Caught In Barbwire. Chapter 1

Another band story told in a different light.

Ultimate Guitar

Erin's pupils grew big as the guitarist/ Lead vocalist entered at center stage with his band trailing behind him, the drummer in full black smiling as he waved his arm at the unenthusiastic crowd. The bassist stood there, with no expression on his face, making sure the amps were all in place and plugged in, the drums were previously set so the drummer kept on testing the crowd for a pleasant reaction.

Erin could feel the anxiety grew in the corner of her shoulder and worked itself down to her heart.

"I can't believe you talked me into this"

She said with a nervous ring in her voice as she pulled on her frilly black mini skirt and fixing her red laced tank top with much insecurity then she looked at Sara, her somewhat wild child of a friend as she twirled her short pink streaked hair between her fingers.

"You look good, and you promised you'd check out my brother's band, gosh your f--king obsessed with him, oh wait no- you "just admire him"" she said in a sly voice, imitating Erin's earlier words.

"Give me a break"

She said scratching her neck with her eyes slowly withdrawing from the bar's stage and on to the beer Sara managed to get. She could feel her long black hair brush against her back. Despite the fact that the lighting made it hard to see much in the room, you could still see the musty old wine carpets and vintage mustard colored sofas, along with the colorful variety posters that seem to cover every inch of the wall it was impossible to figure out what color they might have been.

"How did you manage to get beer? Didn't the bar tender ask your age? " she said with her usual innocence.

"I have my charms" Sarah said with a smile with a devious voice.

"Ugh- sorry I asked" Erin whispered to herself.

How the school's wild child and shy kid became friends, the world would never know. I guess opposites attract, the only thing the two had ultimately in common was that their parents were both divorced and they're undying love for music and adventure.

Sara was already sipping her beer down, Erin was about to take a sip herself but a small sound from the stage caught her attention.

"Hey Everyone, We are Barbwire " Wes grunted clearing out his voice.

"How's everyone- as drunk like our bassist? " he said as he turned to see the reaction of his very sober bassist, but as usual he stood there with no expression. A few people in the crowd laughed.

"So we'll be playing a couple of covers for you tonight"

With that the music started and familiar tunes were played, Erin sat on her stool listening as they played there list of songs. The heavy sounding guitar filled up the room. Wes with great effort transitioned back and forth from lead guitar mode to rhythm. It was defiantly odd to watch, Erin noticed that there was something missing.

"Isn't there another guitarist in the band? " she said staring at the exaggerated sized beads of sweat dropping from Wes chin.

"Yeah But I guess he couldn't come" Shrugging her shoulders in doubt.

The set finished and the band got off stage, then took their gear and went out from the backstage doors.

"Man this is like the fourth time! What an ass" she said as a afterthought.

Then a familiar face popped from Sarah's face "I'm going to kill Vincent, bring him back to life, get him drunk and abandon him in a gay bar, Damn it every since he got into college all he's cared about is studying " he said in a pissed tone as he aggressively grabbed a chair and thumped his beer on the table, making Erin jump a little.

"Isn't that what you should be doing in college? " Sarah said sarcastically.

"In theory"

"- okay the" was the only response that came to her mind.

Wes shock his head and looked at Erin's direction. Erin's heart bounced a second, but she tried to remain calm.

"You're that guitarist friend of my sister, err, Erin- right? "

She nodded her head "Yeah my name's Erin" she said in a hush tone, surprised that he knew her name.

"Maybe you can take can over for Vincent, when I kill him" he said kiddingly

"Oh I'm not that good- " she says then trying to change the conversation adds "But you guys did great up there" she said pulling on her skirt, trying not to show she was uncomfortable.

"Yeah thanks" embarrassed looking at his shirt.

"You look like you got drunk and fell into a toilet" Sarah laughed when she observed her big brother's shirt stained with sweat. "But don't get me wrong you did great"

"Well I'm gonna leave soon, I have a class at 7:30 tomorrow"

He said finishing up his second beer, you could see the perky drummer on the mustard sofas talking to some girl, his longish blond hair was in a collected in a ponytail, he had a piercing on his eyebrow, that seemed to move while he talked. The bassist was on the other side of the bar talking to the young looking bar tender, with that same monotone and expressionless face, he had during the whole show.

Wes finishing his beer announced he was going he said jumping on to his feet.

"Going to change your shirt? " she laughed.

He nodded his head ignoring her.

"Bye Erin, see you around" he said with an awkward smile and walked out.

Erin looked at Sarah her face gleaming with self satisfaction for embarrassing her big brother.

"Wait isn't he your ride back home? " Erin laughed.

"Oh shit, " Sarah thought out loud as she ran out of the bar at super speed waving her arm "See you at school" she yelled from across the bar.

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    This looks to be interesting but your grammar needs some work. I would suggest an editor if you are unsure yourself.
    Wes finishing his beer announced he was going he said jumping on to his feet.
    For example, this should be:
    Wes, finishing his beer, announced that he was going and jumped to his feet.
    candysars wrote: Fangirl story! This is not a Nolan Ripoff, so keep going.
    True, and why does every single fictional column need to be marked as "Nolan ripoff" anyway? Sure, the man is a pro writer and his amazing columns paved the road for more fiction columns here on UG... that doesn't mean every writer is ripping him off, does it? It's like saying every single fantasy book in the world ripped of Tolkien's "Lord Of The Rings". It's a ridiculous and pointless thing to say, really...
    pretty good, as already mentioned some minor flaws in the spelling. This will be interesting to follow, and if you're able to keep it up. I think you can do great, show it to us
    3 days grace14
    Need to watch your spelling and puncuation, and little more music less anxious nervous chick with crush on lead singer you get my drift
    I like this one... you do need to work on the grammar a bit more, but other than that good job!