5 Most Anticipated Albums of June 2017

Spring into summer with these great upcoming albums.

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5 Most Anticipated Albums of June 2017

Yesterday we reviewed the top 5 albums released last month. So today, we're going to look at the top 5 albums anticipated to be released next month. What are the albums that are going to power us into summer (at least for us folks in the northern hemisphere)?

First, let's start with some honorable mentions:

Flogging Molly - "Life Is Good"

  • Release Date: June 2
  • Genre: Irish folk and punk

Rancid - "Trouble Maker"

  • Release Date: June 9
  • Genre: Ska punk

Rise Against - "Wolves"

  • Release Date: June 9
  • Genre: Melodic hardcore

Lady Antebellum - "Heart Break"

  • Release Date: June 9
  • Genre: Country

Cheap Trick - "We're All Alright!"

· Release Date: June 16

· Genre: Hard rock

Iced Earth - "Incorruptible"

  • Release Date: June 16
  • Genre: Heavy metal

Nickelback - "Feed the Machine"

  • Release Date: June 16
  • Genre: Hard rock, post-grunge

Royal Blood - "How Did We Get So Dark?"

  • Release Date: June 16
  • Genre: Hard rock

And now, onto the list!

5. Stone Sour - "Hydrograd"

  • Release Date: June 30
  • Genre: Heavy metal

Corey Taylor's lesser-known band is returning for their first album since the duo releases of "House of Gold & Nones" parts 1 and 2, which were released in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Bassist Johny Chow has said that a feature of this album was that the band recorded it live in the studio: "We didn't do it piece by piece in Pro Tools and chop it up... We really were able to capture that raw, aggressive feel and tone." Chow went on to describe the album as a bit of a departure from the band's previous metal work, noting how this album would be much more of a rock album, as he describes it, "Foo Fighters-meets-Cheap Trick."

YouTube preview picture

4. alt-J - "Relaxer"

  • Release Date: June 2
  • Genre: Indie rock

This, the British band's third album, feels sprung on the music industry; its release was only announced on March 3 when the band released on audio clip of the album's first single with the title written in binary code: "00110011 01110111 01110111." Since then, the band has been out promoting the album, making appearances on the shows of Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel, and NPR (stands for National Public Radio, an American government-funded outlet). The album's first single, taken out of binary code and re-stylized as "3WW" can be found below.

YouTube preview picture

3. CKY - "The Phoenix"

  • Release Date: June 2
  • Genre: Alternative metal

This album is the band's first studio album since 2009. Since then, the band has undergone some lineup changes and the result is that this album is the first in the band's history to be recorded by a trio (Chad I Ginsburg, Jess Margera, and Matt Deis). The first single from the album (see the video below) features a guest performance from Brent Hinds of Mastodon. The shortest of the band's albums to date, "The Phoenix" only has eight songs, clocking in for a total of a little over thirty minutes of music. Still, it will be very interesting to see how the band has reinvented themselves in the past eight years.

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2. Chuck Berry - "Chuck"

  • Release Date: June 9
  • Genre: Rock 'n' roll

It seems we're reaching the years when the older of the guitar gods are starting to meet their ends. Among the long list of musicians claimed recently, perhaps none was more influential than Chuck Berry, who died this March at the age of ninety. However, much like other 1950s guitarists like Les Paul and B. B. King, Chuck Berry was still making music as long as he could still stand. He managed to record all of "Chuck" before he died, which means that it will be a posthumous album of completely new material, not just a tribute album, re-issue, or deep tracks release. The first single from the album, which you can hear below, bears a strong resemblance to "Johnny B. Goode," the famous song that, aside from being Marty McFly's anthem, was a huge inspiration to rock guitarists like Keith Richards and Angus Young, whose duck-walk is copped from Chuck Berry's own.

YouTube preview picture

1. Roger Waters - "Is This the Life We Really Want?"

  • Release Date: June 2
  • Genre: Pink Floyd

Roger Waters is one of the most famous bassists of all time, acclaimed for his songwriting on Pink Floyd albums like "Dark Side of the Moon," "Wish You Were Here," and "The Wall." You could also say he has had a pretty solid solo career; his tour in 2011 was the top grossing tour of all time for a solo artist. This album is the most anticipated release of the month because it is Waters's first studio album of original music in twenty-five years. The previously released singles have been strong, channeling the Pink Floyd sound that many rock fans old and new have been craving. So take a good afternoon, find your psychedelic substance of choice, and kick back and relax to the music of this icon.

YouTube preview picture

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    Genre: Pink Floyd
    Especially when you think about how much Have A Cigar there is in Smell The Roses.
    Queens Of The Stone Age?
    mobidguitar · May 11, 2017 07:53 PM
    fafa1234 · May 11, 2017 08:04 PM
    mobidguitar · May 11, 2017 08:06 PM
    For the last 2 years, 94.67% of UG has been waiting for the next Royal Blood album.  Now that its actually here, you put them in the honorable mention category?  Or is this just "Albums Parker is Looking Forward To Next Month"
    I've never met anyone in my life​ who gave a single shit about Royal Blood
    I've not even heard of them.    Bracing myself...    here come the down-votes.
    I only viewed this article to see if Royal Blood was #1 or not, my jaw dropped when I saw them in the honorable mentions; if Lights Out is any indication, their sophomore album could (somehow) be BETTER than the original, and I for one, can't fucking wait! I'm anticipating them playing a few off the new album when I see them with Tool at Governor's Ball the first weekend of June in NYC.
    My thoughts exactly. He's a legend alright, but I've never heard someone say 'Oh boy, I can't wait for Chuck Berry's new album!' 
    Well, it is fairly interesting, considering he created it all, then died before he managed to release it. 
    And despite what the article leads you to believe, this will be his first album in quite a while. Over a decade as far as I know.
    After hearing the first single, I'm actually curious about the new Nickelback. That first single was surprisingly good. Like, REALLY surprisingly good.
    Right? I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard Feed the Machine. That song sounds more like Breaking Benjamin than Nickelback. It's one of the few that I turn the volume up for on the radio at the moment.
    Second this! I grew up listening to Nickelback so ive always enjoyed them, up until Dark Horse where they started to lose my interest but Feed the Machine sounded great, cant believe im actually excited for a new Nickelback album.
    Stone sour is releasing their new album next month? no way in wikipedia the record is due to be released in the last quarter of the year...but I will give the benefit of the doubt.
    Here's a Top 5 list, with 8 honorable mentions.  Why not just make a Top 13 list?
    Roger Waters' new album can't come quick enough.  The first two releases are really good.  Maybe not on par with Amused to Death or Pro's and Con's but the are still both really good music.