DOA. Part 15

Red Knife goes on stage, and strange things happen.

Ultimate Guitar

We are Nonetheless, thank you and have a good night. Stay tuned for RED KNIFE! The members of Red Knife could hear the singer of Nonetheless, Jake, as they had found out before the show, introduce them. The rest of Nonetheless had already moved all of their gear off, and the members of Red Knife quickly ran onto the stage.

Rick, Sandra, and Harry quickly plugged in their guitars and got set up, while Billy started pounding the intro to The Dillinger Escape Plan's Milk Lizard'. To add their own style to it, they had lengthened the intro. Harry suddenly starts playing the bassline, and without any warning, Sandra and Rick slide in to the main riff, and Harry starts screaming out the words, as they call for a more masculine voice.

My big tongue hangs down low to the ground, licking up the sweat coming off of her heels. Harry continues to scream, but is quickly drowned out by the audience.

There are nearly twice as many people in the audience now. Red Knife, in it's short lifetime, had acquired a somewhat large following in the area.

They come to the close of Milk Lizard, and Sandra quickly introduces themselves to the crowd, before starting the next song.

Billy starts spinning one of his sticks in his hand, while he slams the kick drum occasionally, and hits a crash cymbal once in a while. Rick starts playing a thrash intro, while Harry plays a small, but grooving bassline. Sandra starts to play the same part as Rick, and Rick quickly dives into the opening solo of Replacing History With Fiction.

The audience starts to cheer as Rick comes to the end of the solo, ending with a sustained note, and inflicting a wide tremolo upon it. Billy crashes two cymbals as Sandra continues to play the main riff, now singing. Billy has heard the words before, but has even less reason to listen. His eyes have wandered through the crowd, and are resting upon a middle-age woman. He drops his sticks, and looks over to Rick, who has also seen the woman.

Rick misses his cue into the chorus, and Billy manages to pick up the slack quickly, with a small drum intro to the chorus, and crashes two cymbals, which take Rick out of his daze, and then they both continue to play the song. Throughout the song, however, they are both mainly looking towards the door where they had seen her.

They end the song, and Rick is quick to set his guitar on the stand, while Billy sets his sticks on his seat. They quickly head out through the back, thoughts focused on finding the woman who looks like their mother.

Harry and Sandra are still on the stage, attempting to make sense of the event. Harry quickly shouts into his microphone. Robby, get up here!

Sandra walks over to him, You really think that we can go through our set without Rick? Cause I don't think he'll be back for it.

No, but we have to try. Let's hope Robby knows some songs that we can play. Harry says under his breath, as Robby climbs onto the stage. Hey Robby, do you know Sacre Coeur, by It Dies Today? That was supposed to be in our setlist.

Yeah, actually, I do. What's with Rick and his brother ditching?

We have no clue, Sandra says as she shouts into the microphone. We weren't planning on announcing this until the end, but Billy has decided to leave the band, and Robby will playing with us from now on. She looks to the two, Robby now positioned behind Billy's drums, Harry standing at his microphone, ready to play. One! Two! One, Two, Three, Four! She shouts as Robby smacks the sticks together.

They quickly dive into the song, and soon Harry starts screaming, From the gutter... The diamond seemed far too bright... The gleaming eyes always tend to turn away, just turn away. And every innocent wish, has granted tragedy, and our hands have since been soiled in the blackest of coal.


Rick and Billy make their way through the crowd, searching for the woman. They get to the door, and see her leaving. Follow her, Billy. I'm gonna go grab my van from around back.

Billy runs out the door, to see her getting into the car that he distinctly remembers as his mother's car. She quickly drives off, and Rick comes around the block with his van. Billy quickly climbs in. Did you see where she went?

Yeah, Billy says as he points, In the same car that she had before, same license plates even.

Rick quickly slams on the gas pedal, and starts following her, he quickly catches up with her, and swears under his breath as he sees the car. She starts to drive faster and more erratically, crossing into the other lane of traffic. She's seen them following her. She turns a sharp corner, and Rick follows. He sees her turn another corner, but by the time he turns it, she's long out of sight.

Rick drives back to the show, where he can hear Sandra introducing Twist The Knife. Rick quickly runs in, making his way to the crowd, and Billy follows. The two brothers climb up onto the stage, Rick picks up his guitar, and turning his amp on, he does a quick slide into the intro, only having missed a few measures of the song, all of them being the drum intro.

Robby continues to play until the first break, where he slams on a few cymbals, and Billy quickly takes over, as Robby doesn't know the rest of the song very well, anyways. Billy slams on some of the drums and does a drum roll on the snare, reintroducing the drums to the song.

Billy plays through the rest of the song flawlessly, as well as Rick, and they close out the set quickly after.

Without anything to concentrate on, Billy's mind wanders. He begins to ask himself more and more questions, and can't think of a single answer to any of his questions. The hardest being, What the f--k was she doing here?

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