Disbelief. Part Four

Desperately lonely once again, Sean resorts to the only thing he knows. Violence.

Ultimate Guitar

Sean, Ally's ex-boyfriend, was not a big man by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, he was shorter than Ally and she wasn't far above five foot. He wasn't particularly strong either, more bone and beer belly than anything else. Paul, being moderately strong and tall, didn't really feel much from the first punch.

However, Sean typically travelled with the large and well muscled James, and with his cousin, the large and equally well muscled Rooster. They looked similar to Sean: their hair was cut so short that they were nearly bald, with no facial hair and ears that stuck out. There was one major difference however, a difference Paul discovered quite quickly - their punches hurt.

The music student heard Ally's scream as James and Rooster sent him straight down towards the concrete. He heard the smack of flesh against flesh as Sean also struck his former partner. Ally was not used to such treatment, and as such, she went down easily.

Positively fuming, Paul tried desperately to rise, but was met with the boots of Sean and his henchmen. He felt his mouth cut open by one stamp and his attempt to shield his face only left his ribs open. Their attack was frenzied and rushed, their mad kicking did plenty of damage.

They did not seem to be letting up until the arrival of Jace. The drummer announced himself with a roar of fury, slamming his body into Rooster, the biggest of the three. Quickly all three turned to face Jace, but Rooster fell quickly with a broken nose courtesy of Jace's right fist.

Adam came not long after Jace. There was no roar of anger and, noting this, Sean made the skinny guitarist his sole target. He evaded Jace easily and went straight towards his foe. Adam was not a fighter, but Sean was.

Amidst the chaos, Ed came out of the house carrying a mug of tea. He took a sip on the door step and surveyed the carnage before him benevolently. Then, seeing Paul laying prone on the ground, he hastened to his bassist's side. Behind him, Veronica stood framed in the doorway, looking lost and terrified of the sight before her.

By this point, Rooster, broken nose and all, had returned to the fight. Nevertheless, Jace was still keeping both of his opponents contained. The same could not be said of Adam, who was barely managing to defend himself. For every punch he avoided, Sean would hit him with another one. So far he was still standing, but it was only a matter of time.

Having already been thoroughly assaulted, Paul was bleeding from the mouth when Ed reached him. Stretching his mouth at all pained him to no end, but his tongue had shown him that no teeth were gone. Paul was in agony and was in no mood to talk. Thankfully, Ed was the perfect person to be beside him. Paul was still curled up, hugging his stomach tightly and being very careful not to touch his aching ribs. His body was forcing coughs on him, with each cough sending spikes of pain through his body, but they wouldn't stop.

He opened his eyes at the feel of hands on his back. They took a moment to focus, but he soon saw Ed's face smiling down on him. Ally was there as well, looking very depressed. She could have been there for quite a while, Paul would not have noticed. He struggled to gather enough energy to speak:

"You owe me blowjobs," he said slowly. It took all of his energy, but it was worth it. She smiled. Paul would die to see such a thing.

"Not right now dear," she replied, "but stay lucky and maybe. I could do with the practice."

The singer opened his mouth to register his disbelief, but no sound came out. She was looking up at the fight now. Her features were resolving into a look of complete and overwhelming fury. Ally glanced down at Paul one more time, then rose and left him.

Her anger was such that she didn't even consider what consequences there might be to her next actions. Instead, she simply marched up to Sean and, slipping past Adam, she punched her ex in the face.

It was not a hard punch at all - Ally did not spend a lot of time pursuing strength. However, the kick in the groin that followed took Sean down to his knees. To the cheers of Veronica, it was Adam who got the last punch in. Again, it was nothing special, but he felt better for having seen Sean sink to the ground.

If Jace had needed their help they would have supplied it, but he did not. Already severely weakened, Rooster was now nothing more than a bloody mess on the ground. Even now his other opponent, James, was going down. The drummer had numerous scratches and a cut lip, but otherwise no obvious damage had been done. When his last punch knocked James to the floor, Jace sneered at him - then turned his back and walked away. The attackers had trouble getting to their feet, but even more trouble limping away.

With the battle over, Ed looked down at Paul and gave him a bright and optimistic thumbs up. He recieved only a weak smile in response, but supposedly it was sufficient, as Ed seemed quite satisfied.

Paul soon had everybody knelt around him. Looking up, he could see Jace bleeding profusely from the lower lip. Adam and Veronica were knelt beside him. The guitarist was in a bad way. Sean's fists had left a trail of cuts and bruises across Adam's face and ripped his t-shirt. Veronica was making the usual fuss over him, much like an anxious mother. Ally was a little out of breath, but otherwise she simply looked exhilarated.

"Ally," Jace said, whilst his hands began to explore Paul's more obvious wounds, "I think you're going to have to call an ambulance."

The brunette asked no questions. She rose from her knees and began searching through her pockets looking for her mobile phone.

"Don't you think you've given enough orders tonight?" Veronica asked viciously of the bleeding drummer.

Jace's hands froze where they were but his eyes shifted upwards to glare angrily at Adam's other half. She met his cold glare, matched it and continued speaking:

"You drag my boyfriend out to join in a fight that you weren't even involved in," the stick-thin female all but spat at him. "You don't deserve friends like him."

