DOA. Part 11

Red Knife's practice continues, and Billy heads out, only to find that he and Rita have the house to themselves.

Ultimate Guitar

Billy closes the door, unnoticed. He heads into the kitchen after wandering down the hall a bit farther. Rick is sitting at the counter on a stool, and a pizza is in the middle of the counter. The expression on Rick's face clearly tells Billy that there is not a single thought of Sandra betraying him.

Billy grabs a slice of pizza and starts to eat it. He quickly finishes the slice, and speaks out. Hey Rick, um... I don't think that I'm gonna play with you guys much longer... I'm just not really that into metal like you guys are.

Rick turns on his stool to face Billy. That's alright, I didn't expect you to like our music that much. We already got an offer from Robby, but since he doesn't know much of the material yet, we still need you for this show, if you're up for it.

Yeah, sure, I'll play this show with you guys, but then I'm out. Billy says, his mind on the image he had just seen a few minutes before. He can tell that Red Knife is about to split, for good, and there is no way that he wants to be caught in the middle of it.

Alright, Billy. Rick says and turns back to his pizza, quickly finishing he heads back to the cellar. Billy follows him, and Harry and Sandra come in a few minutes later.

Alright, what's the set list going to be for this show? Harry asks.

Rick quickly replies. We're opening with Milk Lizard, then playing two of the songs from Replacing History With Fiction, another cover, Era of Blood', another two songs from Twist The Knife, and then ending with Twist The Knife.

I think that works well, Sandra replies, But what about the other cover? What are we going to do for that?

How about we let Billy pick it out? Rick suggests, surprisingly.

That sounds like a good idea, Harry replies. So what will it be, Billy?

Huh. Billy responds, not having expected this. How about something out of your guys' comfort zone? He suggests.

What did you have in mind? Sandra asks, quite interested.

Well, Billy pauses to think. He starts blasting a drum beat after a few seconds. How about this? He says as he pounds on the drums. A rhythm of only kick drum and his lowest tom.

None of them have any clue what he is playing. From the puzzled looks on their faces, he decides to start singing. From the gutter, the diamond seemed far to bright to see, the gleaming eyes always tend to turn away, just turn away.

Harry recognizes it and quickly picks up the bassline and the screams, as Billy can't seem to do the screams well. Sandra and Rick try to figure it out, and Sandra catches on at the chorus, when Billy sings: Most days I'd sit and wish for, this to fall into the bay, it's great offense being thievery.

After they finish, Rick still looks somewhat puzzled. Harry takes a CD case off of the shelf and puts it into the stereo. He skips to the fourth track and Rick hears the same beat Billy was playing. Rick quickly picks up on the song by ear, and plays along with it.

After a few times of playing and getting all the kinks out they continue to practice their original songs. Around eight they decide to call it quits for the night, and Rick, Sandra, and Harry head into the house. Billy calls Rita, and packs up his set.

Rita arrives soon after and Billy climbs in the car. Hey Billy. How was it? Rita asks, just as cheerful as earlier.

I told Rick I was quitting Red Knife tonight. He states boldly.

Why? Won't that leave them without a drummer? Rita asks.

They've already got another drummer lined up, not that it seems to matter too much... Billy pauses for a minute, At least it won't matter after Rick finds out about Sandra and Harry.

Rita responds, still cheerful. Well, then that's their problem. She pauses for a second as she pulls into the garage. Don't let it ruin your night. She continues as she gets out of the car. I'll help you out with your drums.

They head inside and Billy heads into the kitchen to get a drink. He grabs a soda and turns around to find a note on the counter. Rita walks in and begins to read it over his shoulder.

At practice with Frozen With Fear. Late night practice. Gonna crash at Robby's. -Liam.

Well, you know what this means, Billy? We have the whole house to ourselves. Rita says as she unbuttons her shirt, and begins to kiss Billy. He quickly sets the can down, and gets pulled upstairs by Rita.

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