Cheap Graphic Design: Is It Worth The Price

We're all on a tight budget. Have you considered these things before paying for graphic design for your CD?

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Making a CD is a critical step in setting yourself up as a professional musician. If you want to be sought after for your music, your design is an important role. So when it comes time to record an album, design your merch, or create a website... be honest with yourself, do you look for the cheapest OR the most effective graphic design out there? Have you used cheap design in the past and then realized how it has backfired?

With that said regarding cheap graphic design, let's delve a bit deeper...

The Troubles of Cheap Graphic Design

Cheap graphic designers are plentiful, from your best friend, to your guitarist, to your aunt's boyfriend, you have access to inexpensive designers pretty much anywhere you look. The upfront cost of using a cheap designer, may be really enticing, but there's often a reason that these designs are so low-cost. With less incentive and experience in designing, these designers will have to fight to powerfully represent your music so that you are perceived as professionals. You need someone that approaches your project like an artist approaches his canvas - not someone that simply fill the page with pictures and words. Let's consider what you forfeit when you select cheap graphic design - the power to communicate your uniqueness, the power to drive people to your music, and most of all the power to be viewed as a professional.

Although low-priced in the short-term, cheap graphic design brings along with it some great risks. Is it worth risking your reputation as a professional? Are you willing to risk ruining the first impression with the radio station, A&R rep, or booking agent? After all the deliberate work you've put into your music, are you willing to risk it all just to save some change in the short-term? Even the best music, without powerful imagery can easily rot on your shelves without ever being heard by all those that would love to hear it.

With an understanding of the full cost and risks of cheap design, let's look at the benefits of selecting a professional graphic designer.

Professional Graphic Design

Most of us dread the high prices associated with professional designers, but we seldom realize that what they produce is much more affordable than you'd initially expect - SPECIFICALLY when you consider the long-term price and benefits of the design.

A professional CD designer will make a dramatic difference in allowing you be seen as a professional. The best part of a quality graphic designer is that they know exactly how to speak with you in a manner that brings out your band's uniqueness. From that point, they very thoughtfully plan exactly the best way to visually represent your band so it makes people want to listen to your music.

So... How much is this worth?

Keep in mind, this is about more than just paying for graphic design - this is about creating something that literally drives people to your music. So again we must consider, how much is great graphic design worth to YOU?

How much you're willing to spend for your next design depends solely on the importance you give to being treated as professional and your understanding of quality graphic design to do that for you. Professional musicians deserve professional designers. Finding one that brands you into the minds of your audience and tempts them to listen is simpler and more affordable than you'd think!

"So where can I hire a professional graphic designer?" Glad you asked...

At Indie Graphic Design, we specialize in you being perceived as a professional musician. Now you can get major label design at DIY prices. So begin driving people to your music at

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    I like to keep my graphic designer friends, so I don't have to go to cheap hipster sites to get my designs.
    Dan Smith
    I got artwork done by this company. It was great work, very professional. Highly recommended.
    lol i just make my own album covers and they suck I have a lot of friends who can draw well
    The great thing about graphic design is you can look at what they've done in the past and see how good it is. On that basis I wouldn't use that company.