's title track below.

YouTube preview picture

1. Silverstein - "Dead Reflections"

  • Release Date: July 14
  • Genre: post-hardcore

So... the point this author realizes the rhyme scheme idea is terrible is when Silverstein's "Dead Reflections" becomes the #1 anticipated album of July solely because it is the only album in the Top 5 that can't be reasonably connected to the rhyme scheme. Anyway, Silverstein deserves some sort of medal for being by far the most prolific band in the Top 5, consistently releasing albums every two years. With a fairly stable lineup for its entire career, the quality of the band's music has stayed high, and UG expects nothing less from them this time.

YouTube preview picture

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    QOTSA? But i'm not sure if i'm antcipating or nervous.
    The list includes only albums with already confirmed release dates for July. You know, QOTSA haven't officially announced it yet
    The new Arcade Fire songs have been absolutely fucking dreadful. And I say this as someone who likes Reflektor. 
    Agreed, this year has been crazy as far as my favorite bands releasing new albums go...unfortunately I've been pretty let down by all of them. I didn't really care for Reflektor too much but would still rather listen to anything off that than these new singles. Still holding out hope for MGMT and Fleet Foxes.
    Haim are just awful IMO, and the singing is not even coherent most of the time.
    Silverstein's previous two albums are outstanding, but I'm a little cautious about the new one. The singles are a little....eh? They're heavier, but a bit lifeless for this style.
    Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark The Murlocs - Old Locomotive King Gizzard - Murder of the Universe
    Guns N' Chains
    YES! The Wintersun album! Was gonna say that. Can't wait. Album art looks amazing and beautiful. Really looking forward to this...
    I'm more excited for the Melvins or Rings of Saturn than for arcade fire, but a lot of good albums are coming up. It's worth looking past July.
    Everything Now - If I can't have you (Bee Gees) It's like trying to do the Superman AND Indiana Jones AND Star Wars themes in your head without mixing them up