Bands That The Metal Forum Are In. Part 4

A showcase of the diversity or UG's home-grown talent!

Ultimate Guitar

This week features some secondary submissions from previously featured UGers as well as new and exciting bands.

this week, you will only be listening to the bands of: destroy_techno, Magero and blood8815 again! As well as Firewind Raging, BR00TAL and unfathomable_bo!

NAME: Defilementory INSTRUMENT: Bass LOCATION: Denmark, Copenhagen GENRE: Brutal DM BIO: My main band. I write all of the music. What I'm trying to to is fuse my favorite elements of modern and old school DM to create what I would call definitive DM.. Yeah, basically it's just my idea of of how DM should sound, like it or not. MUSIC:

- destroy_techno

NAME: Under A Weeping Moon INSTRUMENT: All LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia GENRE: Orchestral/Instrumental BIO: Side project to Aeternitas. All songs written in Guitar pro and then exported and programmed through Reason 3.0. The mellower side of my musical influence. MUSIC: UG-profile

- Magero

NAME: Dirge INSTRUMENT: All LOCATION: San Diego GENRE: Black Metal BIO: I decided to start my own black metal solo project MUSIC:

- blood8815

NAME: Excellent Cadaver INSTRUMENT: Lead/Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals LOCATION: Dundee, Scotland GENRE: Metal of most genres BIO: Me and some mates making metal we'd like to listen to. After gigging for several months we got a support slot with Trivium and released a 7-track EP of original material. Soon to be featured in Kerrang! Magazine. MUSIC:

- Firewind Raging

NAME: Calenture INSTRUMENT: Lead Guitar LOCATION: Cardiff, Wales GENRE: Stuff recorded is tech/DM, newer stuff is more fusion/DM hybrid BIO: Basically, we're pretty new. At the moment we're kind of at a standstill after recording due to mine and the bassists A levels. After that we plan to get an EP out by December and start gigging. Track 1 is more tech whilst the second is more progressive. MUSIC:


NAME: Neuroma INSTRUMENT: Vokills LOCATION: Liverpool GENRE: Death metal BIO: A bunch of losers making terrible music MUSIC:

- unfathomable_bo

That should be enough self-indulgent metal wankery to keep you occupied till next time. I've just recieved a whole new flood of submissions so we can keep this feature going to tiiiiime. Exciting stuff.

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