A Rack Of Rock Please. Part 2

Everyone else seems to see each other during the summer, whereas I just fap, sleep, and dream.

Ultimate Guitar

Everyone else seems to see each other during the summer, whereas I just fap, sleep, and dream. I guess I see Joe too, but he really doesn't matter because he's a dick.

I actually got tbh'd by a girl, saying that she hasn't seen me all summer and stuff like that. She's probably the only one. Most of the guys that I hung out with last year hate me.

Maybe some don't though... some people know about my guitar skills and not my actual personality, so maybe I can take advantage of that. There is this really hot girl who can sing like an angel. She was in my English class last year. I can't really recruit her though; she would never sing my songs, because they're not real or something. She sung "Someone Like You" at the Variety Show last year and blew my cover band out of the water.

The problem with that song is that she's had a someone for 2 years. The good thing about that someone is that he's a drummer, and we were good friends last year. I called Connor's cell number.


Hey man, how's it going?

Haven't seen you all summer man! It's going good right now! What did you do this summer?

Nothing really important... Here's the scoop. I've got a couple of riffs and shit that I want to show you. You want to come over sometime? Friday or something?

Nah, I've got the girlfriend all Friday. She's got shows all weekend. She's been writing stuff and getting me to play. We've been raking in the cash. *long pause* Saturday afternoon is free, but only for a couple of hours.

Okay, cool man. See you Saturday, man! I hung up the phone. Maybe I should have got Nathan or something. Connor already seems occupied...

Nathan was a dick though. He thinks he owns this girl. He's never dated her, never screwed her, in fact he never even talks to her! I liked her last year and he somehow found a way to keep me away from her yet not date her. I don't even know why he likes her. Maybe it's because they both love Red Hot Chili Peppers. I prefer the actual pepper rather than the band, personally. He tore apart our cover band just for this girl. Skilled drummers can be dicks too, I guess.

There's even the metalhead Gary, who writes music but hates every other band that isn't Avenged Sevenfold or Dream Theatre. He even plays guitar.

Note to self: When I choose a bassist, don't choose one out of impulse.

This time I'm going to lay the cards out on the table. I have Luke, who played in my cover band last year. He took things too slow, and he always forgot the music. I also have Matt, who played in my shit band; He's too young. Finally there's Zack, who always seems to be sooking up to his girlfriend on Facebook. I don't really know him except he played bass in the school band, and he sat right behind me. We talked about music at school, and he really loved Guns N' Roses. He knows his shit behind the guitar and the bass.

I think I know who to call... easy decision right there.

I dialed up Zack's number.

Yo yo yo! 1483 to the 3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9. Representin' the BBQ. What up b-atch!

****, it's the answering machine. He's probably out screwing his girl.

Hey Zack, it's Mike. You still got that bass? You want to come jam with me and Connor Saturday afternoon? Hit me up when you get this. I hang up the phone, and wonder how good of a delivery that was. Zack has an up-and-coming band too, and he's going to be occupied soon.

Some people just have a life, I guess.

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