DOA. Part 22

As easily and stealthily as they had slipped into the room and underneath the covers hours ago, Billy slips out the door and into the hallway.

Ultimate Guitar

As easily and stealthily as they had slipped into the room and underneath the covers hours ago, Billy slips out the door and into the hallway.

His head is spinning, and hurts like hell, but he manages to wander in the dim light of the hallway back to his own room. He fumbles with empty pockets before finding his key card inside his wallet. He slips it inside the locking mechanism, and it clicks open with the green light from a small but bright LED light.

Stumbling into the room, he stumbles and falls down on the bed that isn't occupied, and barely manages to read out 3:30 in his hungover stupor.

He manages to sit up, clenching the sides of his head. Sitting up on the edge of the shitty hotel bed in the dark, trying to line up a single thought that might just make sense. A few minutes later he gets up and steps in the shower in an attempt to sober himself up.

Half an hour later, he wanders back to his bed, his brain still aching. He lies awake for another hour before falling asleep on what are probably rusty springs, with the only thing keeping them from stabbing him in the back are a few layers of fabric.



Billy wakes up three hours later at eight in the morning. f--k. he mutters under his breath, and rolls over, trying to go back to sleep. Unfortunately for him, Liam throws some cold water on him, and he wakes up, still suffering from a splitting headache.

He sits up and starts to talk. Dude, what the f--k do I have to be up so early for? he asks, rather annoyed from a lack of sleep.

You and me, we need to talk. Liam replies, and Billy can tell he's angry. Get up and get dressed, we're gonna go for a walk.

Billy gets up obediently, or at least, trying not to piss Liam off anymore. Even in the state of his first hangover, he knows that he's in trouble.

They walk down the block to a nearby coffee shop, and Liam buys two coffees as they sit down in a booth.

So what's going on? Billy asks.

Those douches trashed our bus. Liam replies angrily. It's the total opposite of what Billy was expecting, but he relaxes slightly as Liam continues. Apparently they got word that we were in town or something, and they slashed the tires, tore the inside of it apart, and f--ked with the engines and everything. We were lucky though, I guess. Bishop, who is a genius, from what I've heard at least, decided to move all of the equipment up to his hotel room by himself.

So we have no way to transport our stuff at all now. Billy says, as a sort of a summary.

Yeah, basically.

Well, I have an idea at least. What if we were to take over The Rabies' gig? Billy suggests.

We're already going to do that, Billy. Where have you been?

No. I don't mean that we should outdo them, I think we should literally steal their stage. Like just move all of our stuff onto the stage early, before they can, and somehow prevent them from getting in. Let Nonetheless play the original gig, and we'll play theirs. Billy says, with one crucial bit of information that Liam doesn't know.

How does that work, Billy?

I forgot to mention They have no equipment.

How do you know this? Liam asks suspiciously.

Billy decides to fill Liam in on his little adventure yesterday, of course, mentioning nothing about Kate. He knows that Liam will get suspicious as soon as he mentions her name. They sit there conversing for an hour before they see four guys walk in. In an instant the two in the booth know who they are. The f--king Rabies.

Billy and Liam get up to leave, but not in time.

One of them walks over to the Billy and Liam. The Rabies stand in between themselves and the doors.

A leather jacket, and tight jeans that are torn, the punk approaches them. I'm Tom, he says with a smirk as he holds out his hand. He's obviously looking for a fight, and Billy decides in a split second, that he'll give him one.

Nice to meet you, Bil;y says, shaking his hand. On letting go, he throws his left fist into Tom's jaw. Billy quickly lands a punch in his gut, and then brings his knee up between the his legs.

Tom falls to the ground, trying to clutch his gut, groin, and his face at the same time. Just don't f--k with us. Billy says as one of the other three helps Tom up. The other two exchange glances, nod, and start towards Billy and Liam with their fists clenched.

Billy grabs his fresh coffee on the table, takes his first sip, and then splashes it in the face of one. While blinded, he quickly throws two punches at the guy's face. The other one grabs Billy's fist out of the air as he goes for his third punch.

With his other hand tightly clenched around Billy's forearm, he attempts to throw Billy to the ground. Billy, however, manages to place his foot near his attacker's leg, and brings him down with him.

They fall down, and Billy sinks his knee into the gut of the man on impact. He pushes the cringing man off of himself, and trips the last member of The Rabies, while Liam is attempting to fight him. Fighting, however, is not one of Liam's many skills.

Billy grabs the leg of the fourth member, and pulls him down to the ground, as he jumps to his own feet. Billy kicks him in the ribs, as the woman behind the counter yells at the two of them.

You two! Get out of here before I call the cops! NOW! She screams.

They walk out, and Liam starts to talk. Where the hell did you learn to fight like that Billy?

I don't really know, I've always just been pretty quick thinking and resourceful.

Wow. Liam says, nearly amazed.

Duck! Billy shouts as he does so himself.

Behind the pair is Tom, in the air with a knife. Unable to tell how long it actually is, Billy can still tell that it is too long. Liam ducks, but Tom manages to slice Liam's back as he lands on the ground.

He jumps on Billy, trying to stab him. Billy drives his knee up into his gut again, and grabs Tom's left wrist, attempting to hold it back. He manages to slam his left fist into Tom's nose, making it bleed.

He flinches, but still continues to drive the knife towards Billy.

Thinking quickly, Billy throws his left fist as hard as he can, into the underside of Tom's left arm. The force of the impact is enough to make Tom swing his arm involuntarily. It slices Billy's cheek, but allows him to kick Tom off of him. Tom falls to the ground, the knife now in Billy's right hand.

In all of the commotion, the Tom had managed to stab the knife through Billy's hand. Billy quickly gets up, and starts kicking Tom. He kicks him in the ribs until he hears a crack, and then he decides he better get to a hospital before he loses too much blood.

Liam takes out his cell phone, and manages to call 911, but by the time they arrive Billy fades out of reality.

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