DOA. Part 6

Billy arrives at Liam's house, where a jam session basically occurs until Rita accidentally crashes it, in a way.

Ultimate Guitar

Billy looks around the room, studying it with his eyes. The room is grand, one of the smaller rooms in the house that Liam shared with Rita.

Liam had apparently inherited part of the house from his uncle, which was part of what stirred him to come up here.

So does anyone have any riffs or lyrics or parts the want to contribute? Liam asks, while Billy continues to look around.

He notices a large amount of pillars supporting the dome shaped ceiling. The walls have murals on them in some places, and in other places there is wallpaper, posters of assortments of bands, and other decorations. It seems to Billy as if the massive four story house was built onto a cathedral.

He hears the bassist and guitarist start to play and quickly picks up the beat. As the intro is starting to build up towards a verse, he slams on the drums on a beat and the bass and guitar pause as well. Liam starts to sing.

Fly away... and don't come back. You're flying through the sky, If you give up now, you'll never get back.

Liam stops singing and the guitar goes into a new riff. The bass and drums help drive it and it comes to a break. Billy plays a small bridge and they dive into the chorus. Liam continues to sing and then leads off into a well built up scream that leads into a solo.

The solo comes to and end and the dive back into the chorus which builds up and finally ends in a chant of: I won't help you fly again, repeated over a few times.

They stop playing.

Well, that was rather good! Alan says after they finish. I was expecting a band like this one to start out with covers.

Well, we will need a decent amount of covers that we can switch in and out. We should figure out some songs, but keep it rock n' roll, you know? Nothing cliche like Green Day or other big bands' songs. Liam says.

Well, I can play Saints of Los Angeles' really well, if that's not too cliche. Billy suggests.

I tried to get Frozen With Fear to do that once, but they wouldn't. Roy says, fingering the frets of the intro lightly, as the bass line starts to play.

Roy plays lightly, fading in similar to the original. Billy comes in slightly later with the full frce of the drums.

Liam comes in at the first verse singing Tonight, there's gonna be a fight! perfectly like the original. They soon break into the chorus and Billy starts singing some of the backup along with Roy.

They play through the rest of the song, Roy nails the solo, note for note, every phrase of it. They finish out the song and Billy starts up an original beat. Roy starts off on a riff in C, and soon the bass comes pounding in.

Liam soon comes in singing an almost scat-like improvised melody. Roy slides out of the riff with a pick slide, and Alan and Billy play a bass-and-drums verse, while Liam sings: If I can break out, if I can just break out... Roy comes back in mimicking Alan's jazzy improvised bass line. Liam continues to sing: We'll steal the show, and sell it to the ones who couldn't go. Make a profit off it, and fix us up nice.

Liam continues to sing, and Billy continues to play, but his mind slowly drifts away to Rita. He begins to imagine what it would be like to be with her.

They finish and Billy snaps back to reality.

Hey Billy, sing something for us. Liam shouts to him.

Why? You're already singing.

We need to know how well you can sing backup, so humor me.

Billy pickups the beat with Roy and Alan quickly following back into the chorus of Saints of Los Angeles, as it's an easy enough song for Billy to sing and play to. He begins to sing the We are, we are the saints. We signed our lives away. before Liam stops him.

Billy, don't sing too loudly, you might upstage me! Liam says jokingly, But really, you are a really good singer.

The four of them continue to jam for awhile. Between songs Billy asks Liam where Rita is.

Oh, she's out with some friends. He tells him. Don't know when she'll... be... back... He says as he hears the door lams and hears footsteps stomping across the floor.

Rita walks into the room. Hey guys, She says quickly. Hey Billy. How are you?

I'm good. You? He replies as he sits on the couch next to her. Roy heads off to the bathroom and Liam and Alan head into the kitchen. Rita notices this.

Not good Billy, not good. She says as soon as Liam is out of earshot. My boyfriend and I got into a fight.

Billy listens.

I went to his house after my friends all left, and found him passed out in his bed with some redheaded slut with fake breasts.

Billy just holds her as she falls into his arms sobbing.

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    PAUL 40
    You did a good job again GSD N3. Hopefully people vote 10 out of 10
    I think i know where this one is going and i like it 10/10
    Not bad bud. I'd reread your pieces a few more times before posting, not for content but spelling and grammar. Too many errors take away from the piece itself. Otherwise, seems like it's goin' places! I'll keep reading
    jbswreckfest wrote: Firecrotch!
    haha. how do you know she's a natural redhead?