A Musique Adventure. Part 2

The second part of "A Musique Adventure."

Ultimate Guitar

Lance, Wayne, Angel, and I walk along the river for what seems like miles. Lance and Wayne continue their bitter argument as we walk, while Angel and I remain silent for the majority of the time. The sun shines bright, but the breeze keeps us cool. If we weren't so determined to find out where we had ended up and how to get out of the place, we probably would've enjoyed it. The place was like paradise.

As we continue down the river bank, The frontman and the drummer decide to finally end their bickering. After a while Wayne asks "So, anybody wanna play 20 questions?" We all decline. "Just a thought." Wayne says with a shrug. Lance cuts his eyes toward me. "I don't see a phone anywhere. I don't see a house for that matter." he says, getting on my nerves. I finally speak. "You know what, Lance? If you have a better plan, why don't you just tell us instead of complaining?" Lance was taken aback. "I don't have another plan, I'm just saying that your plan sucks." he replies. I ignore him and keep walking. Angel seems to be the only one who isn't acting like a complete idiot. Sometimes I wonder what he's thinking about. He's always so calm and collect like nothing bothers him.

I want to find a town or just a single home, but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. I'm actually starting to wonder if Angel was right. Maybe we did get transported to another dimension. No, that really doesn't seem likely, but neither does anything else that's happened since the stage caught on fire. I just don't understand how it happened or why it happened, but if we're going to find out, I've got to keep myself from going insane.

"Let's take a break." I say as I sit down on a rock, leaning my bass up against it. The others do the same. I look over at Wayne, he's laying down in the dirt. I shake my head and turn to Angel. "Tell me what you know about these dimensions you spoke of." I tell him. Lance looks at me like I'm an idiot, but I couldn't care less about what Lance thinks right now. "Hmm. A dimension is the physical property of time and space. When we were back at the venue, we were in the dimension that we've always lived in. This place seems different though." I nod, listening as Angel continues. "..It seems unlikely that we would be transported to another place within our dimension. Teleportation is scientifically impossible." I had no idea what he was talking about, but if I were to trust someone about this kind of thing, it would be Angel. "What I'm saying is that we are really in the same place we were when we were at the venue, only a different angle of existence. That is why we don't see the venue or the city or anything else that we are familiar with." I'm beginning to understand, or at least I think I am. "So, Angel..You really believe that we are at the same place, but only a different version of it? Like time travel or something?" Lance asks as he starts to understand as well.

"That's a possibility." Angel says with a nod. "We could very well be in the past or the future." He pauses for a moment. "You never know. What we need to do is find someone and ask them." Lance understands and looks around in every direction. "Yeah. We should go try to find a phone or something." he says like it was a new, breakthrough idea. I shake my head in annoyance. He looks at me and realizes what he just said. "Ha...Well, I suppose you had the best idea after all, Vince. Sorry."

We stand up and prepare for what looks like is going to be a long walk. "Hello." we hear a voice behind us and quickly turn around. There is a strange man standing there, just behind the rocks we had just be sitting on. Where did he come from? I feel relieved that we found someone, but I don't want to let my guard down in case he tries to mug us. "I said hello." he says again. He talks in some sort of accent that I've never heard. It sounds almost Italian, but different, I can't describe it. He has long blond hair and he's wearing the weirdest outfit I've ever seen. His chest is covered in what looks like some kind of titanium breast plate. It looks way too heavy for him to be wearing. "Uh, Hey there." I say with a little wave. "Can you tell us where we are?" The guy looks at me, probably thinking my T-Shirt is weird and that I talk funny. "Well, it looks like you people are in the middle of nowhere." Lance rolls his eyes. "Oh really?" he says, but the strange dude doesn't pay him any mind. "Would you like to come with me?" he asks, apparently noticing that we are lost. We all agree and follow him. We cross the river, which is surprisingly only about knee deep. We follow him for about an hour while trying to make small talk with him. "My name is Vince and this is Wayne, Lance, and Angel." I say pointing to the others as I said their names. "Very nice. I'm Albin." the guy says in a friendly tone.

We reach a town with dirt roads and small cottages lined up all the way across the field. It reminds me of a scene from a medieval painting or something. We see a few people walking down the roads from afar, but the people closer to us are starring at us as much as we are starring at them. This place is unreal. Am I dreaming? We walk inside Albin's house. The home consists of one room. The house has a few chairs and a wood stove, but not much more. He offers us to have a seat and we oblige as he shuffles around in the room. "So can you tell us where we are exactly?" I ask Albin after a few minutes. "Chicago, of course." he answers. I glance at the other guys. This isn't Chicago. "Can you tell me what year it is, by chance?" I ask him, puzzled. "Twenty Ten." Albin says, giving us a confused look.

To Be Continued.

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