DOA. Part 13

DOA continues and the show begins!

Ultimate Guitar

Waking up drowsily, Billy quickly glances at the alarm clock on the bedside table. 11:37, f--k! He thinks to himself, Shit! I'm late for school!

Suddenly awake, he grabs some clothes and steps into the shower. Upon stepping out, fully dressed, he encounters Rita.

You planning on going to school today? She asks in a somewhat sarcastic tone of voice. Liam says that you probably shouldn't go to school today, what with the whole scene last night. What was that about anyways?

He explains his nightmare to her quickly, and then quickly changes the subject, hoping to avoid questions from her. What am I supposed to do today if I don't go to school?

Well, I have an idea. She says playfully. She decides to give Billy a break, knowing better than to ask questions about a touchy subject.

Before either of them have a chance to say anything more, Liam bursts into the room. We need a name. He states powerfully, and then continues, to further explain himself. I'm making flyers and advertising for the show this Saturday, and we don't have a name for our band. I can't get in contact with anyone else, so this decision is ours, for now at least. It will probably have to be subject to change. Any ideas?

Uh, Liam, isn't it a bit late to be advertising? I mean, the show is in two days, not a whole lot of time for the advertising to have an effect. Billy says, and Rita heads downstairs unnoticed.

Well if we want people to show up this late in the game, it's gonna take a lot of advertising, more than just word of mouth.

Well Liam, I'm fresh out of ideas. I'm the drummer anyways, I don't have that much say in this, do I?

You're also singing backup. So yeah, it's your decision as well.

Well, I don't have a clue. He pauses to think. How about we don't put ourselves on the flyer, and come up with a name at practice? Maybe someone else will have a good idea.

That's gonna have to work then. Because I can't think of anything good. Liam says as he turns on his heels and heads out the door.

Billy follows him down the stairs, and then heads to his drum set. He slams on the snare and a crash cymbal, plays a few beats on various toms, and eventually gives up, and heads towards the computer that Liam is on.

I just finished printing some flyers off. I'm gonna need some help putting them up around town. Liam says as he grabs the papers from the printer, handing half of them to Billy. Put them up everywhere! He says, heading out to the garage and leaving in his car.

Billy heads outside, and decides on walking around town to put them up.


Practice. Alright, we need a name, any ideas? Liam asks, in his frontman way. Alan, Roy, and Dan struggle to come up with names, but after a few minutes, they throw out a few names. None of them stick.

After nearly half an hour of random names, they decide to practice their songs. As the end of the night approaches, they now have five songs. Fly Away, Steal The Show, Death of a Hero, Innocence, and Dead On Arrival. They agree on a practice tomorrow, as well as one before the show on Saturday.


It's Saturday, and Billy is sitting behind his drums, pounding out their cover of Saints of Los Angeles, the only cover in their shortened 20 minute set list. They take a quick run through their songs for the show, still nameless.

We still don't have a name. Liam states before they head off for a dinner break before they go on at seven.

Oh well, we're the openers anyways. People are still going to be getting here at eight, long after we get off the stage. Like anyone will remember our name. Besides, the few people that will be here when we start will already no we have no name. Roy replies, slightly annoyed with this continual question.

Roy's right. No one will honestly remember our name, we're just the openers. Billy says. I remember my brother's first show. They didn't have a name, and there was only a dozen people in the room, like any of them would have cared. They were all there to see whatever band was headlining.

If it comes to it, we can always make up something for a name while we're on the stage. Alan says, the only person who isn't beginning to get annoyed with the topic. Anyways, we should all grab something to eat, and discuss our set list.

The rest of them agree, and head into the kitchen where they have pizzas set out for the guests. They grab some slices anyways, and start writing out set lists.

I think we should open with Fly Away. Dan says with the enthusiasm, anxiousness, and nervousness that teens have before their first show. It might just be our strongest song. Or at least, it grabs the most attention.

Alright. Well, I'm thinking Fly Away, then Innocence, Death of A Hero, our Saints of Los Angeles cover, then Steal the Show, and end with Dead On Arrival, as that is our heaviest, most complex song. Liam states with his leadership.

The rest of them agree, except for Billy. I think we should play Saints of Los Angeles second to last. The rest of the band look at him for an explanation. Well, it makes sense, we're the openers, so no one will know our music, and a cover is going to get them to pay attention. To have our finale' have the most effect it can, we play Saints of Los Angeles second to last, it grabs their attention, and we dive right into Dead On Arrival right after.

They agree, with Roy being the only one with any genuine experience with set lists, it makes sense to the rest of them.

They finish eating and head to the stage, which is set up in the living room. People start to arrive, and pay their money at the door, where a few of the people from Frozen With Fear are.

The lights go down, and they start in. Strong and heavy. With Roy, Dan, Alan, and Billy playing the intro to Fly Away, making it sound as loud and hard as they can, and their sudden stop, which leads to Liam singing the lyrics, with Billy singing backup. They start back in, and play the song through, Roy plays the solo perfectly, and continues it into the final chorus, improvising it.

They all look to the audience as the applause, nearly deafening, starts. The house is nearly full.

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    I like this addition, this story is slowly becoming my fav of all the columns. Keep up the good work dude.
    I dunno i feel this guy billy gets laid way to often and way too easy to be real. I mean look at me i have to put in some genuine effort. Well i guess i suck.:-(
    GSD N3
    CbsGuitarist wrote: I dunno i feel this guy billy gets laid way to often and way too easy to be real. I mean look at me i have to put in some genuine effort. Well i guess i suck.:-(
    One time is way too often? If you read the other ones, you would realize that he has only gotten laid one time..