5 Peculiar Conspiracy Theories

A few crazy hypotheses about famous musicians that you might not have heard of.

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5 Peculiar Conspiracy Theories
Ok, we agree, that most of the conspiracy theories are dumb. But sometimes they are quite entertaining!
Don’t worry we’re not going to write about 'Club 27,' Elvis not being dead or Robert Johnson selling his soul to the Devil.

Instead, we found out a few crazy theories that you might not have heard of.

Have a look and tell us if you think they might be true or not.

Bob Marley Killed by the CIA

The theory is that the CIA wanted Bob Marley dead because his music was bringing social change in the country. He was believed to be able to influence Jamaican politics by endorsing a candidate, such was the trust the Jamaican people had in him.

So here is a little backstory. There are two major political parties in Jamaica - Jamaica Labor Party (Laborites) and Peoples National Party (Socialist). Both parties are democratic. However, there were ideological conflicts. Edward Seaga, the leader of the JLP was very much aligned with U.S.A. at the time. Michael Manley, the Leader of the PNP, was aligned with Cuba. The American government was worried that Jamaica may become a communist country. Through CIA covert operations, M-16 were smuggled into the country to fight the socialist party. The other side defended themselves by smuggling AK-47’s from Russia.

Right after the Bob Marley’s assassination attempt (he and a few of his close ones attacked by unknown gunmen inside Marley's home), the musician organized the One Love Peace Concert to unite two warring factions.

After Marley had been released from the hospital, he went to the Blue Mountains to get ready for the concert. On the same day of the show, he was jamming in the company of Black Panthers Lee Lew-Lee, when a white man had come to see him. The man said he was a photographer from some famous news outlet. He explained that he had just arrived with the film crew from U.S.A. He told Bob Marley how excited He was to film the event. He then gave Bob Marley pair of shoes. When Bob Marley tried on the shoe, he screamed out of pain. When later inspected, the shoe had a pointed copper metal in the toe part.

Later, a dark spot appeared under his toenail. Marley attributed it to a recent soccer injury. But the spot turned out to be a form of skin cancer called acral lentiginous melanoma that often becomes aggressive because it is detected later than other melanomas.

After further research, they found out that the man that had visited them, Carl Colby, was a son of the late CIA Director, William Colby.

Was the metal in the shoe coated with some sort of cancer-causing agent? Did Carl Colby kill Bob Marley for the CIA? The mystery remains unsolved.

Jimi Hendrix Wore Acid-laced Bandanas

The subject of Hendrix and drugs has been muddled for years. In 1970 he was asked if he had ‘outgrown dope,’ and he replied, ‘ I don’t take as much.’ It was seven months before he overdosed with barbiturates. Rumors abound to this very day that Hendrix placed LSD litmus papers underneath his famous colorful bandanas for it to be absorbed through his pores. Some say he even went as far as making little cuts on his forehead for the drug to absorb faster. Some say it was not LSD, but heroin or cocaine that Hendrix had under the bandana. The theory has it that he took his stage performances to dizzying psychedelic heights because of this strange method.

Led Zeppelin Sold Their Souls to the Tartarus

In 1970, Jimmy Page purchased Boleskine House, a Scottish manor near the Loch Ness that once belonged to Crowley. Crowley had bought the house himself in 1890 to perform a highly sophisticated black magic ritual that supposedly brought demons into this world. Since that time, numerous strange tales have swirled around the house. Around the time Page's interest in the knowledge of the hidden was made public, Led Zeppelin released their fourth album. The cover is decorated with the various occult symbols such as ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Presumably, it was intentional, as ‘Season of the Witch’ author Peter Bebergal has written ‘the album serves as one of the most perfectly magical moments in rock history.’

The theory has gone around that members of Led Zeppelin sold their souls to the devil for the talent and fame they had. Some people took it too far and said Bonham was killed when he tried to renege on the deal.

Recently, Boleskine was subjected to a fire that looked like something ripped straight from a medieval grimoire. Maybe the demons got bored.

Dr. Dre Started Burning Man

The Burning Man festival started in 1986 when Larry (Lee) Harvey, Jerry James and a couple of others hippies burned a 9-foot wooden man on the Baker Beach in San Francisco.

By 1998 the man was 40 feet tall. It wasn’t until 1990 that Burning man moved to the Black Rock Desert 110 miles north of Reno Nevada.

In 1995 Dr. Dre was scouting for his upcoming video shoot in the very same desert as the Burning Man set up crew began setting up the site. He asked them about the agenda of their setup and found out that nearly 4000 people or more were expected to show up for a free festival. The Burning Man crew also mentioned that their permit with the Nevada BLM had expired and they could not afford its renewal again that year. Dre inquired further into the financial logistics of the event. He saw an opportunity to set up an alternative organization system and profit from many people in attendance.

