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Go one on one with Allen Iverson. Spudd the MC asks you 5 questions. You get the right answers, and you get points for each question you nail. You give the wrong answer and AI gets the points. If you get the last question of the game right, you get entered into a drawing for $2,500 in Reebok gear. Tight, right? Good luck player!

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Read more about Allen Iverson: There are lots of great players in the NBA...and then there's Allen Iverson. At a mere six feet and 165 lbs., the guy has no business - physically speaking, anyway - being on the court with the likes of Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett. And yet, when Iverson gets his hands on the ball, NBA fans everywhere move to the edge of their seats. As quick as the Flash, as mentally aware as Charles Xavier, as accurate as Bullseye and as capable of bodily manipulation as Plastic Man, Allen Iverson transforms into a veritable comic book hero once the ball is tipped, capable of scoring from anywhere on the floor and lifting an entire team onto his shoulders. And with his cornrows-and-tattoos look and his toughness and hard-nosed determination, he has both old-school and new-school appeal to spare. There's no 'S' on his chest, but Allen Iverson is as close to a costumed superhuman as we're going to get in basketball.

The thing is, by any practical measuring stick, Iverson shouldn't even be in the NBA. The guy is short, even for a guard, and his ankles, while not exactly toothpick-esque in circumference, certainly look like they don't have the strength to take a pro basketball-type pounding. In comparison to an ordinary human like you and I, Iverson might be all jacked, but compared to the behemoths that patrol the paint in the NBA, he's not Mr. Universe. To see him in person is to realize that people can achieve beyond their physical limitations. Of course, it helps when you're blessed with an amount of talent that would make mortal men recoil in fear like cavemen hiding from the sun. The man has quicks that leave more ordinary players searching for their jockey shorts on the way back to the offensive end of the court. Those thin ankles support stutter-step moves in a heartbeat, and by the time you notice what's going on, Iverson's on his way to the hoop. He also has ups to spare, so while those of us who stand at or close to six feet can feel good about maybe touching the rim, he can throw down on a fast break like a man of much greater height.

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    no kidding...i was being nice and my post gets deleted...whats up with that? all i said was that zappp needs to make money..and UGO im sure pays him to put up with stuff like this
    most of the time, your posts are deleted because they are retarded, not because they are offensive. the comments section becomes useless if nothing constructive is posted, because nobody cares to read ten screens worth of "MTV is ****ing pussy." why not register at UG? you post often enough.
    alleniverson is still overrated. Fuck basketball *picks up his 6 stringer and puts it through the ***ing monitor* Hoorah Sell-outs!