DOA. Part 2

The second part of DOA.

Ultimate Guitar

Rick was eighteen, a senior in high school, and he knew that he wasn't going anywhere after he graduated. Rick had slugged his way through all four years of high school, and been threatened with expulsion three different times. Most people were amazed that he was actually going to graduate. Rick wasn't dumb or anything, he simply lacked the motivation for almost anything but playing guitar.

As he sat on his bed, waiting for the other two members of his band arrive, Rick actually took a while to think of what he would do after he graduated. His dad was going to make him pay rent to stay at his small bedroom in the basement if he wasn't going to school or working a full-time job. His mom had ran out on them four years ago for a rich bastard who lived in L.A.

Rick picked himself up off of his bed, and went outside after hearing the familiar sounds of Harry's 76 Chevrolet parking in his driveway. The glimmer off of it showed that it was a perfect spring day in May.

He called out to Harry, who had picked up Sandra on his way over. Hey guys, I was thinking we could head over to the pizza place on Lakeshore Drive. That alright with you?

Sure. Why not? Harry and Sandra answered back as Rick climbed into the backseat with Sandra.

Sandra was also a senior in high school. She was a stunning young woman, long tan legs, revealed only by the cutoff jeans she usually wore. Her tight white tank top was covered slightly by an open sweatshirt. Rick buckled up and put his arm around her, and she responded by resting her head on his shoulder. Sandra and Rick had been dating steadily since she joined the band. She played rhythm guitar and was usually in front of the microphone screaming her lungs out.

Getting cozy in the backseat of my car, lovebirds? Harry called back laughing.

Oh, shut it, Harry. Sandra responded.

Harry was a junior in high school. He had somewhat long blond hair that hung down in front of his eyes, and wore tight jeans. He played bass in Red Knife, and, not to mention, he was straight edge. He always watched as the rest of them sat in the bar drinking. They all had fake ID's and all looked somewhat older than they were. He would occasionally suggest that they get drinks, but he would never drink.

Harry pulled into the parking lot of Pizza Pub, and they all climbed out of the car. They walked in and sat down at the booth in the far corner. Rick sat down and Sandra slid in and Rick put his arm around her. Harry sat on the other side. The waitress came by, and Rick and Sandra ordered beers and showed the waitress their fake' ID's. Harry went with a can of Sprite. The waitress left and Rick got right down to business.

So what the f--k do we do now? Do we get a new drummer, or is this the end of Red Knife? Rick asked.

Well, who the f--k else are we gonna get for a drummer? Sandra asked.

The waitress came back with their drinks and they continued to talk as she left.

What about Robby from Frozen With Fear? They seem to be on the verge of breaking up anyways. Harry suggested as the waitress came back to take their orders.

They ordered and then Sandra started to talk. Well, hasn't this happened with them before though? This isn't the first show that Will has walked out on the rest of them. Remember the show we played with them in March? People started to leave while the first band was on stage, mostly around the time that they were playing Three Chords and the Truth'. Frozen With Fear was the third out of four bands to play, and by the time they got on stage, only a couple dozen people were there. Sure, they came back to watch us, but no one had really been watching them.

No one can come back from the dead. Rick stated powerfully as Harry and Sandra looked at him, expecting him to explain.

After I dropped you guys and everyone else off last night, I was going by some restaurant, and I saw his van plowed through the wall. I rolled down my window to ask what happened, but I didn't need to. The three letters I heard one of the EMT's say explained it all. DOA. I knew that he was pretty blitzed when he left, so I expected to hear something about him ending up in a ditch, passed out. I wasn't expecting to see his dead body carried out, almost without respect.

Harry and Sandra just listened with dropped jaws. They weren't able to believe what Rick was telling them. Sandra tried to get Rick to say he was joking, but she knew him well enough to know when he was dead serious.

They ate, paid, and headed out not saying a single word as they got in the car.

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    You're showing progress, which is promising. However, you need to get your length up to a decent standard. Take your time and ensure you get something for the reader to sink their teeth into before submitting.
    this is a great story, keep it up. i got a feeling there gonna make a new band called DOA but who knows
    Wow, that was a little on the short side. Pretty good, but kindda feel a bit cheated. But if it's shorter than hopefully that means it'll update often. Here's to wishful thinking XD
    Keep it up, mate, I'm enjoying it. Maybe a bit longer would be good, but I've enjoyed your progress since the first one. Keep writing!
    GSD N3
    gizmodious wrote: It was a good length if you ask me. The flow has improved too, good job!
    Nope. I'm pretty sure it was short. The next one might be a bit short too. But I'm making #5 a bit longer and twists might start happening there. I don't really know what I'm gonna write when I do.
    PAUL 40
    I'll Say it again. whoever didn't give it a ten out of ten sucks. COW SEX!