8 Reasons to Love the New Foo Fighters Record

"Sonic Highways" is out now! Here's why you should buy it!

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"Sonic Highways" is out now! Here's why you should buy it!

#1. The Concept

"Sonic Highways" strives to be much more than just another Foo Fighters record. With the new album, the band visits eight different cities in a road trip across America to record each song in a different studio. That's something that simply shouldn't be missed. 

#2. The Songs

Everything else aside, this is still a Foo Fighters record; a record full of catchy, infectious rock songs that'll sound great no matter who you are.

#3. The Process

Perhaps just as impressive as the album is the HBO documentary series they made about it. See how the band gets to know these cities and the musical acts that were both inspired by and helped inspire them. I'd watch it, but I recently forgot to renew my subscription. I've been catching it at a friend's house when I can, but I really need to get around to renewing that subscription. I just wish there was some sort of discount or something for returning customers, you know?

#4. The Relationships

Throughout the years, Grohl has formed strong relationships with some of the industry's biggest names. Whether he's shooting the shit with Steve Albini or debating with Ian Mackaye on whether or not Ted Nugent really is better than Bad Brains, you can hear in the songs how much fun the band had recording this album.

#5. Dave Grohl

Let's face it, when it comes to keeping rock and roll alive and well, nobody's doing more at the moment than Dave Grohl. "Sonic Highways" does a superb job of paying tribute to bands both old and new. Plus, I met Dave once and he was super cool. We talked about our kids, and he told me this one hilarious story about how one of his daughters walked up to him one day and - You know what, you had to be there. It was a great story though. 

#6. Rick Nielsen

The album's first song "Something From Nothing" features Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick! How great is Cheap Trick? I've seen them, like, five times live and they've been awesome every time! It sucks that Bun E. Carlos isn't touring with them anymore, but I respect his decision to do so. Hell, Dave should've just let Rick play on all the songs! Oh man, could you imagine a Dave Grohl/Rick Nielsen collaboration? That would rule! Maybe get Josh Homme on there too? Actually, Them Crooked Vultures should just make another album already! When is that coming out? 

#7. Washington DC

The band chose to record the album's second song "The Feast and the Famine" at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington County, Virginia. The song is inspired by both the hardcore punk and go-go scenes surrounding Washington DC when Grohl was growing up. I actually visited DC recently. I wasn't there for very long, but it was still pretty cool. I got to see a few of the monuments and had this great club sandwich at a local restaurant. I can't remember the name of the place, but it had outdoor and indoor seating, so look for a place like that if you ever want to eat there.


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    The "reasons" here are pretty much opinions, rather than objective points - That said, why would you need objective points to begin with so that you can enjoy an album?
    I mostly buy albums based on ratings, especially from Amazon etc. - obviously not ones from UG, as they are generally biased as sh!t. The reasons this guy is stating has nothing to do with the MUSIC. I don't care whether it was recorded in a sewer or in space. Ok, in space would be pretty cool. If you want easy listening rock then Foo Fighters are great and they're top blokes too. I think for time being I'll stick to King Crimson.
    If this album was my first exposure to the foo fighters I don't think I'd be rushing to check out their unreal back catalogue. It is kinda disappointing because I really wanted to like this album
    Dunno, I thought it was awesome - I don't follow the critique it gets, I contrary think it was rather ambitious, and the ambition payed off. But of course you're entitled to your opinion, and I to mine, and that's pretty much all there's to it.
    Reason against: 17€ for 8 songs
    Some of the greatest albums ever recorded have 8 tracks or less. Zeppelin 4, House of the Holy, Come on Pilgrim, The Stooges, Wish You Were Here, King of Limbs... The running length is far more important than how many tracks there are but even then, I would much rather have 20 minutes of great music than an hour of filler. And most people just don't have the time or attention span anymore to sit through an hour long album. The only reason bands used to get away with that is because when CDs first came out, it was such a novelty to be able to fit 80 minutes of music onto a disk that everyone was doing it, even if most of it was shit, and that became the norm. But now that CDs are irrelevant, listening habits are changing and people are once again paying more attention to quality than length so really, who cares how many songs are on the album? The real question is how good the music is. And I think it's pretty solid.
    But we both know, that they could make more songs with a high quality.
    Perhaps they could have written another 8 high quality songs but maybe not? Maybe any others would have been mediocre? All we have to go on is what they released and it's already over 40 minutes long. That's an average running time, while the songs themselves are all arguably above average. To me, that makes this a good album any which way you look at it. And also, the whole thing with the number 8 is that it's their 8th album and the songs were recorded in 8 different legendary recording studios in 8 different legendary cities. If you start going above that number then you're losing those connections and diluting the concept. Off the top of my head I can't even think of any more US cities with an important musical heritage.
    sonic highways is like the filler you get on other foos records, but without the few hit singles on top
    After reading this article, as someone who is in no way a fan of Foo Fighters, I have absolutely no inclination to listen to this album. Maybe if you made some real points on why this could be an important album for modern rock, or why its songs are the best you've ever heard, then I might consider it. But instead we get heavy exposition (that I honestly couldn't care less about) and a story about a sandwich. Thanks.
    To be honest, I am disappointed with this album... I would not say it is boring, but I was expecting something more rock'n'roll.
    Rick Nielsen's inclusion should be a counted point. Everyone else who contributed to the album (the band aside) is easily distinguishable and plays a prominent role in their respective song. Rick simply plays a handful of chords that are already being played by 3 other guitars. It was terribly disappointing, and the Chicago episode even goes to show how including him was really just an afterthought.
    I very like this album, but people should buy (any) cd when they'll say that music is good enough, not when UG say that
    Well... I'm watching the HBO series right now, and I absolutely love it. But the few songs I've been hearing, at the end of each episode... meeeh, it's well crafted and delivered, but I guess I'm just not that into foo fighters. Something about it is just off for me, it's a shame. But I'm glad they're rockin out man!!
    W1LL P1L50N
    I respect them, but all their songs are bland, dull and same old same old now. Plus, Dave Grohl keeping rock music is alive is an overstatement. All his songs songs like he's trying to hard to make it song as "Rockstarish" as possible.
    I'm going to D.C. for the 4th of July show, I'll totally check out that sandwich shop
    tbh i'm not even totally sure how i feel about the documentary, i found grohl to be quite a boring narrator, and all the foos guys lacking in charisma slightly (not that that matters). i was well impressed by the calibre and diversity of artists he got involved, but sometimes the more underground, punk artists seemed pretentious and like they take their acclaim too seriously and got big by force of personality more than talent. id rather hear more from buddy guy and less from minor threat, personally