A Collection Of CDs To Expand Your Musical Horizons

A few CDs that will open your eyes to new musics and give you some new bands to check out that you probably haven't heard of if you're the average UG-er.

Ultimate Guitar

I'm not saying these CDs are the best ever; I'm only suggesting you guys listen, steal, borrow, download, and/or buy them and see what you think. Getting into these guys will at least expand your taste buds and put you into a new genre of music you might not of liked before or known of. I hope this helps someone expand their tastes.

  • Gruvis Malt - With The Spirit Of The Traffic Jam

    This album is the most renowned album from an indie band out of Rhode Island. They are the self-proclaimed founders of futurock, a style which combines rock, jazz, rap, funk, and even electronica to present a brand new flavor for your musical taste buds. Now before you go ew rap, next! hear me out here. I was just like you. Forget everything you know about your local hip-hop station and 50 Cent and then listen to them. Their website Gruvismalt.com has a huge amount of free MP3s available for you to check them out. This particular CD is a very flowing album, each song goes into the next one to seem like one long song. Sounds too good to be true? I know, but you won't be disappointed. Gruvis Malt's fusion of styles will leave you awestruck.

    If you're wondering do they sing about girls and cars, the answer is no. The majority of their songs deal with the music industry in some aspect, whether the corruption of the radio and/or record labels, or the lack of morals inside the industry. This is one band you should not miss out on. Beware, very little rhyming, if any, even during raps. They are the musical form of sex (thanks Andrew).

  • The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity

    DEP just happen to be another founder of a genre, Math-metal. Many of you probably have heard of them and they're a band you either love or hate. The chaotic intensity of their music leave you in a headache from the perceive randomness of their music. Once you get used to their chromatic, technical style you'll realize the true genius behind the guitar work and drums. On this CD, all vocals are screaming, just a warning. Ever seen a band go from the most intense in your face you've heard in a while to a shred-jazz solo behind a jazz rhythm. Me either. If you love technical perfection, give Dillinger a listen. Many of you might also recognize them from their run in with Mike Patton of Mr. Bundle.

  • Julian Bream - Ultimate Guitar Collection 1 and/or 2

    This is one crazy collection of classical guitar. Julian Bream is a guitar virtuoso from the early 1900s. He is one crazy mamba jamba especially considering he goes as fast as he can using a classical guitar and his fingers. He covers all the classic songs from Bach, Rodrigo, Vivaldi and many many more. Looking for an introduction to classical guitar, check this out.

  • Medeski Martin and Wood - Combustication

    Modern Jazz pathfinders MMW bring a huge new look into jazz. This trio consisting of piano, bass, and drums combines all sorts of jazz styles together to a crazy mix of everything. They even did a remix album of this CD. These guys' present a whole new funk to the world of jazz and any jazz fan who hasn't checked them out should give them a go, good introduction to the jazz world also. Want an introduction? Check them out.

  • Bela Fleck and The Flecktones - Live At The Quick

    This is one of the most amazing groups you can find. All instrumental, all amazing. Their fearless leader, Bela Fleck, is a famous banjo player. He shreds on a banjo like you wouldn't believe. Not to mention their horns section all have WAH pedals attached to their instruments. What? Wah? You heard me. Their drummer invented the drum-tar which is a drum synth that is shaped like a guitar but he also plays the bass drum and crash symbols separately. Bassist? Don't even try to mess with Victor Wooten. His rendition of amazing grace is just that.. AMAZING! Move over Flea, Stu Hamm, and Les Claypool.. etc. Check this guy out.

  • Ben Folds Five - Whatever And Ever Amen

    Ben Folds Five I know alot of you know who they are I'd hope. A trio lead by Ben Folds on piano with a crazy bassist and a great drummer. This CD is full of Ben Folds story telling, comedic approach to lyrics. Crazy piano solos, bass fills, and awesome vocals. You gotta give these guys a listen if you ever have. See if you can tell who's Fold's influences are on piano, he's crazy.

