DOA. Part 5

Billy talks with Liam after the show, and Liam asks him to jam with him.

Ultimate Guitar

Note to the readers: Sorry that I haven't put out any new issues in a couple weeks, but I've been busy fighting off a couple of colds, and my computer got a polymorphic virus (meaning it changes as it infects files), so it had to be completely reset. Also, I changed this one to present tense. I think that it might flow better and read better this way. Thanks, Greg.


Hey Billy. Good job up there tonight. That your first time playing on stage? Liam casually asks while leaning against the wall. Liam is a slim, about 5'6" 19 year old that has black hair that hangs down to his chin. Despite having an average teen appearance, he's really peculiar.

Yeah, Billy says, even though he can tell that Liam is getting at something else and doesn't really care what his answer is.

Didn't really look like you were having too much fun up there. Liam replies casually.

I guess not, Billy answers, I don't really like Red Knife that much, I guess. I mean, Rick can play guitar extremely well, but, well, I had to listen to their EP's over and over again to get the drum beats down.

So what's the problem then?

Well, I noticed that while they have decent songs, and can put on great shows, they're kind of musically inept. Their musically is all over the place, and they don't seem to put in any effort to stay in key. Also, the drums kind of boring. They have pretty good drum patterns, but they' don't even use half of the drums on the set.

Huh. So what's stopping you from changing the drum parts?

Well, it's not really my music, you know. It's kind of like I'm trying to play a cover. That, and they all kind of ignore me, like I'm not really part of the band, almost like a stand-in.

Well, I'm trying to put together a band, would you be up for it?

I don't know, I'd have to think about it. And aren't you singing for Frozen With Fear?

Yeah, in a way. I'm really just a stand-in. They want to go out with a bang before they break up. They're playing their last show next Saturday. Headlining, I guess. They have something special planned, but they haven't told me yet. Liam says as a girl walks over to them.

There you are Liam, you ready to go?

Yeah, just about. Rita, this is Billy. Billy, this is my cousin, Rita. Liam says, introducing the young drummer to a pretty girl with jet black hair wearing a leather jacket with a misfits shirt underneath, and a pair of torn jeans.

So how do you two know each other? Rita asks, trying to make small talk.

Well I just met Liam but I'm gonna be playing drums for him. When's practice? Billy says foolishly, stunned by Rita's beauty, hoping that he might see more of her by hanging out with Liam.

I got a couple other guys that are ready for a practice tomorrow, one o'clock work for you? I can give you a ride. You'll have to bring your own drums though. Liam says as they all head out.

Hey! We've been waiting for you for a while now. What took you so long? Rick says as Billy climbs into the van and sits down next to Harry in the backseat.

Hey guys. Sorry, I got caught up a bit. I was talking to the new singer for Frozen With Fear, nothing special. Billy replies casually. He considers telling them about Liam asking him to be in a band, but he realizes that Rick might not take it very well.

For the rest of the ride home, Rick, Sandra, and Harry talk amongst themselves, Billy doesn't say more than a few words the entire time. After dropping Harry and Sandra off at their houses, Rick heads home and he and Billy unload their gear and go to sleep.

It's Sunday, 11 o'clock and Billy is just waking up. Rick has left to hang out with Sandra already. Billy gets up and sits down at the kitchen table with a bowl of cereal. He finishes eating and goes to play his drums for a little bit before Liam comes. He finishes playing and packs up some of his drums a bit before one. He brings them out to the front yard as he waits for Liam, who comes just a few minutes later. Billy piles his drums into the back of the car and gets in.

Hey Billy, how's it going? The other guys are already at my house, so we have to hurry back. Liam says as he drives down main street.

Liam turns into a driveway and parks in the 3 door garage. Billy gets out and brings his drums into the practice space.

Billy, this is Alan. He plays bass. Liam says as he introduces the two musicians. And this is Roy, he plays guitar.

Alan and Roy both give Billy greetings and shake his hand. Roy speaks up, Hey Billy, I'm excited to play with you, you're a great drummer. I'm the guitar player from Frozen With Fear, by the way.

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    not bad, but i liked the past tense better. it seems kinda awkward in present tense, esspecially in the begining, oh yeah, and first maybe
    You seem more confident in the past tense, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of the present... Not bad
    hells yeah, guitarist named Roy! i'm digging this story, but i can't really tell if it's following Rick and the band or Billy. great read though
    hmmmm... I can't make heads or tails of this story, like bobby said. I hope Billy doesn't leave. If you are planning on it though, remember that it's not very realistic. The guitarist's little brother who really wanted in the band a few chapters ago and had never been in one wouldn't just ditch his brother to join a band 'cause of a chick.
    3 days grace14
    gratefulduck wrote: not bad, but i liked the past tense better. it seems kinda awkward in present tense, esspecially in the begining, oh yeah, and first maybe
    very valid still good though
    PAUL 40
    you showed me this in school, so i know how it goes.
    Longhorns1 wrote: Pretty cool.
    Damn Right it's cool! XD