DOA. Part 8

Billy heads to Liam's and the band practices. Billy catches a break with Rita after practice.

Ultimate Guitar

Billy throws his stuff in the back seat and climbs in the passenger seat of Liam's car. Liam starts to drive off. He notices Billy's angry father, but decides not to mention it and continues to drive. Liam Drives to his house and parks in the garage. He turns off the car and pulls the key out of the ignition. What was all that about, Billy? Liam asks, calmer than Billy had expected.

Billy shoots him a look, and Liam can tell that Billy doesn't want to talk about it. Alright, forget I asked. Liam says as he gets out. But we will talk about it after you cool down a bit.

Billy gets out of the car and grabs his things out of the backseat. He heads inside and sets up a few more drums at his drum set. He waits at his drum set, playing a few beats occasionally, waiting for Alan and Roy. Liam sits down in front of his drum set. I talked to Rita, and we both agree to letting you crash on the couch for a few days. Liam tells Billy, who merely nods. But, if you want to stay here any longer than that, you're gonna have to pitch in around here. Billy simply nods again. Oh, and Billy, Rita wants to talk to you after practice.

Liam gets up from the chair and Roy and Alan walk in the front door with their guitars and amps. They plug them in, as well as Roy's selection of effects.

Roy is nineteen years old, and Billy knows that he graduated last year, and plays lead guitar in Frozen With Fear. Billy notices his red-auburn hair is cut short, and he has a small goatee growing on the end of his chin. Roy starts to talk, So has anyone else noticed that the songs we have feel a little empty? I think that we could use a rhythm guitar player.

Liam replies. Yeah, that wouldn't be a bad idea. But we need to get ready for a show on Saturday. Roy and I will also be playing with Frozen With Fear, as it is their last show.

Where's it going to be,? And what bands are playing? Alan asks curiously.

Here. Liam answers. So far, it's only going to be us and Frozen With Fear. Nonetheless refuses to play shows that they aren't setting up, unless Red Knife plays. Think they'll be up for it, Billy?

I don't know. I can talk to Rick on Wednesday at practice, but they have a need to headline shows around here. Billy answers, more calm than before.

Alright, well, Me and Billy can probably put up some signs at school tomorrow, to try to find a rhythm guitarist. If we have some tryouts and a practice tomorrow, as well as Thursday and Friday, we can probably be ready to play Saturday, right? Alan says as he checks his bass over.

Alright, you're in charge of posters, Alan. Roy says, hooking up his tremolo and distortion pedals. Alright, let's work on some songs, cause we've got a half-hour long set or so.

Alan thumps out a rhythm on the bass and Billy pounds out his bass drum following the bassline with his hi-hat as well. Roy comes in with strong power chords, matching the bassline. They play the rhythm for a little while, but soon give up on it and practice Fly Away' once.

They continue to practice and jam for a few hours, but Alan has to be home by seven o'clock, so Roy leaves too, giving Alan a ride home.

Liam heads upstairs and comes back down shortly after. Rita wants to talk to you now, Billy. Liam says as he heads into the kitchen. Her room's upstairs, second door on the left.

Billy walks up to Rita's room slowly, wondering what Rita wants to talk to him about. He knocks on her door a few times. Come in. Rita calls.

Rita is laying in her bed covered mostly by her sheets. Billy can see a white t-shirt barely above the sheets. She calls him over and he sits on the edge of her bed. Billy looks at Rita, and realizes that she has been crying, most likely for most of the day.

How are you today, Billy? Rita asks.

Well, I'm decent. How are you doing? Billy says, not trying to get into what's going on with him.

It's just as bad as yesterday, Billy. She says sniffling. Rita continues to talk, He called today, apologizing, wanting me to come over to talk. I told him no, and called him a prick and hung up. But he sounded truly sorry, so I went over there anyways, and I found him and a blond bimbo in the shower together. Rita says, as she sits up. Billy gets up and grabs a box of tissues off the table. He sits back down, handing the box to her. What do I do, Billy? Rita sobs, with tears rushing out of her eyes like two waterfalls.

