9 Unique Music Festivals

Tips for the travelers.

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9 Unique Music Festivals

If you like to travel the world and are always up for exploring new music you will enjoy the list of unusual music festivals we made for you. These events are truly unconventional. But that’s what makes them so fun.

Electric forest festival (Rothbury, Michigan, USA)

For those who have already visited Burning man there is a cool festival that is held in the middle of beautiful forest. The lineup usually consists of both electro music and jam bands. But the main advantage of the festival is the light show. It also has a variety of impressive art installations, yoga classes and other hippie stuff.

Riot Grill (Los Angeles, California)

Riot Grill is the first festival of its kind: an all-femme fest that brings together punk music, comedy, and delectable grub in celebration of LGBT rights. It is founded and hosted by Bitchin’ Kitchen host and celebrity chef Nadia. It’s a place to get loud, stuff your facehole & celebrate kickass women who rock.

Juggle Gathering (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

The annual festival put on by Psychopathic Records is truly unique. The event spans for five days and includes music (cave-in-rock, Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Horrorcore etc), comedians, dating games, wrestling, magicians, fishing, bbq and much more.

Under water music festival (Big Pine Key, Florida, USA)

This music fest takes place under water at Looe Key Reef in the Florida Keys. Divers from around the world gather to play instruments made by a local artist named August Powers.

Secret garden Party (Abbots Ripton, England)

Takes place in 100-acre garden adjacent to an art installation-studded lake. The theme changes every year. This year’s theme is ‘Sweet Dreams’. Attendees participate in activities along the lines of massive paint fights, dance-offs, disco picnics, Music acts, parades, big wheel riders and more.

Itadaki (Shizuoka, Japan)

Located on the picturesque Suruga Bay coast, this electric summer festival is powered by bio-fuel and has a distinctly Eco-friendly vibe. The homegrown line-up will smash any foreigner’s preconception of Japanese music.

Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Leipzig, Germany)

Wave-Gotten is open to all those who have given themselves over to the mystical. Pagan rituals, Viking re-enactments, medical markets and music of different genres (from cyber goth to death punk.

Kids Rock Festival (Moscow, Russia)

Parents who want to spend some quality time with their kids and make sure they will inherit their love for rock music can visit summer Kids Rock Festival. The program includes Russian Blues, rock and punk bands, various music activities for kids from famous labels and other cool stuff. As far as family-friendly festivals go, this one is definitely fun.

Hornbill festival (Nagaland, India)

7 day cultural fiesta is held amidst the scenic environs ofKohima in December. You can witness the biggest rock consent in the country as well as learn about the rich cultural heritage of the place in one event.

Please tell us about unconventional music festivals held in your country in the comment section below!


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    ~Maxi King~
    So Riot Grill is basically a meeting of facist snowflakes.
    Where did you get the fascist part?
    ~Maxi King~
    Edit: bad white *heterosexual* males. Because it's a crime to be heterosexual in 2017.
    Ah okay I see. Someone celebrating the progress of LGBT rights is apparently hetero hate. K bye.
    You'll just get downvoted, it's cool. All the poor hetero men on here are easily triggered. Ugh, they suffer SO much discrimination. Must be so hard right?
    It's not a crime to be heterosexual or male. Most people I know are straight blokes, who don't feel under any stress from society about that fact.  It's not that people don't like straight men. It's that people don't like wankers - funny how almost every single wanker I've ever met has been a straight man though... 
    This is literally the dumbest thing I've heard for a while.
    Sorry. Guess I forgot what demographic UG members were.
    Do you mean a demographic that doesn't mind standing to people that make prejudice remarks like yours. If you want to be around s bunch of snowflakes that hate then yea your in the wrong place.
    Did I say all men were pricks? No. I said all pricks that I, personally have met, have been straight men, speaking as a trans woman who's been assaulted, and get's shouted at practically every day, and yet still, no women have said anything. No gay couples. No gender queer folks. It has been EXCLUSIVELY chavy, hetero men. That's a fact, YOU'RE the one who was so quick to shout prejudice at a simple fact.
    I'm a teacher and im going to give you a short lesson on fact and opinion. You see a fact is something that is proven a hundred percent of the time. It's something that can not be disputed, for example 1 + 1 = 2. No one can argue this. An opinion is something that, for whatever reason you believe. For example I think Pearl Jam is the best rock band ever. I believe that to be true, but it's not a fact. I will assume that you are of at least average intelligence and figure out which kind of comment you made. Fact or opinion. If it an opinion than what you said was prejudice.
    That is wrong teaching. A fact doesn't need to be 100% when it comes to human sciences. Actually anyone that has studied the scientific method, in order to be a qualified teacher, knows this.
    U know, Internet, I actually am the prime minister from Belgium and I know personally Dave Mustaine and all the singers of Black Flag
    Perhaps, because of my wording, I have been taken out of context. If so, sorry. What I mean is. from my personal experience, everyone who has taken issue with me or made violent advancements has been a straight man.  I am NOT saying the experience is the same for anyone else. What I'm saying is that IS what has happened to me. I know the difference between fact and opinion, the fact I was alluding to was the fact of WHO I have been attacked by. Not that they represent every straight man. Because I walk out, and i must walk past hundreds of people, and I have no problems with them. However, the stereotypes exist for a reason.
    You are correct, but don't explain yourself to these invalid garbages, there's a reason they are called invalid and garbage after all. ;* ;3
    The only person who has attacked me in the last five years or so was a lesbian. That stereotype, too, exists for a reason.
    ~Maxi King~
    "all-femme" -> that pretty much implies that. I'm a supporter of the LGBT idea itself, but I know a lot of people who just take that (and feminism also) way to far. Always the victims of the bad, bad white males.
    Juggle gathering just sounds like a bunch of weird clown-based sex opportunities
    As an introvert, a festival is my worst nightmare.
    Rise above your introvercy 
    An introvert's brain works like this...    the excitement that extroverts get when they think of an upcoming festival, that's the excitement I get when I think about the upcoming weekend and that I'll be able to hang around the house in my pj pants and short-sleeve-over-long-sleeve and immerse myself in my hobbies for a couple of days without having to interact with other people.   
    I know how it works. I've been there.  I just got over my huge anxiety over the course of a few years and am able to 'endure' social events much easier and actually enjoy them. It's worth it. But most people are complacent and I get it. I just didn't want to regret doing more things as I get older
    Totally get what you mean.   On the blue moon that I DO go with workmates for a night out on the turps, it's always fun and enjoyable but being dragged to a partner's work function is much harder to endure as I have to make small talk, something I find extremely tedious.     My current situation has me a lot more reclusive than I would normally be but in 12 months time I'll be able to make some grand changes.   Mixing with the rest of society will be something I'll work on  
    Electric Forest is put on by Insomniac, who puts on EDC every year in Las Vegas. Most of their events are easily eligible for this list,  EDM festivals like EDC or Tomorrowland are easily some of the most unique musical experiences you can be a part of. We went to EDC last June and I was actually blown away at how chill it was. It was my first festival where I wasn't surrounded by rowdy drunks or seeing brawls happening. 
    Secret garden party is literally 20 minutes from me and i had no idea it existed until earlier this year. Shame its the last one this year