Bands That The Metal Forum Are In. Part 2

A showcase of the diversity or UG's home-grown talent!

Ultimate Guitar

Once again we drag from the depraved depths of the metal forum more of our own musical endevours! This week we have music from: Magero, butt rayge, the memory, Silverwolf, Vermintide and me!

NAME: Aeternitas INSTRUMENT: Bass LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia GENRE: Symphonic Melodeath BIO: 6 guys playing a symphonic twist on progressive melodeath. Think The Arcane Order meets Slumber and Opeth. With breakdowns. We honestly can't think of a simpler way to describe our sound but we love what we do. We just recorded our first EP and it will be released in the coming months. MUSIC:,

- Magero

NAME: Bible Storm INSTRUMENT: Guitar LOCATION: Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia GENRE: Christian Power/Prog BIO: Band commisioned by god to spread metal across the land MUSIC:

- butt rayge

NAME: Lost Persona INSTRUMENT: Guitar LOCATION: Glasgow, Scotland GENRE: Metal, some very prog touches in places and some melodeath influence too BIO: I'm not too sure of all the details, but I only joined at the start of this year. Currently writing songs and recording them too MUSIC:

- the memory

NAME: Orison INSTRUMENT: guitar LOCATION: seattle GENRE: Hard Rock BIO: Just a up and coming hard rock band in Seattle, we've been around for 6 months (and I've only been in the band for like 2.5) and we're already opening for a national act in July. MUSIC:

- Silverwolf

NAME: Vindicator INSTRUMENT: Vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums. LOCATION: Leeds / Wakefield, UK. GENRE: Slightly blackened melodic death-thrash. About zombies. BIO: Pretty much just me right now, but don't dismiss it as another internet nerd's ego-satisfying bull****. I'm serious with this. Within a month the demo is going to be out for free on CD (with a bonus Outbreak of Evil cover), and I'm looking into getting t-shirts printed etc. After the CD is out, I'll be looking for members, I'm seriously dying to play some gigs. (Get in touch if you're local and know anyone in looking for a band) MUSIC:

- Vermintide

NAME: Chernobyl INSTRUMENT: everything LOCATION: Manchester, UK GENRE: Drone BIO: began life as a black/doom metal project but slowly lost track of the "metal" side of things, eventually just becoming an experimental drone/doom project MUSIC:

- destroyah

And there we have it for this installment, as the thread for this feature gains notoriety in the metal forum we are recieving more and more submission of "non-metal-bands". So you can look forward to all sorts in the future!

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