8 Bands We'd Like to See Release at Least One More Album

Name a classic act that should honor us with at least one more effort.

Ultimate Guitar

In recent years, we were in chance to witness some of the ultimate greats of guitar-driven sound making sort of a full circle with their musical journeys. However, there's still a handful of fan dreams we'd like to see fulfilled. Some might actually happen, some are wishful thinking, but here's a list of eight legendary bands we'd like to see release at least one more album, even if it's final.

Black Sabbath + Bill Ward

As Sabbath boys themselves noted, if "13" turns out to be their last album, it wouldn't be a bad finale at all. Well, they already shared plans to work on another LP, but what most fans would like to see, and what would really mark the full circle for the fathers of metal would be a comeback album that also featured original drummer Bill Ward.

As widely reported, Ward stepped out of the "13" reunion pretty much in the last minute due to contractual disagreements. And when you think about it a bit, it would really be a shame that it ends just like that.

Pink Floyd + Roger Waters

Switching to the wishful thinking category, the mere idea of one more album from David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters is enough to get Pink Floyd fans excited. However, with late Rick Wright out of the equation, maybe "The Endless River" definitely is the best way to round up the majestic story called Pink Floyd.

Deep Purple + Ritchie Blackmore

In a way, this might be the trickiest one yet. In cases of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, it's just a matter of the original guys reaching reconciliation. But in this case, Mr. Steve Morse is also in the equation, and simply getting him replaced with someone, even if it's Ritchie Blackmore himself, does tend to leave a sort of a bitter taste.

However, it still remains somewhat of a fact that the majority of Deep Purple fans would love to see the guys back together for one more album. Expectations would be rather high, though.

Led Zeppelin

As much as everyone respects Robert Plant's decision to leave the Led Zeppelin legacy be, most are probably hoping that Jimmy Page's wishes of getting the band back on track get to be fulfilled one day. And if an album comes out of it, all the better.

Of course, Jason Bonham would be the one behind the battery kit. However, a question remains for most of these comebacks - could they live up to the hype? Well, why not? "13" is a perfectly good example if you ask me. It's a great album packed to the gills with quality stuff. Sure, it would never be as influential or revolutionary as the classic efforts, but I'm pretty sure that no one would complain about more good music from any of these guys.

Guns N' Roses

That would be the classic lineup, of course. With much respect to the current GN'R team, getting Slash and Axl back together would be a bomb. Extremely worn out topic though, so we'll just leave it at that.

King Crimson

Back on track as a three-headed drumming beast, King Crimson have the full attention of the prog world once again. According to bassist Tony Levin, a new album is a possibility, but until Mr. Robert Fripp gives a green light, nothing is official.


First things first, seeing the Gallagher brothers bury the hatchet would be nice. An album to crown it would be even nicer.


We'd just really like to see that album, finally...

Got more to share? Do it in the comments.

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    I would love to see Dire Straits live, but Mark Knopfler has moved on, and I don't see a reunion tour in his plans.
    Mark Knopfler was the Dire Straits. I saw him on his own live, and he played all the Straits songs, you actually couldn't notice the 'full band' wasn't there.
    I'd personally love to see John Frusciante come back to the Chili Peppers, but it probably won't happen and anyway I'm happy enough with their output with Josh Klinghoffer so far
    There is no Black Sabbath + Bill Ward . Its just Black Sabbath . What we have right now is Black Sabbath - Bill Ward .
    Iommi = Black Sabbath anyways
    TheMysticBard · Oct 13, 2014 01:21 AM
    josonmj · Dec 24, 2014 10:15 AM
    I would take a new Sabbath album with their live drummer playing on it over a new album with Wards weak-ass drumming anytime. His last performances with Sabbath were just weak and lame, he has difficulties playing his own style and I think that's just the sign to stop it. Clufetos is the right guy for Sabbath at the moment.
    I hope Soundgarden does another one. King Animal had some great stuff.
    link no1
    I personally wouldn't mind the next Metallica album being their last. As much as I love the band, they really don't seem to have their hearts in it any more and seem to be only continuing for the fans (which isn't all a bad thing really) I dunno, I just wouldn't mind if their next album is awesome and then they say "we're done". At least they would end on a high note.
    Although I fully respect Devy's decision to end it and understand his reasons to do so; I wouldn't mind another Strapping Young Lad album.
    I too would totally adore a new SYL album! Buuuut, it's not gonna happen. Dev's made it pretty clear, unfortunately. As a huge fan of his, I think I'd rather him write what he feels he can than do anything to risk falling back into depression, y'know? And frankly, his new material is more genius than ever in my opinion, so I'm quite content with him just doing that.
    The only thing that would reunite the Gallaghers would be death or lobotomies. A pity really.
    I'm surprised no one commented Pantera.
    Nobody dreams it because it will not happen. The world does not need to get its hopes up.
    What about those who wanted Zakk to replace Dimebag? I'm not one of them, but I'm really surprised none of them commented anything here.
    Would love another Audioslave album!A new Outkast album would be awesome as well, even if they aren't considered a band
    I can't think of anyone, most of the bands I like are still releasing albums. Some of them, like Saxon, are even releasing their best stuff right now.
    I really need Black Sabbath with Bill Ward again. I would appreciate Tool and King Crimson. I could die before having to hear more Guns & Roses. Led Zeppelin shouldn't happen since John Bonham is dead and Robert Plant doesn't want to do it, so I will respect his wishes.
    For those asking for an Iron Maiden album (that includes me), I have some bad news. Their seventh album is (Seventh Son) of a Seventh Son, their tenth one is The (X) Factor, and their eleventh one is Virtual (XI). This says a lot why their latest one is named The (Final) Frontier.
    "For those asking for an Iron Maiden album (that includes me)...." Actually that would be *only* you. No one else had brought them up before your post, because no one else thought their last album was their final album.
    Makes sense, but they still could release something where the title includes stuff like "afterlife", "beyond limits" or whatever.
    B.S. There is no way maiden is calling it quits. They'll put shit out until harry drops.
    Both Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris has repeatedly stated that there without a doubt will be a new Iron Maiden album in recent interviews. At present time, you can draw no other conclusion than that they are planning a new release.
    For those asking for an Iron Maiden album (that includes me), I have some bad news. Their seventh album is (Seventh Son) of a Seventh Son, their tenth one is The (X) Factor, and their eleventh one is Virtual (XI). This says a lot why their latest one is named The (Final) Frontier.
    never thought of it that way. but then the thunder at the end of 13 ended black sabbath where it began but they are doing more.
    Iron Maiden seem to be far from over. From what I've read, they probably won't stop till they're incapable of doing so. Plus, it's not only heavily rumoured, but teased by Maiden themselves that their will be an album out THIS year. Personally, I'm not too big on Maiden. I mean, I'm a huge metal head, but they just never did for me what Helloween and Judas Priest did. Still, a new Dickinson album would be nice....
    What if I don't want any of those bands (besides Tool, who are working on a new album, you impatient saps) to release another album? What if I like their legacies as-is? What then?!