Caught In Barbwire. Chapter 2

Erin was in no rush to get home. Her dad owned the local pharmacy on the other corner of the street, conveniently an easy walk from the bar. She lived with him and her gold digger of a stepmother on the second story of the pharmacy building.

Ultimate Guitar

Erin was in no rush to get home. Her dad owned the local pharmacy on the other corner of the street, conveniently an easy walk from the bar. She lived with him and her gold digger of a stepmother on the second floor of the pharmacy building. The charming building was as rustic as the rest of the buildings in this town.

Erin! she heard Barbwire's drummer calling her name. Erin twisted her head to see Hugh standing by her side How did we do? he said with his trademark smirk.

You guys did well, even with the missing guy, it's been awhile since I've seen you guys onstage Erin said with a half-smile as she stared at the beer in her hands, feeling a tad dizzy.

Being a petite girl that weighed only a measly hundred and ten pounds and was a little over 5'5 feet tall, it was not much of a surprise that the beer would have made her tipsy.

Quit coming late to work, I don't get paid for overtime she said while she looked at Hugh, irritation creeping from her throat.

Yeah sorry my bad, umm car problems He said with a ring of guilt in his voice, realizing hed used that excuse before at least twenty times.

However, that is just the kind of person he was always making excuses. When he quit school, he took the job at the pharmacy. He said it was only temporary, that his career as a musician would take off and that he'll be touring one day in Europe. Yet it has been a year and no tour in Europe. She sometimes wondered what excuses he told himself to justify not being able too reach his dream. Had he given up already?

Anyways thinking about it I'm pretty sure we are going to kick him out, at this point he said with a disappointed tone so we will be looking for a guitarist soon, Wes said already has some guy in mind, hopefully hes more dedicated

Well Im going home then she sighed, reprehending herself for fantasizing that they would seriously consider her. As she walked out of the door Hugh waved at her saying See ya, by the way you look different in a good way dont get me wrong though he said teasing her new look, as she reached the door.

Oh shut up, and fix your car already, she said light-heartedly as she walked the three blocks down to home sweet home.

As Erin walked the short distance back to her building, she realized a few things before getting there. First of all it was a quarter to one, second of all the outfit she was encouraged to wear by her friend Sarah, resembled something probably a pole dancer would wear and third of all she was a little drunk.

She thought of all the excuses that she could say, the only one that came up to her mind was Hey my bad, it's just that I've been talking to your wife, and I was curious to learn what was so great about her career choice as a pole technician' at least it would explain her outfit.

As she walked up the staircase, her mind began unraveling what the near future beheld for her. I am worrying to much for nothing, she thought to her self when she saw that all the lights were off in the house.

Too her greatest dismay, she opened her the door open to reveal her father and her step mother improperly dressed on the couch giggling, their initial response was to cover up.

Oh hello dear, you look cute, her step Mother said in an annoyingly cheery voice.

Erin stood there dumbfounded not a bit surprised by her stepmother's approval and completely disgusted by the scene.

Her father cutted in, his voice nervous Um, I thought you were sleeping over at Sara's house today he said reluctantly.

Yeah I'm just came back to um getum Joe Satriani Cd yeah Im going tobye

She spitted the words out as fast as she could, choking on the end of every syllable. Her face was hot and burning red. She ran to the little bathroom in her room were she quietly vomited, spending the rest of her night desperately trying to take the very disturbing mental image out of her mind. She would never look at that couch the same way.


On waking up, she felt pressure on the sides of her head. Reluctantly, she walked up to the mirror in her bathroom. She looked at herself then looked at the bathroom floor. By accident, she vomited in the sink instead of the toilet, she managed to rinse it out. She tried to kill the smell with a match, when that did not work she used an fragrance spray can, but that did not work either. It occurred to her she could use both. She soon realized that was a very stupid idea, when the shower curtains partially busted into flames.

She took a bath, popped some painkillers and got dressed in her usual jeans and tees, not bothering to put on makeup. On her bedside was her acoustic guitar and a thick notebook she carried around everywhere. Ignoring the urge to pick up her guitar and play, she threw the notebook into her book bag and walked into the kitchen.

