6 Amazing Steampunk Guitars from Spain

Spanish guitar craftsman shares his favorite works.

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6 Amazing Steampunk Guitars from Spain

Hi, my name is Israel Peral.

Passionate about music since childhood I have always been attracted to all kinds of musical instruments, but the guitar has occupied a special place in my life. My other great passion is the craftsmanship in all its aspects, and so, by combining my two great passions, Martper Guitars was born.

Telepunk mechanics

One of the models I'd like to tell more about. A truly unique one. Steampunk fascinates me because of its spectacularity and complexity. When I was designing this model I thought it would be very interesting to make mechanisms come to life. So I installed a small electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. This battery has a power socket at the bottom of the guitar which looks like an internal decoration, where you can connect a charger without removing the battery. In order to place all the mechanisms, I practically hollowed telecaster's body. After that, I installed amber LED lighting along the bearings that support the gears. The idea was to make it look dimly lit in the dark. To preserve the original shape of the guitar I installed a transparent acrylic cover.

Another element that I installed was a black LED between the pickups and a real pocket watch. The end result was absolutely amazing. Next to the volume knob it has a switch that activates the mechanisms and lighting, bringing the guitar to life!

Stratopunk Custom II

This is one of my favorites.

While it still maintains the original shape of the guitar it looks completely new and fresh. Again, inspired by steampunk, I integrated mechanisms which seem to come from inside the guitar, as if chords come from the engine.

Both ends of the body have metal extensions. While the design is not overloaded with the elements, it is really striking and always get to capture everyone's attention. As in the other models, the sound remains original and in this particular model It would be very difficult to notice any difference from a standard guitar.

Les Paul Viking

Something completely different to what I've done before. Here I was inspired by Viking ships that were made out of wood and nails. I used thin layers of wood to get the final form and maintain the curvature of the original Gibson Les Paul model. Guitar body forms provided it with an authentic Viking aesthetics. I also aged it for the more realistic old look.

After I customized the bridge, I carved the logo of the band that made the order (Spanish band "Rose Avalon") in wood. Bridge, pickups, and tuners were also treated to simulate rust.

Like the other models, when I have it in my hands I can't draw my eyes away.


The heaviest one to date. As I was asked to make more steampunk guitars, I tried to incorporate new elements to make look it as spectacular as possible. Like the Strato Punk model, it incorporates mechanisms that simulate the interior of the guitar. But it also has a plasma lighting that reacts to sounds and vibrations! A blast! This light has 2 interchangeable 1. 5v. Batteries. It's like plasma is an infinite force that feeds the guitar, and tubes carry that plasma energy to pickups that capture the chords!

Gold Glam

With this model, I wanted to do something different, glamorous looking like something from a baroque palace. The entire cover was carved with the filigree of approximately 3mm depth. And the most impressive thing is that the entire surface of the front side of the body has been machined, hollowed out 3 cm and filigreed. And as all the space under the front side of the body is hollow, it allows you to see all the electronics on a beautiful background. In order to be able to see such a wonder, the front side of the body was made of transparent methacrylate. The color of choice was aged gold, ideal for this design. The headstock and the fretboard are also filigreed. The tuning fork has also been treated with golden dyes to make the guitar look like a real gem.


Everything is real as it seems. To start, the whole body has been hollowed. The pulleys, tubes and front side of the body are made out of metal and the watch is real. Although it may seem otherwise, the weight increased no more than a few grams. The gap in the body gives it a peculiar and surprising resonance and the sound is considerably improved with increased sustain. This model carries no transparent top cover, which makes it more real and palpable.

Find more customized guitars here: https://www.facebook.com/martperguitar

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    Hutchinson is one of the most famous in this style. Their prices are around $ 2,000 just the customization, besides you have to add the price of the guitar. My models are much more economical. The customization costs in Martper Guitars about 500 dollars only !!!