David Schuldiner's Road To Being A Metal God. Part 1

A fiction story about Dave Schuldiner's journey to becoming a metal God.

Ultimate Guitar

March 16, 2112

"DAVE, DAVE, DAVE, DAVE, DAVE, DAVE" The crowd screams as Dave Schuldiner does face melting solo. Than the crowd starts to scream "HONEY, HONEY, HONEY." As Dave wakes up realizing that it was only a dream and it was his mother screaming at him to get up for school. So Dave ate his breakfast kissed his Daisy Rock guitar goodbye and went to school for the day.

He wasn't the most popular person ever, well he was less than that, he was a complete and total loser. No friends, the teachers would only talk to him if they had to. Most of the time Dave would just spend his time alone in the boys room masturbating with a fresh image in his head of that hot chick from room 212. Because of this his nickname around school was "jerk off." But besides all of his many, many faults he did have some good qualities. Like umm... well... um... Okay well the only good thing about him is that he had the passion for metal music! He lived by the lyrics of bands like Megadeth, Death, Metallica, Venom, Cross Examination and the Worshyp. During his class's he would often quote some of the lyrics to answer question. He was almost always wrong with his answers. When he had to write an English paper he just compiled a bunch of lyrics from random songs. His grades were all about D-'s. The best grade he'd ever got was a C+. It's not like he planned on a having a career in a field where he needed to know everything. But what he did know was about life. The metal lyrics had taught him some very important things about it.

Later that day when he got home from his daily day of school which involved failing class's, getting ignored and jacking off he decided to go and play a little bit of guitar. So he went into his room to play Smoke on the Water on his Daisy Rock guitar. Than he turned on his computer to watch some asian lesbian porn but first he checked his email. He got an email from an unknown sender and the email said "Wanna become a metal God? Wanna get hot chicks? Well than come downtown tonight at 2 a.m and bring no one." Of course Dave wanted to become a metal God and get a real woman instead of a blow up one.

Night had arrived and Dave was waiting there, he saw a man dressed in all black clothes and a black leather jacket. The man said "Dave, get over." Dave was scared but he was willing to risk it all to become a metal god. The man grabbed Dave's hand and put something in it. The man said "Take this Dave, it will make you become a guitar God, it's belonged to many before you and now it's your turn." Dave slowly nodded yes and the man in the black clothes had faded away. Dave examined what he had been given. It seemed to be some sort of glowing rock. He had no idea how this would make him a better guitar player. But even with his doubts he took it home that night. Than something happened. The rock exploded and a bright purple light flashed.

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    Very weird, but I like it at least it's different from all the others