Best High-End Amps for Metal

A simple list of the amps that will give you the best metal sounds, and what sets each model apart.

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For many metal guitarists, their tone is perhaps just as important as their style, or their guitar itself. We often agonize over our first large amp, taking great care to choose the one that will best serve our style and the tone we seek.

I've compiled a list of high-end amplifiers that are well-suited to metal, and detailed what sets each amp apart from one another. If you're in the market for a top-of-the-line amplifier, look no further that the following video:

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By Kevin Goetz

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    Petrucci seemed to get great lead tones from a Rectifier. If you want to great metal amp with awesome lead tones, I'd check out the Mesa Mark V. Personally, I like it much better than the Rectifier.
    Have you tried the Egnater Vengeance or Armageddon models yet? I have the prior with a Les Paul Nightfall, and I could argue it can hold its own amongst the amps on this list.
    Neon Knight
    I just did a jazz session where we used the 6505 plus into a schecter c-1 classic on the neck pick up with the tone rolled all the way off then boosted slightly so its not quite a woman tone. Its clearly not what the amp is made for but any decent tube amp can get objectively nice sounding cleans.
    You can get really clean cleans on 6505+ no problem, without the need to touch the volume controls on guitar (also with EMG pickups).
    Tim the Rocker
    Dude, what a geek. You can get good clean tones from ANY amp, the question is; DOES it have PRESENCE? DOES it CUT?