Thankfully, no one was around, she ate some cereal and was off to take the bus to school.

Erin met up with Sarah in their first class, exchanging hellos. There was something bothering Sarah, her usual cockiness was not showing. Erin asked what was bothering her.

At first, Sarah denied it, smiling and saying it was nothing. Erin persisted that she tell her the truth until Sarah could not keep it in any longer.

It was something my brother said Sarah muttered in self-defeat, whispering because class had just started.

So what did he say? she said with a smile on Sarah mentioning Wes, the two were always fighting so she figured it was some sort of immature sibling argument.

Well the thing is on his way to take me home, he was telling me how he was going to replace Vincent with some other guitarist he'd met in his college. I mentioned he could let you take Vin's place and he laughed.

Huh, I don't get it, Why is that so funny? Erin said softly. Sarah continued her story.

I told him I thought he was hinting that you could replace Vincent in the bar. He told me no way she's too innocent and sweet, I really doubt a little girl like her could ever take being in a rock band seriously' I really didnt think my Brother could be such a jerk Sarah said pissed off.

Erin began her self-observation. Maybe she thought to herself silently Wes was right, she had no backbone. Everything scared her; she had no guts at all.

She was the personification of innocence, she never had a boyfriend, she never dared to speak her mind, and she never dared to tell anyone how she felt except to her notebook or sometimes Sarah.

Erin felt like she wanted to cry; Is that what Wes really thought of her? Her eyes started to water, she felt like her heart was cracking open.

She repeated it aloud softly Is that what Wes thinks of me...

Sarah looked at Erin's sad expression on her face and did not know what to say.

Her heart cracked open farther until she couldnt take it anymore, but the tears of sadness did not spill. Instead, she felt pure anger it was a feeling that was new to her and she indulged in it; she wanted to redeem herself. Enraged, she wanted to prove him wrong, prove herself wrong. She felt determined inside. She felt something changing. All she was sure of was that wanted him to notice her and want her around.

At this point Sarah was starting to feel guilty for telling what her brother Wes had said. Look, forget about it, his lost, I know that you could have kicked ass if he'd let you she said trying to cheer Erin up.

Then a strange thought came to her mind. Your right Fu-k this! Let's start our own band! Erin said all of a sudden with excitement in her voice. She almost jumped out of her seat. Fu-k what Wes thinks, you can play the drums better then anyone I know, we can do band practice in the garage in back of my dad's pharmacy, Sarah! This can really work! she said almost hysterical.

Sarah looked at Erin, her attitude became suddenly contagious. Sarah smiled her red lips curved at the sides as she tucked her blond and pink hair behind her ears Your right we can totally pull this off she said slamming her hand on the table loudly, sharing the same excitement as Erin.

Having Forgotten they were in the middle of class, the teacher called them to shut up. Sarah and Erin exchanged smiles and laughed. Although they knew it would not be easy, they were both dead set on making a band no matter what it took. What they lacked in testosterone they would give in adrenaline.

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    Yay! I really like this, cant wait for the next one. (Suspense builds up)
    I would've mentioned the fact that Sarah can play the drums earlier in the story. Its interesting though.
    your grammar and character development are horrible. the girls are so fangirl-y and stupid it makes me want to bash my head into a wall. i don't know anybody who would CRY because somebody thinks she's too innocent and sweet to join a serious band or what have you. a more accurate response would involve lots of "mother****er can suck my dick." of course, followed by the plans to show them otherwise. just my opinion, though. whatever.
    uhhhhh... you really should read the story again, cause you obviously didn't read it right. She DIDN'T cry and she did say in other words "mother****er can suck my dick." Which was "followed by the plans to show them otherwise". Thanks everyone for the comments.
    "Her eyes started to water, she felt like her heart was cracking open." and even then, your grammar and character development are still horrible. juuuust sayin'.
    HendrixClaptonP wrote: braineater, have you met many girls that age?? They are mostly like that. Good story.
    i am a girl that age. ha.
    hey, you who wrote this, there is this grammar invention called a comma. you might want to research what it is since your story was severely lacking in them.