DOA. Part 10

DOA returns with Red Knife, and a little bit of a surprise.

Ultimate Guitar

Well, I definitely want Dan on guitar. Liam says.

I agree. Billy says, as the rest of them agree as well.

Roy turns to the two guitar players. He begins to speak. Well, Frederic, as good as you are at guitar, we've decided that you, Dan, fit our sound better. Honestly, if I wanted sweeps, I would have played them myself, but we decided that this would be a rock band, straight up, when we started it. So, basically, your style is just a little bit metal for our sound. Thanks for coming anyways.

Frederic leaves, as Dan gets his guitar back out to play. They play through their songs and continue to practice, as well as write new songs, until nearly eleven at night.

Billy, tired from playing for hours on end, crashes on the couch falling asleep almost instantly.

*** Billy! Rick shouts as he runs up the front steps of the school, trying to catch up with his younger brother. Hey Billy, you're coming to practice at Harry's tonight, right?

Yeah, sure, Rick. Right after school, right? Billy says as he heads to his homeroom class.

Yeah. Rick responds.


Billy climbs into the van. Hey Rick. My set is at Liam's, so I'm gonna have to get it from there, alright?

Rick agrees and gives Billy a ride. I have to get to Harry's now, though. He says as he pulls up to the house.

Alright Rick, I'll find my own ride there then.

Rick drives down the road as Billy heads in to pack up his drums.

Billy walks into the living room, where his drums are set up and starts packing them up. Rita descends the staircase, but Billy takes no notice of her, until she is standing right next to him.

Billy turns, nearly startled to see Rita. Hi Billy! Rita exclaims cheerfully. What are you doing there?

Hey Rita, Billy says, continuing with his drums, I've got practice with Rick and Red Knife today.

I missed you last night, Billy.

Oh, sorry, I fell asleep on the couch. I was really tired after practice last night.

Alright. Rita says, Need any help there?

No, I'm just about finished, but I do need a ride to Harry's.

Alright. Rita says, now helping Billy carry his set to her car. What about a ride back?

I don't know. I'll call you when I need a ride back. Billy says as he climbs in the passenger seat.


Rick pulls into the driveway of Harry's home. He grabs his amp and guitar out of the back of his van and carries them into the cellar where Harry and Sandra are already set up.

So what's going on with Billy? Harry asks, when he sees Rick walk in alone.

I dropped him off to get his drums and he can get his own ride here.

Oh, Harry says as he hears a car pull into the driveway, that's probably him now.

The three of them head out and help Billy with his drums. They bring them in and Billy sets them up as the rest of them start tuning.

They begin playing Twist The Knife' as well as a few of their older songs. After they run through a few songs, they take a break and starts to talk. So Billy, what's this about a show?

Well, Liam's got a show going on at his house Saturday and he wants it to be BIG. Frozen With Fear is planning something special for that night. Oh, and Nonetheless has thing about playing at shows without Red Knife.

So if we play and then there's Frozen With Fear and Nonetheless, that's only three bands. Sandra says, slightly confused.

There's four bands so far. Me and Liam and a few others are playing in an opening band.

Alright, well we should start practicing for that, then. Harry says.

The thundering bassline to an unfamiliar song begins and Billy starts to pick up a basic beat, gaining complexity slowly. Sandra starts playing after a few measures, playing a fast, hard, and heavy series of chords.

Rick comes in later just as Sandra and Harry abruptly stop. Rick plays a small lead-in and Harry and Sandra return, Billy continues to play, attempting to play a heavier beat.

Sandra starts singing, and Rick's soloing turns into a more melodic riff. They start to build up and Billy quickly catches on with a drum roll. They stop playing and the three of them shout some unclear gang vocals before playing again.

They continue through the song, Billy improvising the whole thing, and then dive, almost mechanically, into a cover. Billy can easily tell, as it is in an actual key, rather than random notes strung together.

This time, Harry steps up to the microphone, and starts growling. Whoa-oa-oa-ohh. My big tongue hangs down low to the ground, licking up the sweat coming off of her heels. Billy tries to keep up, keeping time more or less, rather than an actual drum beat. He throws in a couple of drum rolls in appropriate places, but clearly has never heard the song before. Harry continues with the growls. You crept up, like a disease... He then screams some unclear screams, and Sandra takes over.

And you were there, and I was every question that, never had an answer. She continues, but Billy tries to start playing a more complex drum beat, but he can tell that they have been practicing without him, and are planning on playing this song at the show.

Harry and Sandra both step up to their mics and start screaming out This feels like never-ending! multiple times.

The song comes to a close and Rick turns to Billy. So what do you think of our opening song then?

Billy's face turns to an awkward expression. I have no clue what song that is actually.

Oh, well here it is on this CD, track nine. Rick says as he picks up a disc. There's a stereo over there, take a few minutes to listen to it and get the beats down. I'll be in the kitchen cooking up pizza or something. Rick heads out of the cellar and Harry and Sandra follow him.

They head into the house and Harry heads off into his room, Sandra to the bathroom, and Rick goes into the kitchen.

Billy comes in to the unfamiliar house about twenty minutes later. He opens up a few doors as he walks down the hallway, trying to find the kitchen. He opens up the door to a bedroom. Billy nearly gasps at the sight of Harry and Sandra kissing.

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