DOA. Part 19

Monday morning. Billy wakes up at seven, and steps in the shower before heading out to school.

Ultimate Guitar

Monday morning.

Billy wakes up at seven, and steps in the shower before heading out to school. Rita is still asleep so he decides not to wake her to get a ride.

The school is within walking the distance, but not real close. It gives Billy some time to think as he heads there.

He quickly gets to school, and walks in as the bell rings. Rick is at his locker.

Mom's at our house. He states simply.

What?!? Why?!? What the f--k?!? Billy shouts, nearly at the top of his lungs.

His comment is easily overheard by the other students, but he quickly moves away from the area. In a more calm voice, he asks again. What's mom doing here?

I don't know. I punched out her window, and clocked her in the face. He says as he holds up his hand, which is bandaged tightly. He continues, They're also in the principal's office right now, talking to the principal about you. I think they're trying to do something about your living situation.

f--k that. I'm not going to stay at the house with her there. But congratulations on punching her. Stupid bitch deserved it.

I don't know. Unless you ditch school, I'm pretty sure they can legally drag you out of here if they want to. They, unfortunately, are your parents. I'm already eighteen, so there's nothing they can do about me. And yeah, she did deserve it.

Well I'm not going to stand around waiting for them to drag me out of here. f--k that. I'm getting out of here now. Billy says as he walks out the front door.

Rick follows him out. You do realize that they'll catch you for truancy easily if you're on foot, right? Come on, I'll give you a ride.

Billy accepts, and climbs into the car. Without anything better to talk about, Billy asks Rick about Red Knife. So Rick, how's it going with Red Knife?

It's alright, we could use a permanent bassist, and we need a vocalist, but we're writing some new songs, and rewriting some of our other songs, like Era Of Blood.

What about Harry, I thought he was playing bass, and Sandra, I thought she was on vocals?

Those assholes? Red Knife was my band, and if John was here, he'd agree with me too. I've got Robby on drums, and Ben is playing rhythm guitar. Ben was the rhythm guitarist in Frozen With Fear. He replaced Ken after a few shows. Keith is filling in on bass. He's from Nonetheless.

So, you finally ditched Harry and Sandra.

What's that supposed to mean?

I found out about them awhile ago, but I had no clue how to tell you.

Oh. Well it doesn't matter now. But once we get a singer, we're gonna start recording another album. What about you Billy? How's... whatever your band is called, going?

We named ourselves DOA. We're doing fine though, we're thinking of recording and doing a tour this summer.

That sounds cool. Well here we are. Rick says as he pulls into the driveway of Liam's house.

Billy gets out, and walks in the front door and sits down behind his drum set immediately. He starts playing, and about an hour later, Liam comes over.

Hey Billy, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at school?

Yeah, but my mom's back in town, and my parents were at school trying to get me to come back to their house. Like I want to live with that bitch.

Oh, alright. Well, we're having practice tonight. I'm thinking we could try to get Nonetheless or Red Knife to do a summer tour with us. But we need to record still, so I set us up with a local guy, who will help us record.

Alright. Billy says, and he goes back to his drumming. Liam leaves.


So we're all down for recording this weekend? The plan is to stay in the studio until we get our songs recorded perfectly. Liam says, leading the band.

The rest of them agree.

They had spent most of band practice making phone calls to Ryan, the person who agreed to record them, as well as Jake from Nonetheless.

In two weeks, they would hopefully be on the road with Nonetheless. Performing on a Tour of Vengeance, sabotaging The Rabies with every chance they had. Jake had agreed to set it all up, Nonetheless had been very keen on a tour when Liam suggested it to them.

To Billy, however, this was a tour of freedom.

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