DOA. Part 20

Taking vengeance! Liam screams, ending the vocals for the recording.

Ultimate Guitar

Taking vengeance!!! Liam screams, ending the vocals for the recording. DOA had locked themselves in a studio with Ryan, in order to produce an EP, with six songs, and an acoustic version of Innocence.

They spent all of their free time in the studio writing their new song Taking Vengeance.

What are we going to call our EP? Billy asks as they finish recording the last track.

How about calling it Innocence? Alan suggests, as he pulls out a sheet of paper from his pocket. I was thinking that we could use this as the artwork for it. He says as he displays the drawing for everyone to see. It's a gruesome drawing, but as Ryan sees it, he gives his opinion.

Go with that. I don't think you'll be able to find any other artwork that's better than that if you tried. He says.

The rest of the band agrees on it, partially because of Ryan's professional opinion.

An hour later, he turns on speakers and plays the EP, fully mixed, for the band. They all like it, and after a few minor tweaks, they start to prepare it for printing.


Friday. School has officially been out for a week, and Billy decides to sleep in late. He wakes up around noon, awake just in time for one last practice before they leave for their tour, which is planned to last until early August.

Their practice lasts for an hour, and is basically just a quick run-through of their six songs, as well as a few covers that they have to fill out their set.

They run through their songs, until Jake, and the rest of Nonetheless arrive in the tour bus that they would be sharing for the next two months. Jake walks to the door, where he knocks, and is greeted by Alan.

Hey Jake, are we ready to head out, or what? He asks, excited.

Yeah, you guys just gotta pack up your stuff, and put it on the bus. We'll even help. He replies as the other members of Nonetheless step off of the bus to help.

Ten minutes later, and they have Billy's drums, three electric guitars, a bass, all of the amps, microphones, cables, and everything else they need, packed on to the bus.

Jake starts to talk. Alright, I'm Jake, I'll be driving most of the time, but anyone else that has their license and wants to drive can. I sing for Nonetheless, as you all know. Jake is an average height man in his late teens. Blonde hair, blue eyes, the perfect idea of an Aryan.

This is Keith, He says as he introduces a black-haired man, about the same age and height as himself. He steps forward, wearing a shirt reading Throwdown'. He smiles with a weird twist to it, and his eyes seem to have a don't f--k with me, I'm crazy type of attitude. He plays bass with us.

That's Ken, our rhythm guitarist. You already know him, Roy, since he played with you guys in Frozen With Fear in the beginning. Ken looks like an average guy in his late teens, just graduated last year, barely. He has his black hair dyed red in places, and spiked crazily. He however, stands at a towering 6'9".

Bishop over here, he shreds our leads. Jake says as he introduces a man in a black leather trench coat, with spiked bracelets and chains on his arms. He stands a few inches taller than Jake, but not by much. He simply eyes them all suspiciously, his long black hair hanging over his eyes as well as the rest of his face, what could be seen of his face is a very pale white.

...and this is Kate, our drummer. Jake says as a young, energetic girl skips forward. Golden blonde hair, and somewhat short. She looks like the youngest of them all, no more than 17, at most. She seems quite younger than the rest of them, or perhaps just more innocent.

Introductions now in place, the ten teenagers climb onto the bus with their backpacks, duffel bags, and guitar cases in hand, they pack them into the closet, or just shove them somewhere in the back. The two bands sit where they want, some in actual seats, some with acoustic guitars out already, as Jake begins to drive down the highway.

Our first show is down in Minneapolis, tomorrow night. DOA goes on at eight, and we go on at nine. It's an average bar, but if we do our advertising right, we should be able to outdo The Rabies. They're playing at a bar about five blocks away from our venue. Jake says from the driver's seat.

So what are we going to do when we get there? Billy asks, sitting in the passenger seat.

I don't know, but we should probably start off with something big, because they won't be expecting too much tonight. Liam says, sitting near the front.

I have an idea. Bishop states powerfully, his few words having a dramatic effect as always. They stole my guitar that Saturday night, and I intend to get it back.

So we're gonna steal their shit then? Liam asks.

As good a plan as any, after all, they can't play shows if they don't have any gear. Jake replies.

What if they catch us? Billy asks. After all, didn't Roy say that they once blew up their van? These guys could be pretty dangerous.

There's ten of us, and only four of them. We should be able to take them, even if we split up. Jake replies.

And we all know that you can kick serious ass, Billy. Liam says, jokingly.

Yeah. Billy says nervously. I'm gonna go to the back now, alright?

He gets up, and walks toward the back of the bus. It's filled with bags, and six beds. Billy sits down on one of the lower beds, his thoughts spinning around in his head. Roy and Dan are sitting back there on a couple of the beds, with acoustic guitars out.

A few minutes later, and Kate walks in. You're the drummer in DOA, right? She says as she sits down next to him, as Roy and Dan play an acoustic version of a song that Billy doesn't recognize. They start singing lightly, I've got lies to tell your children, when my smile pierces through your bones...

Yeah, Billy says, turning his attention back to Kate, but I'm honestly just glad to be getting away from my home.

I heard you lived at Liam's though... She says, phrasing it nearly like a question.

Well yeah, because I don't want to stay at my house. That's what I'm glad to be getting away from. Billy replies, wondering what she's doing hanging out with a bunch of guys who don't seem to have anything in common with each other.

Roy and Dan continue to play and sing, not at all phased by their conversation, creating a soundtrack to their discussion. She's in the shower, and her skin glistens...

Yeah, I know where you're coming from. My dad is pretty horrible. That's why I stay at my mom's most of the time. She says, relating to him, as she moves closer.

Yeah. My mom just showed up a few weeks ago, after being gone for four years or so. It really pissed me off. My brother actually punched her in the face. Billy says laughing, as he stealthily makes some more space between them

Holy f--k. I wish I could punch my dad in the face and get away with it. She says, f--k' ringing off of her lips nearly unexpectedly.

They continue talking, slowly finding things they have in common, bonding. Dan and Roy continue to play and sing. I can make you laugh so f--king hard it hurts you, inside, almost.

An hour later, Dan and Roy have stopped playing, and left the back. They're halfway there. Jake turns a sharp corner, pulling into a gas station. Billy and Kate fall over on the bed together, and in the heat of the moment, they lock lips. Billy pushes her off rather quickly, and sits up. His mind is racing, but really, only one thing goes through Billy's mind.


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    the fact that a band full of teenagers has a full sized tour bus for their first tour seems to evade all logic but that aside i can see this turning into quite a saga nice
    GSD N3
    spitonastranger wrote: the fact that a band full of teenagers has a full sized tour bus for their first tour seems to evade all logic but that aside i can see this turning into quite a saga nice
    It's not Nonetheless' first tour though. DOA is just the opening act, really.
    Very nice, this one. You've got the male-female interaction in this that I can't seem to add to my own. Bravo.
    GSD N3
    310320 wrote: Very nice, this one. You've got the male-female interaction in this that I can't seem to add to my own. Bravo.
    Meh. It's not that hard for me, I huess I just know more about these things. but are there NO Dance Gavin Dance fans that read this? seriously? Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most... anyone? It saddens me that absolutely no one got that reference.