Am I Not Good Enough For A Band?

This is a little something I made to help all of the people interested in gettin a band together at and early part of their guitar careers out and save them some trouble.

Ultimate Guitar

Okay, you've been practicing for about 3 months, you know a few riffs, maybe tried an easy solo or two, the first 4 seconds of stairway to heaven, and now you want totart a band. Pefect. While some may advise against playing in a band if you are not a ...steady guitarist. Most people who pick up the guitar quit after about 4 months due to finger pain, frustration, or not being dedicated enough. I say that if you can find a band that has peope in it that are at the same level you are with their instruments as you are with oyurs, then as you progress, you will notice that your band has progressed too. Starting off at an early point in your guitar career will inspire you to learn more complex songs and will do the same for your members.

  • Singers;

    Right then, singers are not a mian priority in a band until the music is suficient on its own. Think about Led Zeppelin. If you took out Robbert Plant's voice and just had Page and the guys playing you would have a classic rock version of Joe Satriani. So when starting off have a singer lined up, but dont be so trapped in the lyrics of the songs. Just play and jam and worry about the fine tunning later. Ha, fine tunning get it? Well moving on.

  • Equipment:

    Equipment should not be a big deal at this point. You have a small 15 watt amp or something to that affect. Your guitar is a hand me down or a walmart special. Maybe even a distortion pedal. Well put them to good used and just play. Equipment like singers are best saved for later. As long as you can hear yourself play you should be fine.

  • Practice Area:

    I have found this to me the hardest thing to do and I don't want to be stereotypical but a garage is the epfect place, if not a garage then some other place where all of you can get together without any transportation problems.

  • Why am I doing all of this?:

    I started off a terrible guitarist, I quit it after a year, took all of my guitar strings off and then I would just pretend to play in front of my mirror (dont laugh oyu all have or will). Then I started back up in full gear and I have now been playing for about 5-6 years. I own 4 guitars including a Les Paul and Fender acoustic. I am in a very well known local band called Killjoys Revolt and I play gigs about one a week. I started a band at a very slow time in my guitar life and now I am very good, i am not being conceieded but it's true. I just want to see and help others get into bands and feel the music. So until next time this is AvArIcE, peace.

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      If this has helped any of you, it was fun to write and ill soon be writing about how to choose a good second guitar and how to play a gig and not get booed
      HAHAHHAHA you stood in front of your mirror and pretended to play....
      Oh really? I didn't know you needed an amplifier to play electric guitar. Or needed a place to play. Well you've really helped me, I didn't know any of this before you came along, jerkass.
      I'm thinking about coming up with a band but i cant find anyone that can play base or percussions that are close to my age. I have a site already for it, its http://www, m/nj3/alienaa/obr
      dude...ur article was ok, but ur reply to that guy who was just helpin u out really made u look like an *******, on edge or not, u werent just sayin it u were typin it, you shoulda been able to figure out that was just *******...ish yes i just made up a new word but still...but agin ur article was ok...basements are good for playin in too, if u can find someone with one
      Peace everyone. This article obviously needs serious help to make it more purposeful. It seems to be a rip-off of Frigginjerk's comprehensive piece. Write better the next time...dude.
      Geldof the Grey
      avarice, just read you post on how your band booted you, maybe you should have found a new sound... compromised...
      mine was rasberry jam by satriani lol, and for all of you who havent seen it, my new article on buyng a second guitar is up
      this article is like a complete copy of another article, hey dude do you like wanna be in my band. i think its by frigginjerk or something. it may have been fun to write but it wasnt as informative and not as fun to read.
      Geldof the Grey
      hehe, sure... I'm postive there is a reason you wrote this, don't attack me for constructive criticism, please. Also, I doubt you read my post properly, and I am still looking forward to discussing a collaboration for the beginners buying guide feature.
      sorry, ive just been on edge lately, i feel like a dick writing this article considering i just got kicked out of my band cause they want to do a softer rock and i want to shred all the time :-/
      Talking about how good you are, then insulting people who are giving you advice is a great quick way to be labeled "*******". The article? I thought it was all right.
      bite me, i have reaosn for articles, it was my first and i meesed up, go suck a fat one and go make some more threads dumbass
      Geldof the Grey
      I'm looking forward to more stuff, as long as it doesn't smell as bad as this. It lacks structure and doesn't really cover any ground which wasn't in friggenjerk's more comprehensive article. Go to the columns forums and post your stuff there, that's the way everyone else does it. Also, why are you writing an article on a second guitar out of interest? If you are interested in developing your writing, then go to the columns and go on my thread for First Guitar articles, you may be interested in writing a guide to first guitars which is required to complete this buyers guide. It's a friendly place where your work can be proof-read, corrected and help is always available.
      Not bad for a first article, at least you're writing. I agree with the others about maybe having a little more direction and structure for your next article, maybe a sort of quick summary at the end. I'm looking forward to see more stuff from you.
      sorry, it was my first, the next few im doing have more structure, s i read this one today i said the same, forgive the new guy
      didnt help you big deal, nothing probably could, but maybe there is someone that has done the ame thing i have, besides, when you get to where i am, then oyu give me advice on my columns
      the fendernator
      lol towelman i agree. we're not dumdasses avarice.go to the world air guitar championships with your imaginary friends and get lost there and never come back until you can play the first 5 seconds of stairway to heaven