Bands That The Metal Forum Are In

A showcase of the diversity or UG's home-grown talent!

Ultimate Guitar

Most of the threads in UGs music forums are about already existing, reknowned and established artists. However, rarely is there an eye cast towards any of our own projects, bands or recordings.

In this article we will be showing you, not just the bands that dwellers of the Metal Forum are in, but also the diversity of the music made by the scariest and loudest of all UG forums!

In Part 1 of the feature we will showcase the bands of UGers: destroy_techno, Guitarmike123, Inimical, Jacksonsoad, pistols and technicolour!

NAME: Kolera INSTRUMENT: Bass LOCATION: Denmark, Copenhagen GENRE: DM BIO: Kind of a friend band, but still serious and with ambitions. Music is kinda tech (not sweepy or widdly though), but also very old school death metal inspired, so perhaps old school tech death esque - think Monstrosity. MUSIC:

- destroy_techno

NAME: Eisenblitz INSTRUMENT: Guitar, Vocals LOCATION: Lule, Sweden GENRE: Thrash BIO: Just a few guys playing music together for fun. At the moment I have written most of our material, though I'm encouraging the other members to develop their tunes. Our sound comes from me trying to write the same music that I enjoy listening to. MUSIC:

- Guitarmike123

NAME: Serene Molestation INSTRUMENT: Lead/rhythm guitar GENRE: brutal death metal BIO: Started as two guys with a drum machine under the name Anal Spewicide and evolved into the current line-up. The goal is to create brutal and catchy death metal. MUSIC:, as well as some vids on my UG profile

- Inimical

NAME: Ill Omen INSTRUMENT: Bass GENRE: Earlier songs were death/thrash, later songs have a prog element to them BIO: We started in early 2008, and we have 6 songs written. We self funded our recordings, done in the drummers home studio, and used our own skills to design the demo cover, burnt the demo ourselves, and printed them up ourselves. Everything is self funded, and we are looking for some exposure. MUSIC:

- Jacksonsoad

NAME: Sex Seppuku INSTRUMENT: bass / used to be guitar GENRE: gore-grind BIO: 4 guys started a goregrind band and asked a mate to join on bass. Wrote 6 songs, bass player went to europe, I was asked to join. Guitarist quit a few days before our first show, I moved to guitar. After the show, I realised playing bass is easier when you're drunk, moved to bass. We mostly play parties, and are currently trying to mix different styles with goregrind so we won't always be another second-rate carcass rip-off. MUSIC:

- pistols

And thats it for the first installment of this exciting feature! in Part 2 you can look forward to a wide variety of music from Prog' to Black and Death Metal! In a bizzle.

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    "serene molestation" is the worst death metal band name I have ever heard.
    sometimes when i listen to music, i like to base my judgement of a band on their music rather than there name. serene molestation are a fine example of true brutal-death. there names ties is well with their subject matter as well as providing a clear presentation as to what theyre about.
    man that sex seppuku band kicks arse. easily the best gore-grind band in the world. haha...