Best Rock Auditions on TV Shows

Necrophagist, Sybreed, Iron Maiden and more...

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Best Rock Auditions on TV Shows
The Voice, Something something Got Talent.. there are many TV shows for people who think they can sing. But can they sing anything heavy?

Apparently, yes.

Check out the most rocking auditions on TV shows!

Louis-Paul Gauvreau - "Stabwound" by Necrophagist

Louis-Paul Gauvreau stormed Quebec's version of The Voice or should I say, La Voix, and shocked judges with headbanging and his version of "Stabwound" by German technical death metal band Necrophagist. And the best thing about it is that one of the judges actually picks him!

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Rachel Aspe - "Emma 0" by Sybreed

Whoever says women can't sing metal should shut their traps after seeing this version of Sybreed's "Emma 0" from Rachel Aspe. Not only is Rachel a damn fine vocalist, but two out of the three judges gave her the seal of approval! The audience members’ reactions were even more entertaining than the performance itself. Everyone is either appalled or laughing, except the guy at 1:05.

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Simon Morin - "Come With Me Now" by KONGOS

Not all covers are sung equally, and occasionally you have that rarest of phenomenon: a cover that outdoes the original. And Simon Morin from the Swedish voice does in a way that almost beats the original song.
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Christian Eriksson - "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden

The music comes on and the judges are instantly familiar with the song. One even air drums and does a mime version of Steve Harris‘ signature bass moves. Oh, and the singer? He completely nails ‘Run to the Hills!’ He’s got some stage moves to boot and by the time he’s done, two of the judges are competing for the man to be part of their team. 

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John Hetlinger - "Bodies" by Drowning Pool

Nine months ago John Hetlinger – a 82-Year-Old Navy veteran, aerospace engineer and self-proclaimed karaoke fanatic became an internet celebrity singing "Bodies" by Drowning Pool. His memorable audition ended with a standing ovation from the audience, and although the judges were more frightened than impressed, Hetlinger's audition has been viewed over 12 million times on YouTube. In the end, his success was so massive that he joined Drowning Pool in their tour. There is certainly nothing wrong with this guy.

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Have you seen some auditions that were even better? Then share videos in the comment section below!

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    A Danish Power Metal band played a Power Metal-cover of ABBA's Mamma Mia on Denmark's Got Talent. Sadly, they didn't continue, even though the judges in the clip clearly said they should continue. Here's the Video:
    In first Polish edition of "The Voice" Nergal from Behemoth was one of the judges. He had a great team (very different voices and styles) and choose them many rock songs to sing. You can see it on Youtube Also I watched a lot of videos from other editions of The Voice. Many people sang "Zombie" by The Cranberries. I think this is a kind of song that you can't sing bad. Here are two examples that I enjoyed the most
    And sorry for my English.
    Correction: Simon Morin singing Come With Me Now by Kongos has nothing to do with Sweden. That's on Quebec's La Voix, with Eric Lapointe, Pierre Lapointe, etc. as judges.
    Fun fact, the video below with the guy singing Iron Maiden is from the swedish voice!
    RIP Sybreed, got brushed away too soon. One of the most original bands of the late 2000's.
    "Whoever says women can't sing metal should shut their traps after seeing this version of "Emma" 0 by Sybreed."
    That sounded like shit.
    I have mixed feelings about these shows, anyone else feel like having a show run season after season that showcases talented singers year after year, one after another, kind of dilutes the idea of unique "talent". The alarming thing is these people that win, more times than not - you never hear from again..... that tells me that there's more to making it in the industry than simply being able to sing, therefor whats the point of the shows? Maybe i'm being cynical
    I guess the people on the show are having a good time, and it feel good to get some notice for a talent, i guess that's the point. Just seems so musically sterile/melodramatic to me. What i'd like to see is a songwriter contest.
    That would be a very bad idea. The industry would rip off talented but ignorant songwriters, they would make them sign very bad deals. If you have songwriting skills then sell your songs directly to the artist. That's what Sia did with famous artists including Rihanna or Shakira, before we even heard about her. It's a much more profitable business and a better way to access fame and reputation. Now she's rich and famous, she has songwriting credits all over multi-platinum records, and she now has a brilliant solo career and write for herself. That's the way to do it if you can write stuff that sells and expect something in return. Songwriting is your property. You should preserve it and not give it away publicly on TV. Others will steal your stuff.
    The nature of the show is a lie. They want people with a minimal amount of talent and charisma, but they want them simply for short term gain. They will find their winner early on in the run and do everything in their power to push them to win. Even if they don't win, they get signed by Cowell's label anyway. At that point, they have an album made (which I wouldn't be surprised if everything but the vocals isn't already taken care of) and released in time for Christmas, at which point it'll be shipped out to stores and sell like hot cakes because it's fresh in everyone's mind seeing this underdog (thanks to the sob story) rise to the top and win. Once Syco has profited off of their act, they will do nothing else for them. Time to move onto the next pay day.
    No one rocked the tv shows like Adam Lambert in the American Idol contest!! Weak after weak, he was the shit!! And in the end he lost to a (heterosexual) douche!! A typical american wisdom.. None the less; Adam rocked Whole lotta love, born to be wild, a kiss medley with KISS and he even had a stand up silent ovation from Simon Cowell!! ps: just go fucking see his version of Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire.
    And unlike most other people who participate in those talent-shows on TV, Adam Lambert has actually become known around the world, since he started touring with QUEEN!
    Frank Lakoudis from Australia doing Immigrant Song. Great voice. Lovely dude.