Bands That The Metal Forum Are In. Part 5

A showcase of the diversity or UG's home-grown talent!

Ultimate Guitar

It's been a while since I dumped more of the metal forums obnoxious entertainment on you.

This time you can asturbate your ears to the music of UGers: jaaaaa, kataklysmkid91, TWISTEDfender, Shining_Yrael, insideac and Ryan Nias.

NAME: Mag Mell INSTRUMENT: Everything (vocals, guitars, bass, uilleann pipes, irish flute, tin whistle, bouzouki, bodhran, fiddle) LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota GENRE: Folk/Black Metal BIO: Created in 2006, album released in 2009. MUSIC:

- jaaaaa

NAME: CORPSEYE INSTRUMENT: rhythm guitar LOCATION: Virginia GENRE: melodeath/thrash BIO: beginning as a power/biker metal band in early 2006, after two years of hard work and molding we have become the ultimate melodeath band! MUSIC:

- kataklysmkid91

NAME: Cryptic Reality INSTRUMENT: rhythm guitar, some lead work LOCATION: Bowling Green, KY, US GENRE: metal BIO:influences range from Iron Maiden to Children of Bodom to Amon Amarth, we're basically still finding our sound. MUSIC:


NAME: Dead and Dreaming INSTRUMENT: Guitar LOCATION: Americus, Ga GENRE: Jazz, Folk, Death/Black Metal, Prog BIO: Currently features only myself and one other person working on and off. Virtually no recording equipment. Drummer is also lead guitarist as of now. MUSIC:

- Shining_Yrael

NAME: The Violins of Tragedy INSTRUMENT: Vocals, Guitar, Keys LOCATION: Boston, MA GENRE: Ambient Doom BIO: This band produces ambient, tragic, melancholic songs that could be used as a soundtrack for the end of the world. Utilizing Pipe Organs, Strings, Choir, Guitar, as well as industrial effects, each song sounds different from the last, while still retaining the same mood. MUSIC:

- insideac

NAME: Splattergasm INSTRUMENT: Guitar LOCATION: South Australia GENRE: Goregrind/Death metal BIO: Four piece writing some brutal goregrind with tongue-in-cheek gore lyrics. Catchy riffs mixed with brutality. MUSIC:

- Ryan Nias

By the time you've worked your way through those bands, there will be a band new list up! Can't bloody wait!

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