Billy shuffles over next to her and holds her. I think that if he can't appreciate you, you shouldn't be with him. Billy says, his words coming out of his mouth, almost without thought. I don't think he's worth your tears.

Rita looks at Billy and stops crying. She throws her arms around Billy in a hug, and then she rests her head on his chest.

Billy embraces her in a hug and kisses her on the forehead. I better go crash on the couch, He says, knowing that he has school tomorrow. He gets up and heads for the door. He turns back to say goodnight, but the look on her face stops him. He returns to her bed and sits down next to her softly.

So Billy, what's going on with you and your dad? Rita asks calmly.

Well, I don't know really. I mean, he was pretty pissed about me falling asleep here last night. So when I got home, he yelled at me, which was fine, but then he told me I couldn't play drums. It pissed me off a lot, and I had already said I would come to practice.

Well, you should go back once things cool down. I'm sure Rick and your sister are worried about you.

Not really, I mean, Rick only is nice to me when it benefits him, and my sister is Daddy's Little Girl'. It's really been quite broken since my mom left, you know?

Well, if you decide you don't want to go home, for sure, you can stay here, as long as you help out around here.

Yeah, I'll probably stick around here for a while. Billy says as Rita's cell phone rings, playing a 90's metalcore song. Rita grabs it and looks at it.

It's my boyfriend. What do I do, Billy? Rita asks, almost bursting out in tears. Billy looks at Rita, he can tell how much her so called boyfriend' has hurt her.

If he's just going to hurt you, then you're better off without him. Billy says, seizing the moment.

You're right, Billy, I don't need him at all. Rita says. She looks at Billy, and looks into his pure blue eyes, realizing how much he cares about her.

The phone continues to play. Billy grabs it and answers it. A deep voice, which Billy can only assume belongs to Rita's soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, speaks.

Hello? it speaks.

Hello? Is this the good-for-nothing, cheating bastard that's now single? Billy asks sarcastically, but his tone changes to serious. Stop calling here, Rita wants nothing to do with an asshole like you. Billy hangs up.

Billy with newfound confidence, puts his arm around Rita. She leans into it and starts to kiss him, nearly mounting him.

Billy kisses Rita back. This lasts awhile, until he rolls her over so that he's on top of her. He notices the alarm clock on her bedside table. 12:38 a.m., he thinks, I have school and practice and whatever else I'm going to have to do.

Hey Rita, Billy says, rolling off of her, I'm sorry but I need to get some sleep tonight.

Alright, Billy. Rita says as Billy gets up. You can sleep here, though. It's softer than the couch. Billy sits back down and falls asleep shortly after crawling under the covers.

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    i don't like the present tense, and the story is a bit predictable... it was obvious that billy was gonna be with rita... be less predictable, and it's gonna be great, cause the overall story is good
    GSD N3
    sfaune92 wrote: yeah... .and this is written by a metalhead ?
    Yeah, but I'm also pretty punk. I know stuffs more than metal.
    3 days grace14 wrote: these seemed a little rushed but there still very good : )
    Not at all, this was written two weeks before it went up.
    metallica4life_ wrote: i don't like the present tense, and the story is a bit predictable... it was obvious that billy was gonna be with rita... be less predictable, and it's gonna be great, cause the overall story is good
    That part was supposed to be predictable... and the story hasn't actually progressed that far, it's been mostly character development, actually. But the next one is going to have something special!!! =)
    Fuck man, I'm digging this story! Just make it a little longer...or not....I'll still read it...
    PAUL 40
    I bet they won't find anyone to play rhythm guitar. but Billy is gonna die in a bar fight the next day.
    PAUL 40
    I bet they won't find anyone to play rhythm guitar. but Billy is gonna die in a bar fight the next day.
    Gakbez wrote: sexy ending
    not really sexy.
    Why does everyone in music dislike their father? In fact my dad pisses me off when the subject of driving or cars comes up, and he discusses how other kids are better than me and my brothers, I think I'll write a song about it...