6 Rock Star Homes

These folks are living your dream.

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6 Rock Star Homes

Jack White

The famous musician recently bought a mid-century Modern house in Kalamazoo, designed by renowned architect George Nelson in 1958. According to The New Yorker, White bought the home above asking for $510,000—sight-unseen. The sale of the home included most of the original Herman Miller furniture, which presumably White is going to preserve.

Despite this, Jack currently lives in Nashville, where his label Third Man Records is based and plans to use the 3,500-square-foot Kirkpatrick House as an occasional writing retreat. ‘I’m a believer in nobody owns anything,’ he said. ‘If you could take care of it and pass it along, it’s good.’

Jack Black - Tenacious D

Even though Jack Black is known for playing an affable guy-next-door, his house in Hollywood Hills screams the opposite. This house is a paean to modernism and a testament to Black's surprisingly refined architectural taste.

Nathan Followill – Kings Of Leon

Originally built in the 1970s in Tennessee by famous architect Robert Anderson, the five-bedroom house was recently remodeled by Nashville architect Steve Durden. By thoughtfully combining mid-century furniture and comfortable textiles, Vandiver created a cozy home with an accessible vibe for the KOL's drummer and his family.

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart lives in a huge loud yellow house in Palm Beach, FL that includes a football pitch, carting track, and a private beach. Stewart collects hot-blooded marble statuary and urbane Regency furniture. He has a weakness for 18th-century Italian and French pieces, toy Scottish soldiers, model trains, real Ferraris, any shirt that's white, the newest soccer shoes and, especially, for florid silver picture frames, which blanket every tabletop in the house.

Dave Mustaine - Megadeth

The lead singer and guitarist of Megadeth used to be the owner of a sprawling 9.5-acre spread in the northern San Diego community that includes vineyards, pastureland, and a pond. But in 2015 Mustaine moved to a new house in Nashville, TN to support his daughter’s aspiring country career.

He explained in one of his interviews: ‘The reason we moved out here was because I’ve made four records out here and all those times I was recording, I did live here. It really was comfortable to be here. The last time we were here, my daughter Electra was only two years old. We didn’t know that she had the gift and once she started singing — I heard her sing one time and I was really convinced.'

Understanding the differences between his career and his daughter’s career, Mustaine was happy to make a move, stating, ‘I could do my job from anywhere — Megadeth is that successful. I can do stuff on the net from a desert island if I wanted to. But I think for her, to be here right now and work with other songwrit­ers builds her name. She just goes in and meets people and doesn’t tell them who her dad is [laughs].'

Steven Tyler - Aerosmith

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler owns a stunning house in Hawaii, which is situated over 3000 sq ft of land, is shaped like a pentangle and features two bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. Just a few short weeks after making this purchase, Tyler and his fiancee hired an expert to bless the home. Located in a nature preserve on the island of Maui, the quarter acre, beach front getaway comes complete with incredible coastal views and outdoor decks leading to an infinity-edge saltwater pool.


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    I drove buy Steven Tyler's house all the time when going snorkeling. Always missed him at the bars though. He doesn't drink but he enjoys trivia nights at the triangle. 
    What about Josh's Homme?
    Next Up: "What Josh Homme thinks of the 6 homes and how it compares to the Hommestead"
    His place isn't anything too fancy for a rockstar but he does have a decent car... late 60's camaro i believe(i forget exact year but am guessing '68 or '69.)
    Those houses never look like someone is living in them. More like art galleries.
      ‘I’m a believer in nobody owns anything,’ he said. ‘If you could take care of it and pass it along, it’s good.  *buys a house he doesn't use*
    I like how Jack Black's house has a pool when he's clearly never been in it or touched water.
    People give Dave Mustaine no end of shit (and he did used to be a bit of an ass from what I can see) but he seems like a really solid kind of guy. 
    New Feature. . . Where Rockstars Poop. You're welcome uncle UG. 
    The thing I really wanna know here is this: what does Steve Vai think? Would the houses be better if they were made by Carvin? 
    Would rather know what Devin Townsend or Steven Adlers house look like. gibby Haynes maybe. That's be fun