5 Weirdest Things Band Fans Have Been Arrested For

When your music taste gets you in jail.

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5 Weirdest Things Band Fans Have Been Arrested For
Sometimes music you listen to can get you in real trouble.

Here are 5 weirdest things fans have been arrested for.

Exodus Fan Arrested After Posting Band's Lyrics on His Facebook

A 31-year old Exodus fan named James Evans was a fan of heavy music in general and liked posting lyrics to his favorite songs on Facebook. So on August 24, Evans posted the lyrics to Exodus' "Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)" from their Exhibit B: The Human Condition record.

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"Student bodies lying dead in the halls, a blood splattered treatise of hate. Class dismissed is my hypothesis, gun fire ends in debate."

As fans of heavier music, we've all seen worse. Apparently, nobody else down in Kentucky has though, because the post got Evans arrested.

County school resource officer said that multiple agencies received calls concerned about the post and Evans was arrested for terroristic threatening.

Evans was placed in the Muhlenberg County Detention Center for eight days. All charges against James Evans were dismissed after the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky took his defense, presenting the case as a First Amendment issue.

Drunk fan arrested after boarding Third Eye Blind’s tour bus

A guy in Atlanta was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication after police say he boarded a tour bus for the rock band Third Eye Blind and got into a fight with the group’s manager. The dust-up happened following Third Eye Blind’s concert at the Georgia Theatre in downtown Athens. Apparently, 28-year-old Kevin G. Knoblich just wanted to tell band members that he enjoyed the show.

The report said Knoblich told officers he was told to leave the tour bus, and a dispute with the band manager then escalated to slaps and punches.

British Teen arrested for wearing Cradle of Filth Shirt

According to a story published in the October 18, 2005 edition of the Metro newspaper, a British teenage heavy metal fan has been handed a community service order for wearing an offensive t-shirt.

Adam Shepherd, 19, was reportedly convicted under new anti-hate laws which ban people from displaying religiously insulting signs.

The teenager was arrested after a woman complained to police when she saw his shirt, which promotes extreme heavy metal band Cradle Of Filth.

The t-shirt shows a picture of a nun in a pornographic pose. On the back is a comment about Jesus. The top was being worn by Shepherd's girlfriend when a police officer approached her. As soon as the teenager realized there was a problem, he told the officer it was his and swapped tops with his girlfriend. But he refused to take it off or cover it up and was arrested.

Shepherd, who bought the shirt in his hometown of Weymouth, Dorset, admitted the charge. Weymouth magistrates gave him 80 hours community service and told him to pay £40 costs (approx. $71).

Insane Clown Posse fans amputated pinky

You all knew there's gotta be at least one Juggalo on the list. A Wisconsin Juggalo named Jonathan Schrap was arrested for chopping off the pinky and gashing the arm of fellow ICP worshipper Shelby Neuens. And, oh yeah, Schrap also drank Neuens’ blood.

Here comes the punchline. Neuens was a willing participant in her own disfigurement! The whole thing was intended as a “ritualistic memorial” for a fellow Juggalo who died last year. Other participants in the ceremony, who did not have to lose an appendage, included some guy named Nick Laabs and an ICP-wannabe rapper known as “Bloody Ruckus” (his real name is Preston Hyde).

Part of man's ear bitten off at Eagles of Death Metal concert

Yup, such things happen not only at black metal concerts. An official from the venue said both men involved were detained and the man accused of doing the biting was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Toronto police confirmed that part of a male concert-goer's ear was bitten off and one man was charged. The victim was rushed to hospital. Canadian music journalist Alan Cross said the ear was picked up by security at the venue. The source doesn't say if the ear was reattached to its owner.

Know any crazier stories? Post them in the comment section below!

