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The bass players of today do not get the recognishion they deserve. Some people don't realize how important bass players can be. Although it may sound boring, all music needs a rhythm, and bass provides that.

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For me, this was an extremly easy topic to write about because I am a bass player. I've been playing bass now for about a year and it is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I discovered my intrest in music and my talent for playing the electric bass all before the age of 14. Bass in my opinion is the backbone of a band and hold the most responsability for keeping the band going. In this article i am going to talk about bass players today, why I love bass, and my opinions on bass in general.

The bass players of today do not get the recognishion they deserve. They are simply told to stand at the back of the set/ stage and play the same note throughtout the song. But the thing is, some people dont realize how important this can be. Although it may sound boring, all music needs a rhythm, and bass provides that. But bass isn't just about playing the same not and keeping the bead and rhythm...bass players have amazing talent and amazing skills like no other. Lots of the time bass players have solos that can blow your mind, an example of one of the most talented bass players to me is Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. His talents and skills are jaw-dropping and could put you in awe. I know they do for me. The solos bass players have are so much fun and so challenging some times but its rewarding when you learn how to play them correctly.

Any one who doesn't play bass or let alone any other instrument is missing out big time. It's alot of fun and something to do when you are bored. It can be painfull and feel so great at the same time. Music is an amazing thing and too many people take it for granted and don't appreciate it all that much. Same goes for bass. If it was up to me, I would like to see more bass players, and females getting into instruments, and music such as myself. I haven't looked back yet and I don't plan to. I hope to have a career in music and be in a band, playing bass.

So get out there and get into music, live your life and make music a part of it. Trust me you wont regret it :) Thanks for reading my article and I hope to see you in the music industry in the future.