Dre paid for the permit under the condition that he would begin charging a modest entrance price for each participant of the festival. In 1995 the original price of entrance to Dre’s Burning Man was 35 dollars. From this year on Dre began silently profiting from the Burning Man festival, at least that is what the conspiracy theory implies.

P.s. In 2017 the tickets ranged between 425-1200$.

A Bloody Race Between Swedish and Norwegian Metal Scenes

During the early ‘90s, black metal was not just a form of musical expression, but a violent threat to the people of Norway and Sweden.

In interviews during the early '90s, the members of the Norwegian metal scene presented themselves as misanthropic Devil worshippers who wanted to spread hatred, sorrow and evil. Many of them belonged to the 'Black Circle' cult. They were responsible for a wave of church burnings in Norway and at least two murders. In 1994 several of its members were convicted variously for arson, murder, assault, and possession of explosives. Most showed no remorse for their actions. This earned them notoriety, and it might have also caused the hatred of their Swedish neighbors.
According to several sources (among them Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind's book ‘Lords of Chaos’), the Swedish black metal scene wanted to be as notorious as the Norwegians. In the '90s, the Swedish black metallers started trying to surpass the Norwegians with the church burnings and other wrongful acts of their own. This game supposedly lasted for almost a decade, with one of the final moments being the Keillers park murder, a homicide involving Dissection guitarist Jon Nödtveidt that bore a striking resemblance to the murder committed by former Emperor band member Faust.

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    Paul is dead?
    Is he??? Is he REALLY???
    Ever since 11/9/66..."Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock as the day begins..."  
    I once heard the singer from slipknot and the one from stone sour are the same guy.
    Being born and raised in Sweden and having heard a story or two, I can say that the Black Metal story is partly true. There was a conflict between the Norwegian Black Metal Scene and the Swedish Death Metal scene, not Black Metal. Because Black Metal had reached a clut-like status and has been treated as such the Norwegian Black Metal scene saw Swedish Death Metal as impure and thus wanted to eradicate it all together so their Black Metal could reign over the north and Scandinavia. Moving on, there actually is a crazier conspiracy about Black Metal out there, involving the Norwegian scene and the Finnish scene. The story goes that the Norwegian scene self-proclaimed that they are the only ones who create true Black Metal, and the Finnish scene counted by saying that their scene creates true Black Metal. This conflict then escalated from verbal disagreement to a fully-fledged war at the border between Norway, Sweden and Finland with Black Metal fans and musicians using medieval weapons such as spears, maces and bow & arrows to settle this dispute. In the end Norway won the war and thus they can proudly claim the term True Norwegian Black Metal. As said, this is a conspiracy, so treat it as that. Otherwise, I liked this article. Conspiracies are pretty entertaining to read. 
    I am fully prepared to accept that Norwegians and Finns just carry maces and spears in their daily lives, and that this is 100% true.
    Ghost wants you to believe Tobias Forge is the leader so the real leader can protect his identity.  Does anyone even have a single proof that he is part of the band ? No, because to this day nobody ever seen him sing unmasked. Truth is, Tobias lives in a cabin in the wild swedish woods and he's laughing his ass off.
    6. Christopher Walken is a ping-pong enthusiast and notorious criminal, and goes by alias 'Feng', who sold his soul to the devil, stole it back again, and then sold it again to the Crips. 
    The title said "4 conspiracy theories". I noticed that there are 5 in the article. When I checked the title again it said 5 theories o_O UG conspiracy!
    That Bob Markey one is entirely within the realms of reason. The CIA does stuff like that all the time.
    considering they tried to kill fidel castro with an exploding cigar, its not that far fetched
    The conspiracy surrounding Hendrix's death is really interesting...not saying it's legit but a tin foil hat may have to be donned. 
    Paul is dead, Elvis is alive, Jim Morrison is alive, Courtney killed Kurt, Hendrix was murdered, etc.
    dont think hendrix using or not using is a conspiracy, unless the CIA put the acid under his bandana 
    Watch out, many so-called "conspiracy theories" are now truths. It only takes some time.
    what about hendrix being murdered? apparently he was found on his back, in a large puddle of red wine. his clothing and hair were soaked. his stomach, esophagus and lungs filled with red wine. so, unless he was a pre-youtube shoenice, seems pretty difficult for a man of that size to drink a magnum of wine as fast as you can pour it.
    Bedside Shred
    Neethkven's first piece was actually commissioned by the real, historical Illuminati. *disappears forever*