DOA. Part 14

Billy, Liam, and the rest of them play through their set as a band and come closer to deciding on a name.

Ultimate Guitar

The heat from the crowd swells in and they begin to sweat as they start their next song. The song comes in fast with Liam shouting, You've lost your innocence... into the microphone as loud as he can. There's a small solo before the chorus, leading into it, and Roy furiously nails it, playing harder than he ever has.

With next to nothing for advertising, Billy can guess that there's a few hundred people in the crowd. He starts to sing when they hit the chorus of Innocence. There's another verse and a chorus afterwards, and then it rips into a solo out of nowhere. Roy plays, his fingers flying on the fret board. The solo starts to slow down in the last few measures, when Dan starts playing a harmony to the ending riff.

They start the next song, Death of a Hero, as quick as they can, with all five members of the band trying to avoid an introduction.

It starts with a clean rock riff, which is played by Dan, minimal drums and bass, and no vocals. After the first 8 measures, Roy cuts in playing the same riff with distortion. Dan quickly steps on his pedal, and the drums and bass kick in.

Liam and Billy start singing over the riff, Tonight will be your last night... is all they get out before they dive into a verse. He continues to sing, with Billy singing backup lines throughout the song.

They play Steal The Show right after they finish, not taking any more of a break then a few breaths. All applause continually merges into the next song. They finish Steal The Show, and take enough of a break for Liam to say, Here's another song, we're sure most of you will know it. and Alan starts in with the bassline for a single measure before Roy and Dan, reading each other's cues, rip into the main riff of Saints of Los Angeles. Billy allows them a measure before slamming on the drums. They come to verse, and the crowd starts screaming as Liam sings.

Tonight, there's gonna be a fight. So if you need a place to go... He continues, nailing the notes, sounding nearly like Vince Neil. The crowd continues to cheer.

Billy does all of the backup vocals, with Alan and Dan helping out on the gang vocals during parts of the chorus. They come to the solo and Roy looks at Dan, who quickly catches on, and they start playing the solo together, which gets the crowd in an uproar. More people have arrived since they started their set. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that more people will show up as the night goes on.

Roy continues to solo through the last chorus, and Dan returns to the chorus part, as well as singing more. The song comes to a close, and the band immediately starts playing their last song, Dead On Arrival.

Dan and Roy lead the song on a dual intro solo, and the rest of the band quickly comes in after.

Liam starts singing his lyrics, I called 911 to bring the ambulance, but I knew that you were already dead. He soon breaks into the chorus, which consists of one line.

Dead On Arrival. Liam sings, with Billy and Alan contributing to it as well. Dan and Roy launching into a pre-verse solo.

It continues like this for a few more verses, until Dan and Roy launch into the dueling guitars solo that they wrote for the song. Liam, Billy, and Alan continue to play, occasionally shouting Dead On Arrival.

The solo comes to an end, and they play the short chorus a few times, ending it with the entire band stopping, and shouting the lyrics. Liam quickly speaks into the microphone.

Thank you all for coming! Enjoy the show! He nearly barks into the microphone. Before anyone can say anything, the band runs off the homemade stage.

They quickly move their gear off of the stage, and Nonetheless starts bringing theirs on, wasting no time. They start playing immediately.

Billy sits down to watch the half hour set of Nonetheless, waiting for Red Knife's set. His drums are already on stage, as he has the best set, and they were already there. They play through a song, but Billy isn't really paying attention to the music, just keeping an eye on his set. They play through another song before Liam comes over. He sits down near Billy.

How's it going Billy? You keeping an eye on your set? Well, it's gonna have to wait, there's a guy out back that wants to talk to our band. I think he's an agent or with a record company or something.

Billy follows Liam through the kitchen and out the back door. Roy, Alan, and Dan are already sitting on the wooden benches. There's an unfamiliar man standing across from them. Billy sits down on a bench with the others. The man begins to speak.

Hey guys, I'm Mr. Anderson, you can call me John. I'm a talent scout for a local record company, perhaps you've heard of us, Sleeping Lime Records. Oh, I didn't quite catch your names.

Liam is the first to speak. I'm Liam, that's Billy over there, our drummer. Alan, he plays bass. Roy and Dan are on guitar.

And your band name?

We don't have one. Liam replies.

Well you might want to come up with one, because we want you guys on our label.

But we're just the opening act. Why not any of the other bands here? Liam asks.

I've heard Red Knife and Nonetheless, and neither of them fit the sound we're looking for. Neither does Frozen With Fear, and besides, this is their last show anyways. So, are you interested? Think about it and get back to me. John says as he hands them his business card and heads back through the kitchen.

Wait, what just happened? Roy asks. Does he seriously want to sign us? Maybe we should actually discuss this more with him.

Yeah, anyone else here ever hear of this Sleeping Lime Records? Dan asks.

Alan is the first to reply. Yeah, they've actually got a few good names on their roster. From what I hear they're trying to organize a tour in support of one of their bands new full length albums. I think that they're looking for an opening act.

Liam replies, Well, then let's give him a call tomorrow, figure out just what this deal would include. I'd rather not go into this blind. Signing just to get signed seems to be a bad idea.

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    So, with, as you put it, next to nothing on advertising, a record company executive just happened to be wandering by and these guys are so good that they deserve the spot? This band has no name and no following, nobody would sign them regardless of talent. Patience man, you're rushing it.
    Colohue m : So, with, as you put it, next to nothing on advertising, a record company executive just happened to be wandering by and these guys are so good that they deserve the spot? This band has no name and no following, nobody would sign them regardless of talent. Patience man, you're rushing it.
    I really feel u r rushing it too.
    Well yeah, but this doesn't have to be exactly like it would be in real life. It adds excitement to the story. Can't wait for the next part!
    I also feel it's rushed, but if this is the desired setting for you than you should stay in it because what you want will turn out better than a stall for time.
    GSD N3
    Have a little patience, as they haven't actually gotten signed yet. and I'm trying to have things actually happen, rather than stretching out one event into 3 or 4 parts. So sorry if it seems rushed.
    I hate to conform, but the story does seem a tad rushed. I don't have anything wrong with it, as it keeps my attention fairly well. But the lack of descriptive parts makes it seem kind of bland. You have definitely gotten better with it since the beginning. I'm excited to see the story, as well as your writing, progress.