DOA. Part 23

Billy awakes in his own bed. The familiarity of his old room at his house stuns him for a second.

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Billy awakes in his own bed. The familiarity of his old room at his house stuns him for a second. He wanders out into the hallway, which is exactly like the house. As he heads towards the kitchen, the familiar smell of his dad's Sunday morning pancakes cooking in the pan wafts towards him.

But wait. Billy does a double take and looks around. He looks down at his hands. There's a knife in his right hand.

He starts freaking out, and begins to scream. He hears his dad shout. Billy! The pancakes are ready! He says casually, as if he had forgotten everything that had happened.

Billy calms down, and walks into the dining room confused. Rick is sitting at the table with his dad and sister, eating pancakes, like a traditional Sunday at his house.

He sits down at the table, as his family eats, not at all offset by the knife through his own hand. Upon looking down again, his hand is completely normal and healed.

What the f--k? Billy says in amazement, his last memory of fighting an asshole with a knife.

No one else seems to hear it, and Billy's surroundings suddenly spin and warp. He finds himself standing in a hallway at school.

What the f--k?


The doctor stands in the hallway wearing a white coat, and bearing a sad smile. He addresses the few that are presently there, others had left for coffee and other things. Your friend has lost a lot of blood, and has entered a state of comatose.

What can we do? Liam asks on behalf of himself, as well Kate, Bishop, Roy, and Jake.

We could attempt a blood transfusion, but I don't know if any of you would be able to donate blood to him.

Why wouldn't any of us be able to?

Well, his blood type is O+, which means that he can only accept O+ or O- blood.

Well, we can at least find out if any of us can, right? Kate asks.

If you'd like to follow me. The doctor says as he leads them to a waiting room. You can wait here, the nurse will be here soon to take a blood sample form each of you.

Well, I already know that I can't donate any blood to him. Jake says, I have AB blood, so I can't.

Well, the rest of you then. The doctor replies as he leaves.


Billy walks down the hallway of his school as the bell rings, and all of the students are just getting out of class. Three minutes of students swarming the hallways, his friends talk to him, even Alan.

He heads to his locker and as he opens it, his vision blurs and fades in and out, and he is now opening the door to Rita's room, rather than his locker.

A sudden sting of guilt hits him as he sees Rita lying outstretched and unclothed on her bed, waiting for him. She beckons him over with an angelic voice which commands him to do so. After ten minutes of sweet, imagined sex, he's suddenly on top of Kate.

He rolls off of her, and sits up. Why did you stop? is Kate's only response to this.

f--king dreams. he mutters under his breath.


Bishop sits next to Billy's bed, as he sees his blood pump out of him. The very same thing that sustains his own life, being used to save another.

They all wait a few more hours, and Billy regains consciousness. He wakes up to an unfamiliar doctor standing over him in a bleach white hospital room. The doctor, with a coat as white as the walls, begins to talk. You're free to go. He says shortly after unhooking him from the machines.

His right is bandaged thoroughly and professionally. He looks at the clock as he steps out into the hall. f--k. he mutters under his breath as he reads the clock to be eight at night.

He steps out into the hallway to find everyone sitting on benches in the hallway, waiting. They look up and see him, and smiles come to their faces.

Come on, We got a show to play in an hour. He says, with a sort of unexpected optimism. Well, two actually. Considering that none of The Rabies are in any condition to play.

Shouldn't you take it easy with your hand? Jake asks, on behalf of all of them.

I'll be fine. It's just a flesh wound. He says as everyone starts laughing.


The Rabies can't play tonight. Billy says, talking to the owner of the bar. We can step in, for the same price.

People are expecting a band, so it looks like I don't have much of any choice. You guys are hired. The manager says.

The members of DOA step onto the stage twenty minutes later, after setting everything up. They start off with 'Saints of Los Angeles', pounding into it right away. The crowd is extremely excited from the first second of the set. They burst right into Dead On Arrival from it, keeping their audience entertained.

The sweat drips off of their faces, Billy looks like he's in immense pain, while at the same time, having the time of his life. Roy's fingers are red with soreness, but he presses on, improvising solo licks. Liam is singing into the microphone, screaming at times, and running around the stage crazily, pumping the crowd up. Dan is keeping some insanely complex rhythms going, and Alan is improvising bass lines off of the top of his head.

Dead On Arrival doesn't actually end. The members of DOA just improvise their way out of it into a jam session, and the audience is going crazy. They fade into a sped up cover of 'Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most', with lots of improvised parts through out the entire song that they stretch to six minutes. They abruptly stop, and then throw themselves back into 'Innocence', giving their performance of a lifetime. They play 'Fly Away' and 'Steal The Show' stretching out their set to an hour.

Thank you all, we're going to take a break now, and we'll be back up here to finish the night off later. Liam says into the microphone, and then heads backstage and chugs down some water.

The rest of DOA take a few minutes to sit down and drink water in silence.

Ten minutes later, and they climb back onto the stage, with the audience cheering for them. The owner, behind the bar, is smiling to himself as he tops off another beer and slides it down the smooth surface.

DOA starts to play furiously, like the first half of their set, and the atmosphere soon becomes as intense as before.

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