DOA. Part 16

The show ends, but not the way they were hoping.

Ultimate Guitar

Billy wanders up to the room that, in a sense, is his own. He falls down flat on the bed, the heavy pounding music of Frozen With Fear seeps up from the living room. He can hear Liam's voice somewhat as he sings whatever song he happens to be singing. He can hear the crunchy guitars of Roy and whoever the other guitarist (Billy had never caught his name, despite a few conversations with him.) He can hear the drums beating as Robby pounds out whatever drums happen to go with the song. But most of all, he can feel the bass.

He sits up on the bed, wishing he could sleep. Tired from lack of sleep other nights, as well as many practices and a half hour or so of playing. Frozen With Fear happen to be about five minutes into their hour long set. As their last show, they figured they would play all of their songs, which would last approximately an hour.

Billy gets up, and wanders down to the kitchen. Like any other show in a house, the kitchen is filled with cigarette smoke, overflowing ashtrays, brownies', and mostly, beer. Billy looks around, all the counters except for one, which is occupied by a couple making out, are littered with empty beer bottles and cans, and the fridge is packed with the filled counterparts.

Billy opens it and reaches past all the alcohol, grabbing a soda. Slamming the door shut with his foot, he heads towards the door.

No one is manning the door, as anyone showing up this late already missed the majority of the music, or they could hear it from outside. Billy heads out the door to take a walk, in an effort to clear his head.

Thirty minutes later, he returns, in no better condition than before. The show is nearly over, and the house is starting to empty itself. Unfortunately, some of the people didn't make it past the front lawn.

Billy looks around, people are passed out all over the lawn, as well as it being littered with all sorts of trash. He pays no attention to the people, and heads back inside, which is no better than the outside.

He sees a couple heading up the stairs, and takes no notice of them, until the girl shouts at him. Billy!

He soon realizes that it's Rita, and he can only assume that the man, which after a quick observation happens to be pushing her up the stairs, is her ex-boyfriend.

Without thinking, he runs up the stairs. The man turns around just in time for Billy to land a punch in his gut. Billy quickly sizes up the person he has just attacked.

Despite him being above Billy on the stairs, chances are, stands a foot taller than him. He easily outweighs Billy by about sixty pounds.

Billy lands another punch with his left fist to his gut again, and his right fist soon makes contact with his jaw. Before the man has a chance to retaliate, stunned by the sight of a small high school boy attacking him, Billy hits his head into the wall near them, cracking the drywall. He quickly reverses his motion, and without a split-second of hesitation, sends the guy through the railing, breaking it off. He lands, unconscious, on the floor, on top of the railing.

Are you alright, Rita? He quickly asks.

In tears she responds, I think so. He had a gun in the pocket of his jacket. I was afraid he was going to shoot you.

The crowd, which had been previously watching Frozen With Fear, is now standing around him, some looking at the person on the ground, some staring at him and Rita. Rick is among them, furiously dialing the police.

Liam has made his way through the crowd, and no one has noticed the lack of music. He notices the shape inside his coat pocket, and looks at Rita, who confirms his suspicions with a simple nod.

He shouts at the crowd for everyone to sit the f--k down. He then heads outside, where the police are already coming up the street. He knows that the police are going to want to talk to people who are there, just because they were.

The policemen get out of the car, and he heads over to one of them. The guy had a gun. He still has it in his pocket, but he's on the ground, unconscious and bleeding fairly badly.

They make their way inside, and soon after is brought out on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. By the time everyone can leave, it's already 2:30 a.m.

So much for getting to sleep early, Billy says, nearly exhausted. He heads up to the room, hand in hand with Rita, and falls asleep shortly after his head hits the pillow.

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    haha, of course it was short. But it did have much more detail which made it seem about the length of the other. I was a little confused with the part where Billy beat the s**t out of what's-his-f**k. But then it was only because it happened so fast.
    GSD N3
    Wow! I thought I was gonna have to explain how Billy would be able to beat him up, but maybe it wasn't that unrealistic. anyways, agility, stamina, and the element of surprise. but yeah. new one will be up every tuesday from now on. gonna attempt to stick to my deadline from now on. and yes, there is a designated day, you think you would realize that mine come out on the same day as yours, Colohue. sorry for the random rant, but I felt it needed to be said. So it needs to be longer? I'll try but I'm try to avoid the idiotic "tl;dr"