Did You Know. Part II

Second part of the list of facts.

Ultimate Guitar

  • While playing in front of a large lake at the Crystal Palace Bowl in London in 1970, Pink Floyd played so loud, a number of fish were killed.

  • When The Beach Boys "Kokomo" went to number one in the U.S. in 1988, it had been 22 years since their last chart topper, "Good Vibrations".

  • Warner Communications paid $28 million for the copyright to the song "Happy Birthday."

  • The most single-stroke drumbeats played in one minute is 1,026, achieved by Johnny Rabb of the USA, on April 28, 2000, at the Nashville Music Institute, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

  • The largest paying audience ever attracted by a solo performer was an estimated 180,000 - 184,000, in the Maracan Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at a Paul McCartney concert held on April 21, 1990.

  • Rod Stewart's free concert at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on New Year's Eve, 1994, reportedly attracted an audience of 3.5 million.

  • The first record to sell a million copies was "Chattanooga Cho-Cho" by The Glen Miller Orchestra in 1942.

  • The first group to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame were The Coasters.

  • The first DJ to scratch was DJ Grand Wizard Theodore I at the age of thirteen.

  • Chuck Berry holds a degree in cosmetology.

  • The normal intelligible outdoor range of the male human voice in still air is 180 meters (200 yd). Silbo, the whistled language of the Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the Canary Island of La Gomera, is intelligible under ideal conditions at 8 km (5 miles). There is one recorded case of the human voice being detectable at a distance of 17 km (10.5 miles) across still water at night.

  • The record payment for a musical manuscript is $4.1 million, paid by James Kirkman at Sotheby's, London, England, on May 22, 1987, for a bound volume of nine complete symphonies in Mozart's handwriting. Consisting of 508 pages, the book was sent in for auction by a private anonymous collector. Sotheby's reportedly described it as "the most important music manuscript to be auctioned this century".

  • Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and Serge Tankian of System Of A Down were in a high school band together named "Electric Sheep" after the book that inspired Blade Runner, "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?"

  • In 1996, Ringo Starr appeared in a Japanese advertisement for apple sauce, which coincidentally is what "Ringo" means in Japanese.

  • While playing at Hollywood's Palladium in 1972, the guitarist in Chuck Berry's backup band was replaced by another waiting backstage. The new musician played so loudly that Berry stopped in the middle of a song and asked the first guitar player to come back out. Unknown to Berry, the one he kicked off stage was Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

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      IMHO...The best ever live solo version of 'Heard it through the grapevine' was done by Elton John at the Hollywood Bowl in 1982. Truly amazing solo work. Not my style of music but it was still weapons grade powerfull.
      basitar92 wrote: I thought it was Tom Morello and Adam Jones of Tool.
      No... But he introduced Maynard and Adam to each other.
      Suav Nitebeest
      Duke_of_Chutney wrote: basitar92 wrote: I thought it was Tom Morello and Adam Jones of Tool. No... But he introduced Maynard and Adam to each other.
      Basitar is right, Adam Jones played bass in the band. Another bit of trivia: While in Electric Sheep, Tom Morello wrote a certain song named "Cuntry Boner," covered recently by MJK in Puscifer.
      The happy birthday song technically isn't under public domain because of that fact. Not to mention it was written in the 1890's.
      That's why you get a different version of happy birthday in restaurants, although thankfully I've never had the embarassment on mine.