8 Things You Didn't Know About Chester Bennington

Some stories from the life of one of the greatest voices of his generation.

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8 Things You Didn't Know About Chester Bennington

1. His first band was called Grey Daze

That was his first band in which he sang from 1993 to 1997. They even recorded a couple of albums, but due to numerous disagreements, Chester quit the band.

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2. 'Breaking the Habit' was his favorite LP song

Chester Bennington has stated many times over the years that "Breaking The Habit" is his favorite Linkin Park song. During an LPU chat in 2003, he joked saying "I'm almost pissed off that we wrote it because I like it that much. If someone else had written it I could play it all the time but if I do that people will think I am a narcissistic punk." Chester says it is the song that connects with him the most on the emotional side.

He felt like Mike was writing about his life and had a hard time recording the song because he would always start crying inside the vocal booth.

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3. But he didn't like 'One Step Closer' at all

Rolling Stone talked with Chester in April 2002 about the song. He stated, "It is hard for me to say which tracks on this record are the most powerful as my opinion was so off on the last one. I would never have thought One Step Closer would have been as big as it was. I didn’t even want that on the album! I thought it was weak in comparison to Crawling, In the End, Pushing Me Away, and Points of Authority. Those were the songs that I thought had set the standard for the [first] album, and viewed One Step Closer as underneath that bar. I thought that song was ignorant in a certain way."

He later echoed this statements at the 2006 Club Tattoo Anniversary Party, when he said (somewhat drunkenly) that he thought "One Step Closer" and "In The End" were "piles of shit" and should not have made it on Hybrid Theory.

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4. He made a wedding tattoo instead of a ring

At the time of Chester and his first wife’s wedding, they were too poor to afford rings (he was working at Burger King at the time), so instead got matching tattoos on their ring fingers.

5. He was prone to accidents

A lot of stuff happened to Chester. In 2001, while touring for Ozzfest, he was bitten by a recluse spider (you could see the grey poison all over his body, apparently), he's pulled his back out picking up his baggage, tore a ligament in his hand while playing basketball at Chuck E. Cheese, and he broke a wrist in a stage dive in 2007.

6. He was a fan of skateboarding

When Chester was young he had to skateboard to the job because he couldn’t afford a car. Or even a bicycle. In the picture below you can see him with Tony Alva, the legendary skateboarder.

7. He wrote a lot of poems

Chester Bennington enjoyed poetry and even sometimes posted his poems on Instagram.

THE FLAME: I will never let you go You're safe within my hands Though I can feel you pull away I watch you make your plans Against my better judgment I let you lead the way The only way to see you thrive I quietly obey I've always kept you close to me But how could I have known The fire I held in my hands Would slowly start to grow From a flicker in the dark I would come to learn I knew I had to say goodbye Or I would surely burn one day you'd be better off Out there on your own I knew what I was giving up That I would be alone you had been my candle light I tried to keep contained burning me at every end Got burried by the flame But then I fought and held too tight And somehow lost the spark That I could always see in you Before my flame went dark

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8. He had a fair share of creepy experiences with his fans

In one of his interviews, he told a story:

"We were doing 'Jimmy Kimmel' with Dead by Sunrise, and I was down in the crowd. I was singing, and this girl took her hand, four fingers, stuck them up to the crease and the thumb, in my mouth. Whoop. All four. Just deep into my mouth. And I was just like, [chokes]. One, I'm singing on television; two, I'm singing; three, I have a fucking microphone in my hand and I'm singing on television! What are you doing?! Even if I wasn't singing. We'd just be, 'Hey, how you doing?' whirl, just shove your f--king hand in somebody's mouth! And then later on, she flashed me and she had hairy wolf nipples! They had teeth and eyes, they were like were-titties. It was horrifying!"

Moreover, he and his wife were once stalked by a woman named Devon Townsend who used government computers to access the e-mail account of the singer and hacked into a cell phone company's Web site to obtain his phone number. She was sentenced to 2-year imprisonment.

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You had a bright life, Chester, but you left us too soon.

Rest in peace, we all miss you.

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    Devin Townsend will always find a way into a UG article.
    Classic Devon Townsend.   I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Stripping Young Tad, but his solo work like 'Silthoid the Oblivious" and "Dependent!" are a couple of great albums. Rock on, ChevyDevy 
    "Moreover, he and his wife were once stalked by a woman named Devon Townsend...." I don't know, she seems harmless honestly.
    Must say that story was pretty funny about Jimmy Kimmel haha ...RIP, I wasn't a big Linkin Park fan (though, I would sing along to radio when it was on) but I think a lot of these singers seem to shy away from publicity when they arent on top of the world and in today's world that breeds even more Social Media haters.  I do think the constant negativity is what's causing these issues.  They are the face of the bands, and the human element with their voice.  20 years ago this album wouldve been blasted by critics then forgotten about.  They could bounce back with another album, no problem.  Instead every second, he's bombarded by negative feedback as if he's the worst person in the world for making this record.  It's constant, and for someone with his past issues, I think is incredibly hard to deal with.  Someone like Beiber being younger takes the haters in stride, then shows up on TV and comes off as incredibly likeable.  Even Nickelback seems to have accepted the are the band that it's cool to hate on, but they roll with it and joke about it as they sell a ton of records.