DOA. Part 21

This never happened. Billy says as he leaves the bus.

Ultimate Guitar

This never happened. Billy says as he leaves the bus.

He heads in to the gas station, passing Jake along the way, who is filling up the gas tank. Upon entering the gas station, he realizes that he is broke. With empty pockets, he leaves the gas station, and goes to sit in the passenger seat.

Not even two hours away, and there's already some tension and awkwardness. Cue two long months on the road.

He sits in the seat, his head resting on his hand, as he stares out the window at the scenery nearby.

A small rundown town, with grungy buildings, and cracked roads and sidewalks. Weathered and rusted signs that direct traffic. Cars tainted with rust, parked in yards. Just another average, rundown town on the highway.

Jake climbs back in the driver's seat, and waits as the rest of the people get back on. Jake pulls out of the gas station, and continues down the highway.


Two hours later, and they arrive in Minneapolis, with an entire day's worth of time to kill.

Sitting in the hotel lobby, Jake starts to talk. Alright, for the rest of today, you guys can do whatever you want, just be back here, ready for sabotage, by tomorrow morning. He says as he heads off, out of the hotel.

They all start to head out. Bishop stops Billy before he heads out. You come with me. I'm not waiting until tomorrow to get my guitar back.

What do you need me for? Billy asks, somewhat confused.

Because, I need a lookout, and some back up if I get into trouble. He says, and then with a sly smile, barely visible behind his hair, he continues. Plus, it only takes one phone call, and you could be single.

Alright. Billy replies dismally. Bishop leads him out of the hotel, and starts to walk to the hotel where The Rabies are staying.

They walk along the cracked sidewalks, with grass and weeds growing out through the cracks, down six or seven blocks.

They approach the brick building, with it's rustic yet appealing charm, from behind it, cutting through the yard of the house behind it. They step onto the pavement as quietly as they can, and make their way to the trailer with THE RABIES' spray painted on it huge stencil letters.

They approach the door on the trailer, which is locked, as they expected. Bishop takes a pair of bolt cutters out from underneath his coat, obviously he had been planning this for a while now. He quickly cuts the lock off of the door, and opens it. His eyes quickly search the inside of it.

They finally rest on three guitar cases. He grabs one, which is obviously his. Grab the other two. He tells Billy.

Billy reaches in and grabs the other two cases, as Bishop sets his down and heads over to the van.

He opens the gas tank, and takes off the cover of it. Reaching into his coat, he takes out a bottle of lighter fluid and starts to leave a trail of oil leading away from the gas tank.

He runs out, and takes out a second bottle, which he then throws all over the van.

He lights a match and drops in the ground at the end of the line, which immediately catches flame. Picking up his guitar, he starts to walk back the same way he came.

That was easier than I expected. He says as they approach the hotel, where he puts the guitars in the bus. Come on, I'll buy you a beer. He says as he starts off towards a convenience store.

I don't drink. Billy responds, although Bishop is quick to reply.



After nearly gagging on the first beer, and drinking a second one with ease, Billy cracks open a third can. He and Bishop are sitting on the bus, at the table with a twenty four pack. Bishop has already drank six or seven, and seems completely unaffected.

Jake walks onto the bus. What the hell are you doing Bishop? He nearly screams.

Drinking beer. He replies, his answer simple as always.

Why is Billy? He shouts. You do realize that he's a MINOR?!?

Dude, Jake, It's no big deal. Billy says, slurring his words ever so slightly. This is my last beer, anyways. He says as he gets up and heads out of the bus.

Jake closes the door behind him, and is yelling at Bishop. How could you do something so irresponsible?!? What were you thinking?

Billy walks away, heading up to his hotel room, as it's getting late, or at least it seems so to him. He throws the empty can in a trash barrel, and heads towards the elevator.

He gets in the elevator, and just as the doors are about to close, he presses the button, holding them open for Kate, who quickly runs in.

Hey Billy. How's it going? She says, out of breath.

I'm alright, He says, slurring his words more, but Kate doesn't seem to notice. What's the rush?

Well, I wanted to talk to you about earlier. She says with a touch of innocence. I'm sorry, I didn't mean for anything to happen. I knew you were dating Liam's cousin, but... but, I don't know. I'm sorry.

It's alright. Billy replies, the alcohol starting to affect him, To be honest, I think I kissed you back. But that's all it was. Just a kiss. He says, seeing her eyes gazing at him with some sort of affection, or perhaps lust.

Either way, they stumble out into the hall a minute or so later, and slip into her hotel room.

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