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      if you like Dillinger Escape Plan, check out Converge, they kick some ass. i think they're a Canadian band, and of course up here we call it tech metal.
      Dillenger and Bella Fleck Are ***ing insane, wooten makes me want to die and be reincarnated as a black man with a bass
      heard of none of them just go buy green day or lostprophets
      can i say any more?? embarrasing
      let me tell you, i listened to 'the ding dong song' the otherday, and music will never be the same.
      Thyum Vyt
      Ambient rock is awesome too. Check out stuff like Godspeed You Black Emperor and Sigur Ros for some strange but awesome music. Godspeed is a Canadian 9 piece that plays the weirdest and longs stuff you've heard (their songs range from 10 to 30 minutes long). Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band that sing in a made up language called Hopelandic. They are a big influence on Thursday, as a lot of their guitar work is textural. Hell, Thursday did a cover of a Sigur Ros song, Ny Batteri. Check those two bands out to help further broaden your "musical horizons."
      I've heard of most of them, and I don't like them.
      Thats all I have to say, thanks for the support, ignore the *******s.
      Too late, I already read the article.
      check out frank zappa and/or captain beefheart.
      I second that. You should all check out Zappa and the Captain, they are both awesome, and odd.
      Dillenger Escape plan is a great band. They are totally cahotic and heavy. To even understand the album it needs to be heard at least 5 or 6 times.
      i saw bela fleck live last may.. ***ing awesome. The one dude dresses like a pirate and he's playing drums ont his guitar thing while crashing the bass drum and cymbals with his other hand. wooten also uses a set of pedals to record what he plays for a few seconds and loop.. so he's all alone on the stage and has 4 or 5 consecutive riffs playing.. it's awesome.
      Yea I know I spelled "Bungle" wrong... thanks for pointing out an obvious typo. If I know who Mike Patton is of course I know his band. Second, mudvayne didn't creat dick, mudvayne sucks. Third, alot of people gave this no stars cause they listen to mainstream bullshit. And to the guy who says they only have a few good songs, you're an idiot. Thats all I have to say, thanks for the support, ignore the *******s.
      check out pedro the lion, the velvet teen, and iron and wine -- possibly acquired tastes, but you may really enjoy them. and for you ben folds fans -- check out the acoustic version of "magic"
      this guy is a genius. I love almost all of these bands. Victor Wooten is the best bass player of all times and Whatever and Ever Amen is my favorite CD. Agree completly
      Wow thank you sooo.. sooo much. You have just introduced me to some really hardcore music. Bela and the Flecktones - wow!! That bassist is simply amazing. I've illegally dowoloaded all this stuff but I'll definitely be trying to get hold of a legit album.
      is bela fleck folk or hardcore? cos it sounded the way you wrote it that it might be both im confused:S
      If you haven't heard of them, Kyuss are a pretty underrated band (or were). Give Blues for the Red Sun a listen.
      Wooten is the greatest bassist in the world. did you hear the album with victor wooten and steve bailey? i think it's called Just Add Water. it's ***in' crazy.
      I don't know any of the ones mentioned...haha....I'll download some of them and check it out tough...
      First off, NO MUDVAYNE DIDN'T CREATE SHIT. To the guy who said Pedro the Lion, I love them. I forgot a few but also check out Justin King for the MOST insane double necked 2 handed acoustic tapping you'll ever see.
      ive only heard one DEP song "highway robbery" it was a pretty decent song.anyways ill probly check out some of these bands
      Only heard of Ben folds five out of them and they are onetalented group. Ill have to have a listen to the others.
      rancidrocker: I'll check them out, I love wierd underground styles of music. [POSTED: 18 January 2005 - 174]|
      If so, check out Darkwave, and listen to "Dragonfly" by The Cruxshadows, its an AWESOME song, Im a huge Cruxshadows fan.
      i enjoy guitar
      kewl. i've heard of most these guys. i'm giving you many stars. rock on. you spelled mr. bungle wrong.
      I know Bela Fleck (very good group) and Ben Folds 5 (a good group as well). I should know Gruvis Malt though, considering I'm from RI... I'll have to check them out.
      only heard of the dillinger escape plan and who is jack johnson anyway im sure those ppl are good
      I can't stand 98% of metal, however, I enjoy DEP, if that means anything.