7 Cover Songs You Never Knew Existed

A list of the oddest, coolest and most unexpected cover songs I have ever heard

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I happen to be a big fan of cover songs. If done properly, they can be just as good as the original, if not better. So, I have decided to list some of the more obscure cover versions I've heard. You might know the song, but the artists will surprise you.

Number 1: Metallica - "Hey Jude"

Yes, Metallica covered a Beatles song and it was real, unlike Justin Bieber's attempt at "Fade to Black."

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Number 2: Buckethead - "Star Wars Theme"

This was only ever performed live and I have yet to find it on any CD, but I found it online and thought it deserved a place here.

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Number 3: Devo - "R U Experienced"

This odd, interesting take on the title track from The Jimi Hendrix Experience's debut album was a highlight of Devo's post-"New Traditionalists" studio recordings.

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Number 4: Orgy - "Blue Monday"

Yeah, I didn't believe it either, until I saw it.

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Number 5: Nirvana - "Baba O'Riley"

Nirvana's live cover of arguably one of the most iconic songs in The Who's entire history features Dave Grohl on vocals, a rarity.

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Number 6: Def Leppard - "Space Oddity"

Okay, I can understand why they would do a version of "Rebel Rebel," but this came as a complete surprise to me.

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Number 7: Iron Maiden - "Communication Breakdown"

This song is available on a couple of Iron Maiden's hits CDs and, like many of the covers featured here was a live recording.

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I hope everyone reading this was entertained. Read the second part of the article here.

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    that hey jude cover barely counts....
    Actually a very good idea for the article, but in my opinion it needs more information and explanation on each cover (for example, original performers etc). And there's one mistake: "Blue Monday" is often credited as performed by Marilyn Manson, although the song was in fact performed by industrial rock band Orgy. It is a cover, originally written and performed by New Order in 1983.
    How is this a good idea for an article... I knew these cover were there. they have thousands of youtube views, so it's not like NOBODY knew.Also, the Orgy cover was in "not another teen movie" as a soundtrack. This is the same misconception as they think Marilyn Manson covered "spin me right round" while that was the band Dope.
    It's not like these are rare covers or something. (with buckethead being the only exception, if he only played that live once)
    Buckethead played this song at least a few times. And it appears on his studio album "Giant Robot" from 1994.
    Frank Zappa did a reggae-tinged cover of Stairway To Heaven. He actually did quite a few odd cover songs.
    A great set of beatles covers as well;
    'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' turned 'Louisiana Hooker With Herpes' still cracks me up.
    Yabba Who
    Don't forget his fantastic version of Whippin' Post. I wasn't a fan of that tune until I heard Frank's.
    Bucketheads cover of "Star Wars" appears on his album "Giant Robot" from 1994 ! Furthermore he has often performed the theme in his liveshows !
    Buckethead covers everything, this guy's knowledge of him is probably from a couple of youtube searches and a wiki page.
    interesting i was under the impression that buckethead's star wars cover was one of the most known buckethead tracks
    dude seriously? Don't be a dink! The buckethead star wars theme is on my first buckethead cd I ever bought Giant Robot dude..
    Nero Galon
    Nirvana's cover of Baba O'Reily is probably the most grunge thing i've ever heard in my life haha!
    "never knew existed".. i guess i failed this, since i knew most of them, and didn't know the other songs at all xD..
    Whoah, whoah, whoah, holy shit man, 1:22 in the Buckethead video? He's making the froggin' laser gun sounds and shit! Best cover on the effing list based simply on originality (who the hell hasn't heard a cover of Hey Jude?)
    I never knew Metallica covered hey jude. OR any other of the artists covered those songs. Thanks, man.
    JD Close
    The Def Lepard cover makes no sense to me. Why make a cover if you're not going to change it almost at all? I do like the Nirvana, super sludgy goodness