Delta Rae: Are They the New Fleetwood Mac?

To quote Rolling Stone magazine, "If Fleetwood Mac came up in North Carolina, they might resemble Delta Rae."

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This is a band that fits in no genre. Some songs are rock, some songs are folk, and some songs are blues, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are all good.

Delta Rae is a band made up of six people, three of them siblings, but the interesting part of their band that makes them able to be similar to Fleetwood Mac is that they have for lead singers. All four of them could easily be the front man in a band,but instead have chosen to stay together in this one. Eric Hölljes has a smooth voice that works well in their reflective songs like "Morning Comes" and "The Meaning of it All". Brittany Hölljes can sing down low and belt up high, and will truly terrify you in songs like "Bottom of the River" and "I Will Never Die".

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When Ian Hölljes sings in songs like "Dance in the Graveyard" and "Outlaws" you can hear the pure joy and excitement in his voice. Elizabeth Hopkins has a Stevie Nicks style voice that is showed of in "If I Loved You" and "Chasing Twisters". All of Delta Rae's songs are filled with infectious harmonies that you just can't find in songs by most other modern day artists.

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The instrumental parts of Delta Rae's music is also tremendous. Eric Hölljes does an exceptionally good job playing the piano. He doesn't just fill the songs with simple arpeggios, he plays intricate, well thought out melodies. Ian Hölljes is the guitarist in the band, playing both acoustic and electric in the songs. Though he is always spot on with the rhythm guitar parts he also lightly plays melodies in the background that put the whole song together. Grant Emerson is the bass player in the band and he plays it spectacular. He goes from rocking out on the electric bass guitar in songs like "Bethlehem Steel" to plucking the stand up electric bass in songs like "Bottom of the River".

Mike McKee is the main drummer in Delta Rae. He is always spot on and plays pulsating drum fills. You can hear the effort that he puts into banging on the drums. Mike McKee isn't the only percussionist in Delta Rae though. What really puts the whole band together is their percussion. Whenever one the singers isn't singing lead they will step right up to a drum and just start hitting it. When one of the guys playing an instrument has a break they will quickly switch to playing a drum. Whether it be a tambourine, drum sticks, a tom drum, or the large bass drum that they having sitting in the middle of their stage at all of their performances there is always a colossal amount of percussion.

As you can see Delta Rae is not the type of band that you get to listen to everyday. They have talent flowing out of all their songs, and you can tell that their music really means something to them. It clearly is not about fame and fortune for them. They started as a small town band, but truly are the real deal now. They write all of their own music and deserve more recognition on the radio then they have gotten so far. Their two albums are entitled "Carry the Fire" and "After it All", and remember, if you don't like one song by them keep listening because they are all different styles of music.

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