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    Being from Kentucky, it doesn't surprise me that that happened to that Exodus fan. Just add it to the list of dumb things happening to make this state look bad haha
    You DO have the creation-museum. God, that stuff is hillarious. I so wanna go see it.
    I live about a mile away from that fucking creation museum. You really don't want to go see it. That, and all the fucking creationists are some of the most aggravating people I've ever met. 
    But they're SO trollable.
    True, but when you live practically next door, you run out of awesome ways to troll them. At least I did I'm open to all suggestions!!
    Might be hard if they know you by now, i guess. I'd just play the part of a really enthusiastic but dumb believer, and ask them all kinds of questions, that sounds naive, but would constantly trip up their consistent bullshit they'd have to rely on to believe as they do. You know, like the old "Could god create a rock so heavy that he, himself couldn't lift it?" That kind of stuff.
    It's not so much a problem of them knowing me; if I had to guess, 99% of visitors aren't from the region judging by how many of the fuckers get lost and wind up banging on my door for directions at all hours. Just finding new and fun ways to screw with them is getting tough. I'll think of something! 
    You better! You owe it to the sane half of humanity!
    In addition, you have to find a way to troll them without wasting all your money and alerting security. They don't fuck around over there and won't hesitate to pull out nightsticks. Not to mention, a day pass there is $40 plus $10 to park. 
    don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal, don't kill. not really hilarious, but highly recommended.  inb4 whining about people who didn't practice what the Bible says to do. 
    What? they have a whole museum with like.. Humans riding dinosaurs, because they're biblical literalists, and they believe the world is 6000 years old, so the dinosaurs and humans MUST have lived together. How is that not hillarious?  and also, YER NO' A TRUE SCOTSMAN, LADDIE!
    not christian or a creationist or anything but just leaving this here:
    That whole part of the Southeast United States is like that from my experience.  Oh boy the stories I can tell about my years in the south.  So funny, I'm the long haired "evil heathen junkie guitar player" yet it was all the "clean cut" kids who were getting into the REAL trouble. Pretty much, if you cut your hair in a short Christian approved manner, wear slacks and a polo shirt, and listen to D.C. Talk or Stryper at the most extreme, you'll be fine, but heaven forbid your religious wingnut parent finds the Nirvana issue of Guitar Player - after all, we all know Kurt Cobain was an agent of satan trying recruit the youth of America into degeneration (rolls eyes) - yeah, and I'm Lucifer incarnate.....(NOTE: heavy sarcasm)... There's a reason I moved 3000 miles away - and that's a big part of it. The south really does a great job at crippling one's life experiences.
    I live in TN and it is annoying as a Christian to see how fake 90 something percent of Christians are. I listen to all sorts of metal and play all sorts of videogames that most Christians would freak over but yet I am the evil one even though other Christians are listening to rap and pop and committing all manner of sin. I knew a girl who wore religious shirts but would bang anyone in sight, curse, drink, steal, etc. But everyone thought she was more of a Christian because she went on and on about Jesus. Most people think I am gay and an atheist because I don't participate in what others do. Maybe I am just trying to do what is right according to the Bible instead of being a judgemental POS trying to force my views on others. It absolutely drives me nuts with how fake people are, not just Christians.
    I know what you mean. I grew up on a small island, and i was assaulted by grown-ass men WITH sharp objects, at the mere age of 12, for having long hair 'n such. And this is in frickin' Denmark. The world is a beautiful place
    "And, oh yeah, Schrap also drank Neuens’ blood." In his defense, the man was probably dying of thirst after running out of Faygo.
    "As soon as the teenager realized there was a problem, he told the officer it was his and swapped tops with his girlfriend". That was an act of a man, not a teenager. Makes me think that people wearing this kind of shirts are often the best.
    To be fair people don't respond well to Facebook posts like that, if somebody didn't know those were lyrics it would be troubling to the maximum.
    I still cannot believe that the juggalo thing literally happened 20 minutes from where I live, like come on
    "Weird" is posting lyrics about school shooting on facebook or using incredibly offensive t-shirts in public. Those edgelords deserved the arrest. Maybe now they learned how to behave in public.
    What about the guy that got arrested for whackin off in someone's backyard after that Marilyn Manson/Smashing Pumpkins show in California? 
    That Cradle of Filth story is Weymouth's main claim to fame (apart from being where the plague entered the UK, I suppose)
    Sadly still not the most fucked up thing to happen at an Eagles of Death Metal show.
    Honoroble mention: Several people got killed by goat-fucking Roaches @ Eagles of Death Metal gig. Has got nothing to do with Islam. No arrests. It's craaaaazy  
    Yeah right? One could say that all this Daesh bullcrap is staged, but dude, let's be serious. It's not like it's the first time something like that happens.  1985 - Freedom fighters -  2001 - Dangerous terrorists.