A Metal Resurrection

Good metal is on a comeback. The old-schoolers are coming together, forming bands, and rocking harder than ever.

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It's 1986. A small band in Hollywood, California is all set to open for Alice Cooper. Gig time aproaches. No sign of their singer. They pull their set as a blues jam without their singer. This would be a recurring theme for Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose over the next several years. Although his behavior angered his bandmates, the early 90s Use Your Illusion tour would be the most successful in history, and would lead bassist Duff McKagan to later say "We would play stadiums in some countries and be more powerful than the fucking government. We could say 'Revolution!' and ya know what? In 15 minutes, there would be a revolution!"

Fast-forward 18 years. Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan, guitarist Slash, and drummer from "Use Your Illusion" and "The Spaghetti Incident?" Matt Sorrum still rock harder than any other. They, along with Slash's old pall Dave Kushner and Stone Temple Pilots mouthpiece Scott Weiland, now make up another of the worlds biggest bands: Velvet Revolver. VR have been touring for nearly a year in support of their freshman album "Contraband." It went platinum in a matter of months, and has already spawned two number one singles, as well as landed three Grammy nods. Raking in the cash, Velvet Revolver show that old-school, balls-out rock n roll will still sell tickets.

Another current crown of the metal scene are the little-known Brides Of Destrction. Founded by Tracii Guns, of Hollywood Rose (which became Guns N Roses after his departure) and LA Guns fame, and Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx (who has now left the Brides to join the Crue once more), the Brides struck gold with rock newcomer London LeGrand. His golden pipes and scathing lyrics brought an edge to the Brides not seen in music for years. Rounded out by relative unknown Scott Coogan on the drums, the Brides released their debut, "Here Come The Brides," last March. Their following is small but loyal, even after Sixx's departure. They are now in the studio writing and recording their sophmore effort. As singer London LeGrand told me in a private message on the band's message board, the new album will be "a completely new style for [the Brides]." Keep an eye out, they should be huge some day. And if not, the loyal and growing following will have to stick with what they have: an unknown musical treasure to call all their own.

And of course, there was Damageplan. They were a truely magnificent band. Pat Lachman's vocals on their only album, "New Found Power." Drummer Vinnie Paul through down beats like none other. Bobzilla Kakaha's bass thundered through the already strong material. And of course, there was the living god of the six string, the universally loved, universally hailed, and now universally mourned "Dimebag" Darrel Abbot. His guitars were just as awesome as on the works of Pantera. Dime left his mark on music forever with Pantera, and his work with Damageplan will forever be overlooked in favor of his more legendary Pantera work. I would say, though, that Damageplan's "New Found Power" was superior to any Pantera album. Pantera's songs may have been better, but this album as a whole schooled most, if not all, of Pantera's albums.

Metal's resurgence is upon us. Damageplan and the Brides Of Destruction are just two of many great bands being left out of the mainstream. Velvet Revolver have made it big, but they are just the tip of the heavy metal iceberg of old-school rockers bringing about a new wave of should-be legendary hard rock out there. The Brides, Damgaeplan, and so many others should be legends. Although they may not be in the main stream, true fans of metal will always recognize these such bands as the true masters of their trade: the gods of the hard rock genre.

