David Schuldiner's Road To Being A Metal God. Part 2

Part 2 in the epic story of David Schuldiner's life.

Ultimate Guitar

The rock exploded and something had happened to Dave. He had grown an extra finger! He now had 5 fingers on his left hand like everyone else opposed to his previous only 3 fingers. He now knew that he was a lucky man. But that wasn't the only thing that had changed. All of his acne had disappeared from his face and gone to his back. At least no one could see it though! Then he passed out. The next morning he woke up to find out that it had really happened. Also to his surprise his Daisy Rock guitar had become a Jackson Kelly KE2! This had really been the best experience of his life.

When he got to school he found that some of the chicks were actually looking at him today. What truly amazed him is when they looked at him it wasn't with a look of disgust like normal. It was a look of I'd tap that. When he opened up his locker the first thing he did was throw out all of his blow up dolls (besides Shirley, I mean she looked like a combination of Will Smith and Megan Fox!). When he arrived in class the teacher handed back his assignment and he had a (drum roll please) D+! Okay so some things never change. But that rock seemed to have completely helped Dave's life.

Later when he had got home he was in his room playing his Jackson Kelly. The guitar started to glow a bit. Then there was a giant flash of light and Dave and passed out. Instead of just being passed out and coming back to later something had happened to him. He was standing in what seemed to be an empty space, but then Randy Rhoads walked up to him. Dave was truly amazed and would've passed out if he hadn't already. Randy started speaking to him This is not a dream Dave, you're in the space between dimensions right now. You've been chosen by the supreme metal counsel to save the planet. Then Randy grabbed his arm and a symbol was now in Dave's arm. He woke up lying on the floor. He obviously thought it was a dream, but when he looked at his arm the symbol was there. This was something big and important and Dave knew it.

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