Acoustic And Electric - Never The Two Shall Meet?

It is possible to come up with a great sound by combining acoustic and electric guitars, provided the players are both willing to compromise.

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There are two types of guitar players-those who play acoustic and those who play electric. The two have long been suspicious of eachother, acoustic players resenting the greater volume and spectacular leads of the electric, and the electric (though they won't admit it) finding themselves just a little jealous of an acoustic's earthy, natural tone. But can the two be played together successfully?

I am recently in a band with a couple good friends of mine, one of which plays an electric guitar. I too play electric, but I am known to dabble heavily in acoustic. We have found that it can be frustrating trying to play with the two different sounds simultaneously, but by playing together a lot, we have reached an unsteady compromise - When we play rock, I go with the electric, when we play softer, more slow-paced songs I use the acoustic. It is a wonderful sound when the two genres meet, the warm, resonant sound of an acoustic really matches up well with a softly distorted electric playing over it, as a few bands have discovered. The acoustic acts as a good base for the leads to build on.

Obviously, I'm not saying to try and use a combination for everything, especially rock/metal songs. There is a certain point, though, where the two meet and it sounds great. I'm just throwin this out there, I realize there are many who disagree and thats fine, you do your thing, I'll do mine.

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    Yeah I see what you are saying. I really like "doubling" up my acoustic. When I play with a good friend of mine we usually play our acoustics together and it sounds amazing.
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    Acoustic and electric playing together is an awesome combination but it depends on the musicians to make it sound right. I play six and twelve string acoustic and also play six string electric, but I have only met a couple people that I could play with where the electric didn't walk all over the acoustic.
    Al though using an acoustic as a psudo-bass does work very well, i tend to find that using a bass then with either an acoustic or a clean rythem electric as well works very well. But the acoustic does add somethiong that can't be got woith electric.
    I've been trying to intertwine electric and acoustic guitars in my recent songs, but I've found it so difficult. Guess I just need a lil' more practice :p:
    That's not very innovative... have you heard of the band Heart? They did that. You're about 20 years too late.
    Man theres lots of good classic songs that use 2 acoustics, or an electric and acoustic, and those are my favorite songs!!!!
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    i play acoustic and electric. so do all my imaginary friends elms. listen to some more music you'll see
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    mmm not bad... its good that you restrained from naming any actual bands, although some examples are way too obvious. I'll give you a 4
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    except I don't agree with you about electric players being jealous. Although I have an acoustic now, I wasn't jealous of anyone who played one before I purchased mine. Because both types of players love their own type of instrument. If they have both types of guitar then they are just sitting on the fence (which isn't bad, just one's preference)
    i'll be honest. I hated playing acoustic but i do like the tone. Here are a few great acoustic/electric songs; SOS by Good Charlotte Blvd of Broken Dreams by Green Day Wake me up when September ends by Green Day I also quite like the acoustic versions of; Chronicles of Life & Death by Good Charlotte 1985 by Bowling For Soup Welcome to my Life by Simple Plan
    the freak above me is a fag for liking shitty bands like good charlote and simple plan
    if you want a couple good songs which use both, check out the acoustic versions of thrice's "come all you weary" and "burn the fleet" on youtube.