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    BASS ROCKS been playing 3 months now, loving every minute of it! gr8 article
    abby! as 14 yr old, and a bass player, and a canadian citizen, and a BIG fan of red hot chili peppers, i can honestly say FLEA IS KING, and that you wrote a great article!
    i have played bass since i was 7 & i still feel no urge to rite an article about it & i am sik & tired of hearing aout ppl playin an instrument becuz its the cool thing to do & flea is most definatly one of the funkiest bass players in a rok band becuz his dad played blues & les claypool is primus & wen he hooks up wit bukethead of gnr it is gunna kik so much ass!!!!!
    dude no one cares about how bass changed ur life & this article had no point at all & u shudnt talk about how u no the best bass players & they dont get enuff credit wen u have only benn playin for 1 year write an article wen u have played for atleast 5 & if u want more credit then play lead guitar
    i picked up bass just before a huge wave of 13 year olds did, and let me tell you, the majority dropped it within a month. It was a sad sight. 3 years later, i'm still thumpin' away on the 4 string and lovin' every minute of it. one bassist i feel deserves recognition would have to be Eric Wilson from Sublime. his basslines are soo smooth and just flow so nicely, his highly improv style is killer... Tony Kanal lays down some pretty good basslines as well.
    Bassplayer4hire--- Flea is about the FUNK, first of all!! funk bass isnt just about popping&slapping... much respect to Les Calypool, but i wouldnt classify him as a funk bassist... i mean, primus is a genre all its own, more jam band, ya dig?
    hey awesome article im a bassist and we dont get enough recognishion bass rocks...and screw any1 who says otherwise
    ahmen bass rules without it you have no beat or rhythem , bass is the soul of the music i love bass, i play bass and guitar and love them both but bass is the soul of music. without it you have nothing no beat. so every band needs a bassist. GREAT ARTICLE
    ok i hate you all: only some of you mention Claypool, who is undoubtedly (and i mean that) the best bassist ever in the FUNK GENRE. While Flea is an amazing rock bassist and Jeremy Enigk (who no one mentioned plays amazing distrorted bass lines while singing, which most bass players should kno, is Realllyyy hard.
    Thank you! someone finally gives the bass the recognotion it deserves. IMO - Burton, Flea, Geezer, Newsted, Claypool are all bass gods
    DUDE, YOU FORGOT THE BASSIST IN PRIMUS! He played a lot of Master Of Puppets' guitar part on bass, he's awesome! i aint sayin he's tha best, but DEFINATELY some skill therre!
    hell yeah dude i've been playing for probably 6 years now. The bass players never get the chicks.... its all about the guitarist or the singer....but no no no my friend we are infact better with our fingers than the damn singers.
    remy deathy:why is it the ugly guy in the band is always on bass. Paul McCartney off the Beatles was the guy that all the chicks liked. Oh yeah the bass is cool n all but bass provides the rhythm?yeh maybe if ur in a punk band playin the the root note at fastly,but for most cases its about being tha harmony of the band to give it a fuller sound. And you said its the backbone of the band,on the contrary(for most cases),if you took it the bass out you would lose some harmony,yet if u took out the rhythm guitar or the drums u would have a problem
    Hey i've ben playin for bout 2 weeks now and i wish i would have started erlier. it was easy for me to learn but a new song is always a chalange
    whats all this shit about flea being the best bass player around,im amazed that no ones mentioned jaco pastorius or charly mingus. jesusdude89 victor wooten is a very alented bass player but not the best he uses simple chording techniques on a low action bass and pulls arpegieos roughfly to get a fast slap sound.
    i can't wait to pick up the bass, i play electric and acoustic guitar right now but bass would be sweet to play.....les claypool from primus is the best bassist i've ever heard..flea is good too, but not as diverse as les.
    [quote]rockyou2death : les claypool from primus is an amazing bassist POSTED: 12/15/2003 - 071 pm / quote | Agreed Totally
    cakehead wrote: bass is a clumsy instrument, no offense
    umm.... what? if anything is "clumsy" its drums. your just hitting stuff. and thats not really clumsy if you do it right. how is bass clumsy? that dosnt make sense.
    dood ive been playin bass since ive been 12 and im 13 so about the same time u have been playing and u are totally right and i was just talking about the same thing earlier tonight on how bass players arent appreciated enough but u cant make a decent band without 1 every1 thinks its just dundundundundun but when u look at flea or even the common bassist with the skill to pop and slap like me its not just dundundundundun its amazing and in my opinion bass is harder then guitar cause guitar is only chords pretty much and 1 more thing i actually wouldnt like to see more bass players because we are the smallest and most unique insturment player and being unique is what rock is all about BASS PLAYERS RULE!!!!!
    ZoSo.Led.Zep. : Flea does suck. Eveyrone should listen to what BASSMOTHER has to say he must be some type of bass-nazi maniac fanatic who obviously knows his shit. I bet his fingers are leather and I bet his bass is right up under his chin and that makes him a real bassist. none of this low bass strumming shit. dude, i play bass at waist level with a pick.are u saying that im not a "real" or "true" bassist? **** that man.thats like saying only real men have short haircuts, wear hollister, and have big muscles. or that non-jewsh people with blonde hair and blue eyes are the dominent race.youve forgotten what music is about. its about loving ur instrument, having fun, and lettin other people live their lives, even if u think its not "real".thats what seperates musicians from the rest of the closed minded people in this u can tell, i am a metal bassist. my influences are david elefson,steve harris, and cliff burton and jason newsted. im also influenced by rocknroll bassist like duff mkagan and john paul jones.all of those guys are undoubtably awsum at bass, yet none of them play their bass up at their chin. i tried playin my bass real low, then i tried playin it real high. but i ended up playin at waist level because its more comfortable. the same thing goes for every bassist on earth, u play where its comfortable.i also play bass for hours every day and my fingertips are like stones. dude, im cool with you playin at chin height and everything, but keep ur fascist comments to urself. P.S.i can kick ur ass at bass, and flea can too
    I have to say, that in todays society bassists are highly underestimated and unappreciated. I dont believe this is fair, and as i have been playing bass for near enough two and a half years, i believe we deserve some god damn resepct from all the guitarists out there that think they are better than everyone else. I like the article though. Its good to know there are more enthusiastic bassists out there, that enjoy what they play, and dont feel the need to "hog" the stage. Bass kicks arse!
    im a bass player also . ive been playin for like 3 years and everyone says i rock . and when i go to school all the guys look at me weird .... just cause i ahve a bass (btw i liked the articale)
    happy wac u are too right no-one knows jaco. he has some of the greatest basslines out there, up to 5 min bass solo's which only get boring after the 50000 listen. he was better than flea will ever be,flea just makes alot of funky tunes, and flea is gud, just not incredible ive played bass for 6 months and i mostly play solo's cos jammin one note tabs is WAAAAAY too boring. if you want to do solo's in songs ask your band (if ur in one) cos they cud like fit u in between songs, and show them a solo so they see that it will be worth it. if all else fails just play the same EEEEEAAAAA tune for the rest of your career good article abby!
    Gr8 article, playin bass every day since got it at christmas, can only agree with all above mentioned bassists as being awesome! Can sum1 tell me what the story with my Jack & Danny musicman copy, (it's my first bass) can get very little volume when slap on it but understand if that comes with practise. FLea Rules!!
    hey, this article has too many people dissing it, what's their problem, bassists deserve to give themselves a pat on the back for playing a great instrument and not playing guitar cause they think its more showy, i been playing bass guitar as a bolton bassist since i was 14 and i been playing for 2 years (that makes me 16) and im grade 5 on the upright (double bass) both are indeniably cool, and as long as you keep it up you WILL be noticed. As for great artists, to learn the basslines flea and jaco p and wooten, john entwistle all rule, but not all bands need a showy bassist, just do what you want, do what works! And all you people insulting things and people stop it! Bassist's should live in peace, as guitarists are too busy showing off to live in peace. This is a good article abby! shut up if you disagree
    Uber Bhudda Fat
    Yeah dude, I started out playing guitar, and loved it... But then i picked up my friends bass and was like, this is my instrument. Bass Players own.
    PS BASSMOTHER is the reincarnation of John Entwistle. So now all shall refer to BASSMOTHER as OX. God bless.
    Flea does suck. Eveyrone should listen to what BASSMOTHER has to say he must be some type of bass-nazi maniac fanatic who obviously knows his shit. I bet his fingers are leather and I bet his bass is right up under his chin and that makes him a real bassist. none of this low bass strumming shit. God bless you BASSMOTHER for you are a true rocker in every way.
    im sick of hearing about flea. YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO THE CLASSICS. roger waters, john entwistle, john paul jones. all the best bassists were called john. the most memorable bass lines are in older songs like dazed and confused or money or set the controls for the heart of the sun or my generation. not some shitty new age punk crap like green day. any retard can strum a few strings and fantasise about playing guitar. but real bassist use there fingers.
    Flea sucks
    no man you suck you really really really suck. SHould be beaten severly for saying that, you dont even kno...
    very good article. i play guitar and hopefully someday i want to learn bass. Matt Freeman of Rancid to me, is probably one of the best bassists out there
    why is it the ugly guy in the band is always on bass....especialy with all this new wave 'punk' stuff....maybe this is something girls just notice...(ya im a chik if ya dunt get it...) oh and wats up with drummers always being guys (except fur that chik who play fur kid rock and that insulting white stripe drummer who should be attacked with metal sporks.....and the drummmer frum velvet underground)
    I play bass and guitar and this article has no information that I care about because it just says why this guy likes bass so much.