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    damageplan album greater than any pantera album ? uh.. no. okay article otherwise
    Dont Pantera and Damageplan have to be good to be resurrected? I guess not. To the people who will flame me: Ouch. My feelings hurt because you dont like me... Your opinion matters so much to me, I care so much if you live or die
    Afraid not. VR are already stale, Damageplan not as great as their predecessors, and the Brides are on life support already.
    Guns'n'roses were metal when they started so even tho wot is considered to b metal has changed they r still metal.
    ok all u *** off GnR was metal and is metal, good metal is blues with distortion jimi hendrix, led zepplin, even dimebag was heavily influnced by the blues. so neone who discredits GnR for something taht stupid is an ignorant nu metal nube
    however one must also realize that VR is closer to grunge (which is still considered a type of metal) than the classic, thrash or ne other kind of metal... don't believe me listen to STP then VR and notice all the similarities... (this doesn't include "Fall to Peices)
    gnr used to fall in the category of heavy metal. but nobody uses the word heavy metal anymore. so i guess people just call them classic rock haha maybe not classic, but rock.
    When he says Metal I'm just guessnig he means Hair Metal...but I liked that era.
    Hey all you 13 year old "metalheads", relax. Music is about making it and enjoying it, not labelling it. I don't give a shit what you call my favorite bands, they rock and I'll enjoy them til the day I die. Hard rock, hair metal, death metal, whatever, listen to it, enjoy it or don't and shut up already! I don't criticize you that you've never kissed a girl and you dress like Marylin Manson, don't critize other's taste in music.
    ^i'm a metalhead, i'm 20 years old, and i have kissed a girl. also, marilyn manson is not metal. so why don't you shut the *** up, hypocrite. classifying music is important. the metalheads are merely pointing out, in different fashions, that none of the bands mentioned in this "Metal Resurrection" article are real metal, except Pantera. Guns n Roses is not metal. VR...not even close to metal.
    I think you guys both made megaderrick, and laxslinger both made good points, then your immaturity ***ed you up. You guys really suck. Metal head: descriptive noun; someone who enjoys listening to metal, and the metal scene alot. Guns n' roses: Awsome metal/rock band. Like laxslinger said, all that matters is that they are good. Yes this article made some interesting points, and not all of the greats were included. As someone earlier said, the first metal ever was blues. A real metal head knows his roots, and is not restricted to just metal. Oh, and Jimi hendrix pioneered hevy metal.
    Guns n' roses are not metal, tehy are rock, Metal never died, it has been evolving in the underground were it should be. If you want to talk about a Metal resurection than maybe you should talk about all theese tharsh bands who are coming back from the grave ( Exodus,Death Angel ect ). The only Metal bands were Pantera and Damageplan( Half Nu Metal imo). bad article.
    If those bands are concidered "taking back to the 80's," or back to good metal... Maybe I am an idiot, but I think every single band writing now sucks (with the exception of a very selective few--Megadeth with Blackmail the Universe, is the only decent song I have heard this century, period). I hope there will be a fanbase for a good group, 'cause I am truly worried with shit like this flowing around.
    GUNS AND ROSES ARE METAL. THEY WERE METAL WHEN ALL OF YOU WERE GETTING BREAST FED. They are Hair Metal. Jazzy blues rock??? id say thats pretty much metal, or the roots of metal anyway, Listen to motley crue and tell me that it is rock. They may not be what you consider as metal. but they are metal nonetheless, metal has many forms, lets just call them 80s-hair-commercialised-metal. its 20 ***ing years old
    Hey all you 13 year old "metalheads", relax. Music is about making it and enjoying it, not labelling it. I don't give a shit what you call my favorite bands, they rock and I'll enjoy them til the day I die. Hard rock, hair metal, death metal, whatever, listen to it, enjoy it or don't and shut up already! I don't criticize you that you've never kissed a girl and you dress like Marylin Manson, don't critize other's taste in music.
    well put even though im 14 but i dont like manson or dress like him so thats alright i guess
    it shoulda been hard rock resurection not metal b coz even i know that vr arent metal RIP dimebag
    Dimebag wrote a few good shit, which is more then alot of us could say, and his new band did suck, but overall he was a decent player. By far not the best, but he WAS Pantera
    i still cant believe he is dead RIP Dimebag... so so article not exactly on "metal" cept the things about damageplan and pantera... 2 stars
    And I give you a (no big surprise) ONE, I shouldn't have even voted. For HALF of the article you talk about Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver, and what was the title of this article again?! Oh yes, that's right it was "A Metal Resurrection". Not only did you get information that half of us could have dug up on the internet in a half an hour, but it wasn't even close to resembling the FREAKING TITLE. I want 5 minutes of my life back...
    No possible way was "New Found Power" better than "Cowboys From Hell", or "Vulgar Display of Power". But, I do think metal is coming back.
    slashs_#1_fan: so-so article - at least it wasn't offensive in anyway (like the article about "why your band sucks")
    Ya.. I hate that article. Most bands that was listed on top were not metal. They kick ass. But there not metal. And somebody stop talking about dime. It breaks me up in tears when I hear his name.RIP Dime
    why does everyone have to "pidgeon hole" music. music is music and ALL the bands mentioned sold truck loads so they must be doin something right i wish ppl would stop being narrow minded cum twats when it comes to music
    we've all got different opinions on what metal is, was and will be. There's no point arguing it because you're not going to change eachother's opinions. There is lots of variety in metal, tons of sub-genres.
    jeez,you people (no,not all of you)are too easily offended.Also,a lot of you take things too seriously. 'Nuff said. (I always wanted to sa...type that)
    Metal Daze
    first of all this article blows!... 2nd G'n'R isn't metal, it's cool but it's more plain Rock'n'Roll! and btw.. where is Iron Maiden, Metallica and Manowar? you dont mention some of the greatest metal band in the world..
    Tao Burp
    oh great! Metal resurrection. Yes, god, bring back the metal, bring back the crotch grabbers, bring those lyrics of machismo, death, destruction, wide scaled genocide, and the always endearing angst and isolation of youth. Orignality: yes, how many times do we have to see another dirt bag punk twit dressed like he's another primadonna for the Rock Hall of Fame, dropping ludes, skank, and a few hits of crank, and downing them with enough whiskey to kill every horse running in the Kentucky Derby? I don't know. I guess it appeals to the testorone driven masturbating complex of youth.
    hmmm.... dude, study your music before you write (and realize that VR... although VERY good.... is not metal
    damageplan werent anywhere near as good as pantera. guns n roses, velvet revolver, brides of destruction etc etc...none of those are metal. so your "metal ressurection" is...pish. didnt know about g n r pullin off a blues jam at that gig tho, thats pretty sweet!
    Alright Article. Those bands used to be considered metal, so I think most people still consider them metal, guys. I think this article works.
    guns n roses sounds like a combination between punk/rock.. not really metal..
    Good article. None of those bands (except PanterA ) really appeal to me, but interesting read non-the-less.
    Guns n roses is not metal it's hard blues rock. It's important to make a difference between metal and hard rock but then again you are probably just another ignorant bastard.
    exactly...and on top of all that: it's darrell, with double-L....and yes, we're going to split hairs here!
    Arucard is 100% right, Damageplan pale so badly in comparison to Pantera, and none of the other bands are metal at all. i was expecting an article on Judas Priest new album, or possibility of Sabbath ebtering the studio again
    so-so article - at least it wasn't offensive in anyway (like the article about "why your band sucks")
    Good article, VR and BoD aren't really metal, but they are great bands. Brides of Destruction is truly a great band, but I thought Nikki Sixx wrote the lyrics, maybe not. Yeah, I hope they don't get big, but big enough to keep on going because I don't want all the sheepish MTV faggots to say "oh, Brides rock" even though they don't know about them now, just like when VR released Contraband they were huge, but back when Set Me Free came out most of the people didn't even know about them, ***ing sheep. Oh and battleofla, VR went number one with Slither and Fall To Pieces.
    Mr. Clean
    GnR. isn't that hair metal LOL And Velvet Revolver is crap, they had one hit and all their other songs were mediocre, even Slither was just an "ok" song, they couldn't hold a candle to genuine older metal (rock, w/e)