Jace took his eyes away from her and began to laugh. With such an expression aimed at him Paul tried to contort the muscles of his face into an answering smile. Unfortunately, it failed.

"What are you laughing at?" Veronica demanded. Paul could see that Adam was silently shaking to himself.

"Your logic is flawed, girl," Jace finally answered. "If he had been too scared to come out here and help then he wouldn't deserve friends like us."

"What about Ed?" she nearly shouted. "He didn't come out here and punch somebody did he?"

There was a pause, during which Ed smiled happily at them all. Quickly Veronica realised the pointlessness of her argument:

"I've had enough of aggressive people like you," she announced finally. Obviously angry, she stood up and marched away, stamping her feet like a child. "Come on Adam!" she shouted back without turning. Adam looked at them all apologetically, before scuttling off to follow her.

When Ally rejoined them, there was a definite tension between them. She had waited a little, not wanting to get into the argument; Veronica was not a quiet person when it came to her beloved, nor was Adam a vocal person at all really. Ally took over Jace's exploration of Paul's wounds and kept her eyes down.

The ambulance did not take long. Only after they had all seen Paul safely into the back did they go their separate ways.

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    Can't say I'm too happy with this one but I sort of backed myself into a corner. It's not my typical writing style that's for sure. Working on the next one now, which is coming out much smoother if nothing else. I feel I've gotten a grasp on the characters again now, so I'll be getting back to the music in part five.
    Personally, I like the story. Especially because its got a more British perspective which is pretty cool. It's obvious that a lot of people are going to compare these to Noalan's stories, and you're not Nolan, which is a good thing, because you have your own technique for writing. The only thing I think you should do is maybe once you're done writing to story, give it a good day, go back and proof read it because there seems to be some grammatical mistakes. Otherwise, good story, I'll be on the lookout for the next one.
    I have a proof-reader go through it, then I revise the corrections before submitting. Some mistakes do get through but I'm getting better at spotting them. Hopefully some of the mistakes you're spotting are more because I'm English and hence write things a little differently. Thanks for all the support so far guys. Perhaps one day I'll submit an article and Nolan Whyte will not get mentioned in the comments.
    Great story This part didnt further the storyline as much as the others, but it was very entertaining Looking forward to the next part Keep up the good work bro
    Haha. It's solid. Enough said. There are no obvious grammatical errors to be seen, at least not with a single read through. Keep going. If nothing else, this bit was quite entertaining. I expected Ed to be some sort of jack-in-the-hole fighter though. Well done.
    you shouldn't have named Sean's henchmen. it would make the main characters more memorable. great story. love the argument about friendship and loyalty. it reminds me of my friends.
    i think ed and adam could use deeper backstory... well at least adam. ed is apparantly the mysterious one, so i guess adding to adams backstory and dialogue would put more emphasis on ed's being the mysterious music genius role. i actually read this first then read the first 3. what can i say, i didnt know it was a story. a good old fashioned brawl always seems to be a good opener for me i guess. haha story kinda hooks you in
    I like how ed doesnt get involved its not his fight go pacifism!!!
    Im like Ed when it come to talking and like Jace when its to fight...but im a guitarist and nice work btw..
    its still not Nolan's standard but maybe because its a british perspective and thats probably why i dont enjoy it as much..well keep em coming!
    I'm really enjoying this story. Don't be too hard on yourself about this chapter. I thought it was a good action sequence that helped us understand the characters better. You can learn more about someone by how they fight than in hours of conversation.
    ^ that should say " at least " not " unleast ". Damn not being able to edit comments
    Well the story didnt progress much, and Veronica seems to be a bitch. But i still liked it
    Just dropping a few hints concerning characters and writing myself out of the situation I've put myself in. Next one will be better. I promise.
    A mate of mine called spritz is Jace down to a tee. No mater how much that bloke gets hit he never goes down and he happens to be a brilliant drummer to boot.
    Well i like it. It seems more british then nolans last story, and reminds me of a musicians version of skins. On a side note: im not a violent person. But when Veronica lost her temper near the end, I would have snapped and told her to shut the **** up. Seriously....Wouldn't you?
    I liked it, but I have to go back everytime a new one comes out because there's so many names.
    This is good! My one tip would be to try to limit the number of characters involved at one time, unleast until their personalities have been established. It's rather hard to follow when there's lots of people doing lots of things! Good work though, keep it up!
    3 days grace14
    Veronica needs to {well this wont sound right} grow a pair and stop fussing ovewr adam and then adam needs to stop being whipped and stand up, shit!!! that being said good enough willl be waiting for 5!!!!
    i liked this one. it was pretty good. Jace reminds me of my friend who is also a drummer.
    pretty good. hopefully its a bit longer next time, only because i like to read these stories.
    I actually really liked it. The name's do get quite confusing though... I think there needs to be a little bit more time spent on who the characters are... Just a thought.
    lol Jace is so badass he kicked the shit out of those fags. cant say this is the best one but i still like the series and am looking forward to the next one