David Schuldiner's Road To Being A Metal God. Part 3

Part 3 of the story, the plot thickens.

Ultimate Guitar

Dave couldn't shake the feeling of what had just happened. He had been in the same presence as one of his hero's, Randy Rhoads. But he couldn't think about that, he had to focus on what Randy had been saying. Dave had to train himself in the ways of metal; he just knew he had to. The only question is, how? How would he train himself? So he did the only thing that he knew how to do he went to pick up his guitar and shredded. He practiced for hours and hours and he didn't feel any different. So he screamed "What do you want metal gods?" Then he was transported to the same place he was before. Except this time someone else walked up to him. It was Ronnie James Dio and he simply said "Stand up and shout." Dave suddenly had the urge to sing, which was different because he sounded like a whale getting kinky with a telephone pole when he sang. But then he pelted out a high note, a note only capable by Dio himself. "When you become strong enough, each metal God will share their power with you like I just did. You're our only hope Dave, we believe in you" Ronnie said, and then he faded off. Dave was back on earth again. He tested singing again and it was brilliant. He could tell that this was all real and that he had been chosen.

He practiced and practiced. He had finally mastered his vocals. He picked up his guitar and without even thinking about it he started playing a song. A song that had so much power. Then without knowing it he started to sing, the lyrics had so much power and emotion but were so intelligent that no one could possibly even think of them. A voice in his head was saying "You'll need this Dave, to kill the beast. But you are not ready yet to fully possess it, you will in time." Dave had gained another gift from the God's, the song to kill the beast. But what did they mean by "you are not ready yet to fully possess it, you will in time"? How could he become more metal than he already was? But he had learned to not doubt things recently because of all of these things that had been happening to him.

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